Although I tend to write about racism/white supremacy within the context of it being a system, it must never go unmentioned that a system is nothing without flesh and blood people who practice and promote the ideals that the system is based on.  It is simply not accurate to think of the system of white supremacy as some faceless machine which runs without people who fervently believe in its tenets passionately practicing it, promoting it and funding it.  And in a system as wide ranging and all-encompassing as racism/white supremacy, it is no surprise that it is some of the most powerful, wealthy and influential people in society who are responsible for providing the resources that are intended specifically to strengthen white supremacy, so that it not only remains the dominant social, political and economic system in existence, but so that it becomes even more powerful, more deadly, and more stringently oppressive than ever before.

Many people are aware of figures such as Richard Spencer and his white supremacist think tank, the National Policy Institute, Stephen Bannon, former Chief Strategist to President Donald Trump and co-founder of white supremacist media propaganda fixture Breitbart News, and Milo Yiannopoulos, white supremacist agitator and former senior editor at Breitbart News, as they are some of the most recognizable faces of the re-emergence and mainstreaming of white supremacy, which culminated in the election of Trump into the Oval Office.  You may even be aware of Charles and David Koch, known as the Koch Brothers, two billionaire siblings who have donated millions to suspected white supremacist causes, politicians and political figures that operate under the guise of being “conservative”.  But not as many are aware of names like William Regnery II or Robert Mercer and the Mercer family.  These are the highly influential and powerful millionaires and billionaires who stand in the shadows, use their connections, and provide the financial resources and support for these figures to be able to comfortably spread their poisonous and evil ideology to the mainstream, and to push forth their own white supremacist agenda and vision, while shunning the limelight.  It is through the example of these people that the adage “power isn’t necessarily always seen or heard, but it is always felt” is proven correct.

“Yes, I’m race conscious,” he said. “In my ethnostate,” he explained, “I would exclude, as a rule of thumb, non-whites, non-Europeans, wherever, however you want to define them. So, that includes blacks. We keep getting back to blacks, but we’ve got to throw in Han Chinese, have to throw in Amerindians, people who are distinctly different.”

These are the words of William Regnery II.  William Regnery is one of the most influential white supremacists on the planet.  He was born into wealth as his grandfather, William H. Regnery, was a “textile magnate, banker, and philanthropist in Chicago”, and his uncle Henry founded a publishing company, Regnery Publishing.  Aside from inheriting millions from his wealthy relatives, he apparently also inherited their white supremacist political ideology, as the elder Regnery was active politically, financing “conservative”, suspected racist causes such as the “America First Committee” (which Regnery claims to be an early forebear of the alt-right).  By all accounts, despite being born into a wealthy family, a circumstance on which he should have been able to capitalize, as the societal structure which was built specifically for those of his ilk to prosper, aside from his forays into “conservative” politics, Regnery has led a relatively undistinguished, unimpressive life.  But Regnery began to use his considerable inheritance to fund two major explicitly white supremacist causes, the National Policy Institute, the aforementioned white supremacist “think tank” run by one of his star pupils Richard Spencer, as well as the less widely known Charles Martel Society, which publishes Occidental Quarterly, described as  “an academic-looking journal filled with articles by white supremacist luminaries such as Samuel Francis, editor for the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens and Wayne Lutton of the hate group The Social Contract Press.'”.

Another very wealthy, powerful, influential and shadowy financier of open, vicious white supremacy is the Mercer Family, led by Robert Mercer.  Robert Mercer is a computer scientist and hedge fund manager, based in Long Island, NY.  He served as co-CEO of the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies (also known as “Ren Tech”) until 2017.  Mercer is one of the most successful and influential financiers of white supremacy, as he donated data analytics to “conservative” British politician Nigel Farage, greatly assisting the “Brexit” campaign in Great Britain, helped fund Breitbart News, the white supremacist “news” site which under the stewardship of Stephen Bannon became the go-to news site with a thin veneer of legitimacy for the alt-right, gifting them with $11 million dollars in 2011, and in the process making Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulis notable and influential figures.  But Mercer’s biggest power move thus far was in becoming one of the chief financiers of Donald Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign, financing the Make America Number 1 super PAC (super PAC defined as “a type of independent political action committee which may raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, and individuals but is not permitted to contribute to or coordinate directly with parties or candidates”), without which it has been speculated that Donald Trump would not have been elected.  Mercer is a known opponent of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which he says “infantilized” Black people, and has said that he believes that that is where the country began to “go into the wrong direction”.  He is also quoted as saying that “the only remaining racist people are Black”, which is a claim that has no logical base, but is a quite fitting comment for a white supremacist, a person who practices a system which uses deception as one of their greatest weapons.  You can be sure that Mercer is using his power, considerable wealth and influence to scale back the rights of Black people greatly under the current regime that he, perhaps more than anyone else, is responsible for.  Mercer has brought his daughters into the fold, including his daughter Rebekah, herself also a major player in white supremacist political and ideological fundraising.

Of course, one can look at the activities of these wealthy, powerful, and influential white supremacists, and ask ourselves, where is the “Black answer”.  But in a system of racism/white supremacy, where Black people very rarely inherit millions of dollars as Regnery did, or ascend to the wealthy status of a man such as Mercer without becoming, or being made to feel as if they are indebted to whites or the current status quo structure in some way, the answer to this question is that there frankly is no Black answer to this at the moment, at least that I’m aware of.  Many of those who are classified as Black who have managed to amass a large fortune tend to do so through the area of entertainment or sports, an area which is controlled by whites, and in which they bestow fame and fortune upon Black people who they deem to be profitable and/or useful, or at least not at all threatening to the white supremacist/racist agenda.  This social setting is simply a function of how the system of racism/white supremacy works.  They, in my view, are not at all to be relied upon to invest in causes which benefit Black people exclusively or even primarily, simply because they tend to not be inclined to do so.  This for me highlights the need for two things.

The first thing is more, and more effective pro-Black think tanks, where ideas, solutionary options and strategies are generated, and serious causes that benefit Black people as a whole (not just one or a few Black people which is supposed to be symbolic of the whole) are studied, advocated for (or against), and resources are generated.  This is not to be confused with some sort of group or formation, along the line of The Black Panthers or what have you.  The think tank would theoretically be a constructive “meeting of the minds”, tightly focused and unwavering in principle.  Of course, most likely, an unapologetically Black empowerment focused think tank would not be as well funded as the National Policy Institute or the Charles Martel Society, but it would be a good start.  This would be where serious Black people who are 100% dedicated to the liberation of Black people, and not at all about or for self-glorification, appointing themselves or anyone else as “leaders”, gathering attention for themselves, or drawing unnecessary attention to their activities, or even being known as a member of such a configuration.  This is extremely important for reasons that should be obvious under the system of racism/white supremacy.  As I wrote earlier in the article, and as the activities of Mercer, Regnery and the Koch Brothers demonstrate, “power is not necessarily seen or heard, but is always felt”.

The second is for programs to be developed where intellectually gifted Black youth are identified at an early age, where their intellectual ability can be honed, crafted and given the same appreciation and attention that the nascent sports star or young rapper or singer tends to be given in Black society, where they are educated and taught thoroughly about the issues facing Black people so that they can perhaps develop the consciousness necessary for them to want to decide to become the highest of achievers, and to use their intellect, talent, and resources that they generate from their intellect and talent toward Black liberation in the same way that Mercer, Regnery, the Koch Brothers, and others use their resources to practice, promote and maintain racism/white supremacy.  I believe that the most important thing that needs to be instilled within Black people is a working understanding of the system of racism/white supremacy, a burning desire for Black liberation, and simple Black Self Respect.  It’s been my experience that intellectually gifted, studious young Black people are usually identified first by the enemy and tapped to use their gifts for the purpose of furthering the status quo, and essentially co-opted into white identification.  A serious Black identification, Black Self Respect, and an accurate understanding of the system of racism/white supremacy ideally would be implemented in its place.  But this can only work if the correct Black people can identify these youths and instill these values.  The earlier these things can be instilled within Black people, especially those who have been distinguished as gifted in some way intellectually or have been identified as having potential, and the more thorough the instillation, the better.

Liberation, NOW!,

Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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