This question was posed on a certain very popular social media platform by a gentleman within the Black Liberation community that I respect greatly and consider an elder.  I gave my answer to the question on the platform on which the question was originally posed, but within this space, I’ve decided to expand my answers within the full scope of my actual thoughts.


From being the victims to the worst crime in human history, to the resulting Jim Crow restrictions on our personal freedoms, to the horrific, animal-like games that were played with our gene pool by way of breeding farms, to the rape of Black/Afrikan women which helped destroy the psyche of Afrikan people forever, to an anti-intellectual culture being forced upon black people, caused by the restrictions and extreme harsh punishments for reading, writing, learning, and just being generally curious about life, which are the most natural ways of taking in information and expanding our intelligence, with every single effort to rebuild our people, from reconstruction, to Black Wall Street, to Garvey, being systematically destroyed, to being the targets of a vicious propaganda campaign against us, which has not only turned the whole world against us, but most tragically, has turned us against us, the havoc that had been wrought against our people is endless.  With the long list of atrocities that were committed against Black/Afrikan people, I think it is rather obvious what my answer is to this question. And to illustrate my point, I’d like to use a brief scan of history which, as Malcolm X so eloquently stated, of all studies is best qualified to reward our research.



Xenophilia [zen-uh-fil-ee-uh] noun

  1. an attraction to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs.

“We are a xenophilic people, genuinely curious about and embracing of strangers.  We have never had to learn ho to get along.  That is our natural way.  We have never feared or hated those with whom we have no familiarity.  We do not judge without knowledge.  We wait for people to show themselves.  We have always felt that prejudice is beneath us, a detraction from our humanity.  Xenophilia is one of our most prized reputations.  This is how we have always been” – Mwalimu Baruti


Regardless of what popular, politically correct, “we are all one”, “kumbaya, my lord” style sentiments that are floating out there may say, there are many, very crucial, cultural personality differences between racial and ethnic groups.  These differences are very real, and they without a doubt in my view, contribute mightily to the racial tension or “cold war” that defines our very existence.  One of those character traits, which differentiate Black/Afrikan people from other racial and ethnic groupings, which undoubtedly contribute to the unenviable position that Black/Afrikan people occupy on the man-made racial and socio-economic hierarchy, is Black/Afrikan people’s penchant for xenophilia (which was defined in the introductory paragraph) toward other cultures.  This aspect of the Black/Afrikan cultural personality, under normal, human living conditions would and should be considered a good thing.  It is a testament to our humanity, our hospitality, our natural warmth as a people, and our giving, and forgiving hearts.  But, as the tagline of this blog declares, we are at war for our very survival as a people.  We are at war with a people, whose cultural traits in terms of how they relate to others, are marked by a deep seated fear, for both genetic annihilation, as well as reprisal for the havoc that they have wrought, and cultural xenophobia.




Im Brother Osei, and this is the first posting on my blog, 21st Century Race Man.  For the inaugural post, I figured that this would be a great time to explain the name of the blog, the purpose of the blog, what I hope to accomplish with my writings, who I am, who Im not, what I am, what Im not, who and what Im for and who and what Im against. This will function as a mission statement of sorts, so that there can be very little confusion where Im coming from when I write what I write.  We first have to understand the term race man.  We must understand the definition of the term, its history and how it applies to the mission of this blog.

According to the great Black/Afrikan activist, philosopher and lecturer Ayo Kimathi The Irritated Genie, the term race man/woman was popularized, although perhaps not coined by the quintessential race man, Marcus Mosiah Garvey.  The term race man/woman, according to Kimathi, is defined as a loyal member of the Black/Afrikan Race who dedicates their life to directly contributing to the betterment of Black people. Kimathi continues, Race men and women remain consistently confrontational with the ideas, people, institutions and/or nations that threaten the well being of the Black/Afrikan Race.  They die advocating for the Race.

Great examples of great Race Men & Women throughout history include: David Walker, Queen Nzinga, Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Martin Delaney, Yaa Asantewah, The aforementioned Marcus Garvey, The hon. Elijah Muhammad, Ida B. Wells, Malcolm X, Robert F. Williams, Fannie Lou Hamer, Kwame Ture a.k.a Stokely Carmichael, Patrice Lumumba, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Khallid Muhammad and many, many more.  I aim to represent this tradition as a Race Man myself, although I make no claims to be anywhere near the level of these giants.  I am nothing but a humble student.

And now a little about myself.  I am a Blackman who identifies as a Pan-Afrikanist, one of the lost children of Afrika, born, raised and currently living in Philadelphia, PA.  I personally feel that I have been called by the ancestors to do this work, as I have always been interested in racial and political matters, and have always had, even in my more confused times, at least a touch of consciousness, which has grown and continues to grow as my knowledge and understanding of history, as well as the system of global white terrorism and domination, and how it works has grown.  Starting this blog and sharing my insights on Black liberation, how I feel the system of global white terror/domination can be defeated permanently, as well as anything else that I feel is relevant to the survival, sur-THRIVE-al and revival of Black/Afrikan people worldwide is the least that I can contribute to the ongoing fight for liberation.

I am anti integration as it has crippled my people economically and has confused Afrikan people enormously.  I am against all aspects of the enemies culture as well as enemy institutions which seek to subjugate Afrikan people to permanent status as what Marcus Garvey calls, the “footstool race”.  I stand firmly against european sexual culture, and all of the neuroses, mental diseases and perversions associated with that culture.  I am anti-interracial sex, dating or marriage, as I recognize all of these things as threats to the survival, as well as the natural morality and sanity of Afrikan people.  I am for the rebuilding of the Black/Afrikan family structure, the complementarity of the Blackman and the Blackwoman, the mothers and fathers of civilization, raising strong, beautiful and intelligent Black children.  I am for Black/African economic, military and spiritual empowerment, all of which I believe leads straight to the full liberation of Black/Afrikan people.  

I vow to pull no punches,  write from the bottom of my Afrikan heart, and speak from an uncompromisingly, and consistently Afrikan perspective every single time I write.  I make no pretensions to objectivity, as I unapologetically play for Team Afrika, and I always will.  This blog is for me to play my small part in saving and liberating MY people, not to make any “others” comfortable with my insights. When discussing the liberation of Afrikan people, I often find that if “others”, generally enemies of Afrikan people, are even the least bit comfortable with your insights, it is an indication that the message is compromised. I will never make any of such concessions.

I hope this gives a crystal clear picture of the purpose of this blog and my intentions, not only as a blogger on the internet, but as a Black/Afrikan man navigating this wicked society.  To all like minds and kindred spirits, I invite you to walk with me.  The road to liberation will absolutely not be smooth and the journey will not be easy, but neither is anything worth having.  And I can’t conceive of anything more worth having than freedom and sovereignty.  In the immortal words of Marcus Garvey, “Up you mighty race, accomplish what you will!”.                                                            



Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man.