A few times throughout my writings on this website, I have written about the threat of genocide against Black people at the hands of the chief enemy against our survival, those classified as white who subscribe to racism/white supremacy.  I have attempted to use the information available, as well as historical evidence of the many genocidal campaigns that have been enacted by the white supremacists against non-white people throughout history, to support my argument that the ultimate goal of many of those who subscribe to racism/white supremacy is to eliminate any threat to perpetual white dominance and genetic survival, and to eventually eliminate the greatest threat, Black people.  One would argue that for those with the greatest genetic vulnerability, that eliminating those who pose as threats to their genetic survival is beyond a simple goal, that it is a deep instinctual urge.  The Grandcestor Dr. Frances Cress Welsing consistently taught that the main impetus for racism/white supremacy is white fear of genetic extinction, and in my view, there are few measures that white supremacists will not employ in order to do whatever it is that they can to ensure the genetic survival of the white race.  There is plenty of evidence to support this assertion.  In fact, one of the most common codes within white supremacist culture is the code 14/88, a code that one will see again and again if one were to take time to study deeply into white identity extremism.  14/88 is essentially a declaration, a white supremacist battle cry that confirms Dr. Welsing’s theory.


This code, first coined by a white identity extremist by the name of David Lane in his White Genocide Manifesto, is a direct reference to a common pledge often recited by white supremacists, which is known as “the fourteen words” (the “14” representing the fourteen words, while the “88” stands for the 8th letter of the alphabet, “H”.  88 = hh, which in nazi circles means “heil Hitler”).  The fourteen words are; “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”.  According to the book, Gods of the Blood: The Pagan Revival and White Separatism by Mattias Gardell, another less commonly used addendum to the original “fourteen words” is; “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth”.  “The fourteen words”, which comes directly from the mind of someone whose main mission in life is to practice and promote racism/white supremacy, is a clear-cut directive to secure white genetic survival, so much so that they have created a mantra for it which is used by white supremacists worldwide.  I do not think that it would be a stretch to say that whites who subscribe to this way of thought, speech and action, would not be opposed to completely eliminating those who they perceive to be the main threats against that mission, which is clearly stated within “the fourteen words”.  When these very serious people who are historically prone to extreme racially motivated violence tell you exactly what their aim is, in my view It would be very intelligent to simply believe them and react accordingly.

But within counter racist circles, there is a large amount of skepticism to the idea that those who subscribe to white supremacy would ever stoop to genocide in order to secure the continued genetic survival of the white race.  The idea is that since the white supremacists have been dominant for several centuries, that the white supremacists could have eliminated Black people, and all other non-white people a long time ago, and have the power to do this at this very moment, or whatever moment they so choose.  The reason why they have not done so is because those who practice racism/white supremacy derive an incredible amount of joy and satisfaction from oppressing, subjugating and generally mistreating those who are considered to be non-white (with special enmity toward those who are classified as “Black”) within the system that they have created.  They take an incredible amount of pride in having set up such a thoroughly dominant and oppressive social/economic and political system.  In order for whites to continue to receive the benefits of being “white” within the system that they have created, as well as to be able to accurately measure their dominance, there must be groups of people against whom they can compare themselves favorably.  In order for white supremacy to be “worth it”, they must be able to compare the benefits of their whiteness, to the oppression, subjugation and suffering of “others”, i.e. non-whites.  If whites were to eliminate the existence of Black people, then they would no longer have the ability to do this, since there would no longer be a people whom they can compare their dominance favorably against, which theoretically would render the idea of complete genocide against Black people to be illogical.

While this may be a logical way to view the idea of Black genocide at the hands of white supremacists, and a reasonable conclusion to draw, I personally would strongly caution against underestimating the bloodlust of our enemies.  This is especially true considering their aforementioned fear of genetic annihilation.   It has been said that the instinct of self-preservation is the strongest instinct that exists within all beings, and I would imagine this to be extremely strong within whites.  After all, the fact that whites are genetically recessive places them in constant genetic peril, which is why, despite their protestations to the contrary, they are so constantly vigilant against anything that they perceive as a threat.  Historical study proves that those who subscribe to and practice racism/white supremacy have killed off entire groups of people (committed genocide) for far less than feeling a serious threat to their genetic survival.  Just imagine if the idea of “white genocide”, an idea mostly spoken about within open white supremacist circles, were to catch on in the so-called mainstream.

One thing that I have noticed about suspected white supremacists, is that they will get on board with what they perceive to be in the best interest of the white race immediately, and without much prompting, convincing or prior discussion.  Some people within the loose configuration of counter-racists refer to this as the “Voltron-effect” (forming like Voltron, a reference to the 80’s cartoon in which many different vehicles form together when necessary to form one mighty vehicle).  All it takes is for one Hitler-esque figure, equipped with power and the ability to use superior force, to convince the masses of white people, either through force or through persuasion, that it is in the best interests of white people to annihilate those who they perceive as the biggest threat to their continued genetic existence.  This person would not have to appeal to white supremacist bloodlust, or the white supremacist “God-complex”, but to their natural survival instinct.  And although there could possibly be some who are classified as white who may perhaps have some reservations about going through with the wholesale genocide of Black people, their surface level reservations would not override the momentum of the overall white majority or even influential minority, much like in what is referred to as “Nazi Germany”.  I also do not believe that they, or any group of non-white/non-Blacks would seriously intervene on Black people’s behalf.

The idea that white supremacists will never attempt to commit genocide against who they perceive to be their mortal enemies is in my view shortsighted, because it takes it as “a given” the idea that the current status quo of relatively unchallenged dominance over Black people will continue forever, as is.  This is a position that I will never accept.  I assert that Dr. Welsing’s theory of white genetic annihilation being the impetus for white supremacy is 100% accurate, a theory from which I make the logical deduction that white supremacy is the entire life blood of those who classify themselves as white.  Suppose Black people actually begin to make headway into the task of eliminating racism/white supremacy, which is the reason why I and many others do the work that we do.  Also imagine that white people simultaneously began to see their iron grip on the controls of so-called society begin to slip in all areas of people activity, significantly damaging the structure of white supremacy, their life blood.  Do you believe the game plan of those who practice white supremacy would then begin to change, perhaps turning toward extreme violence, not simply to continue the dominance that white supremacy represents, but merely to survive?  I certainly think that it is plausible, and it is something that Black people need to always consider.

There is a man who calls into several counter-racist “pro-Black” radio shows who has been dubbed by fellow listeners as “Extermination Man”.  With every one of his calls, he takes the entire time to warn Black people that extermination is coming, and that Black people need to flee from America ASAP.  While the “Extermination Man” gets on his soapbox, usually the hosts or other callers continuously either deride him, or at best patronize him, like a person who had had too much to drink or is perhaps mentally ill.  While I don’t 100% agree with all of his ideas or “solutions”, if one were to consider the history of our enemies, I think it would be foolish to completely disregard his warnings as the rantings of a madman.  Those who practice racism/white supremacy have killed entire groups of people for land, resources, or to simply assert racial dominance.  It would be very dangerous to think that they will not kill in massive numbers for the perceived survival of their race.  It is my view that Black people need to plan accordingly, stay vigilant, and work feverishly and diligently to eliminate white supremacy.  And most importantly, never take for granted that because the first people that inhabited this earth were people who today would be considered “Black”, that people who are considered “Black” will exist forever worldwide.

Liberation NOW!,

Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


  1. “Those who practice racism/white supremacy have killed entire groups of people for land, resources, or to simply assert racial dominance.”

    This land is SATURATED with the blood of those who lost their lives to the raping, pillaging, genocidal white boys.

    As I have noted in one of your previous posts, that is where the book of Esther comes in. Haman wanted to annihilate ALL of her people, the king decreed it, but the tables were turned on them. The very day they went out of their houses to kill every “Jew” they could find, they in turn were annihilated by people who were PREPARED for that very day. I pray black folk would wake up to this reality. These white folk are armed to the teeth…I’m in OPEN CARRY Kansas. They are ITCHING to shoot a [n-word].

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Queen Esther. As I also quoted in one of our exchanges, “If we stay ready, we ain’t got to get ready”. I fear that many Black people, even those who claim to be less confused, are in deep denial about the bloodthirst of the enemy and believe that the day in which “the sh_t hits the fan” will never come. This is why my favorite word at the moment is VIGILANCE. It is so important to never take anything for granted, and to not play with these people. Staying vigilant has always been a serious necessity for Black people, but it is more crucial and critical than ever before. Thanks again, I always look forward to your comments and reading your perspectives. Peace and blessings!

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  2. I would have left this hole called Amerikkka, eons ago but for the fact that I have ill relatives who I must take care of and my mother is not getting any younger. Also, she refuses to be uprooted from the house she reared her girls in and who am I to go against her wishes. Also, I have a cousin whom I am responsible for since whites made him lose his mind by prescribing too many damn drugs which caused his brain to crash. They are killing us in numerous ways; through the police, through the medical profession, the school system which sends our children from substandard schools into prisons and they are trying to phase us out of existence by attempting to remove our genetic marker through intermingling. You cannot even watch TV without seeing a Black woman cozied up to a white man and some mixed race kids running around. This is happening for REAL. I have seen Black grandparents in the presence of their ‘WHITE’ grandchildren who, of course, has a Black parent, but the Black, which I thought could not be ‘bred’ out, has indeed, been ‘bred’ out since there sits the grandchild with blue eyes and blond hair. I have seen this numerous times. I thought that our genetic makeup was the dominant factor, but that will soon not be the case.

    The white man is so filled with hatred and a distorted, self-imposed sense of supremacy that he is also causing his own demise while furiously trying to cause ours. The white man is the reason why this planet is burning up. Whites are so deranged and mentally unstable that they would rather destroy this planet, which means their annihilation as well, than attempt to live in harmony with others. It has to be ‘their’ way or no way. And they are the very last pieces of filth that we should be running to for anything because the results will be our destruction. I am ever vigilant and even though I highly doubt I shall live very long seeing as how I record everything those devils do and then I use it against them and so that makes me dangerous, in a sense, because an awakened oppressed person, who knows even some of the atrocities his mortal foe has committed, is a threat. We are to go to our death with a smile on our face. That is what the whites believe because they are just THAT depraved, demonic and sociopathic.

    However, if I must be silenced, so be it but before I go, I hope to at least make those devils aware that we know they seek our annihilation at the expense of their own. For do not believe for one second that this world can withstand the destructive nature of whites. They don’t have just us to reckon with. They have the damage that they have wrought on this planet to reckon with as well and it is far greater, fiercer enemy to them than we can ever be! Count on it! And that is why their shit is either burning up or floating right by their pasty asses. That is why igneous rock is covering their island homes and don’t think for a minute that this planet is finished with them yet. The battle has not even begun in earnest yet. But it will!

    Great post! Excellent! And so very true!

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    1. Outstanding comment, ShelbyCourtland, much thanks for reading and sharing. I feel you completely. I often have some idea of leaving this diseased place Amerikkka as well, but then I stop to think; there’s nowhere on this earth where we will be free from white supremacy until white supremacy is eliminated completely. The rest of the world is just as contaminated. Nowhere to run or hide. Peace to you, and regards to your family as well.

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      1. You are SO right! There is nowhere to run or hide because they are everywhere! They took over South Africa even though their population count is almost in the negative compared to the population count of the true Africans. Now how whacked is that? And so we are to believe that if we run to Africa or to some island in the Caribbean or some other place that we are not going to get the same as what we have to deal with here? We need to get real! They dragged us here and hate us for that, but I am not going down without a fight! Only a depraved sociopath would blame someone for something THEIR ancestors set in motion. And there is no reasoning with something like that.

        Peace to you and yours as well Brother Osei! And keep fighting! You are needed AND how!

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  3. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    “There is a man who calls into several counter-racist “pro-Black” radio shows who has been dubbed by fellow listeners as “Extermination Man”. With every one of his calls, he takes the entire time to warn Black people that extermination is coming, and that Black people need to flee from America ASAP. While the “Extermination Man” gets on his soapbox, usually the hosts or other callers continuously either deride him, or at best patronize him, like a person who had had too much to drink or is perhaps mentally ill. ”

    The ‘white’ man has sought nothing but our total annihilation from day one and it continues to this day. But as dark as our days and nights are thanks to the ‘white’ man, and though it may seem as though he is undefeatable, don’t believe that for a minute. The ‘white’ man’s sense of superiority will be the cause of his demise for the one thing that he cannot withstand is the ray’s of the sun and through his arrogance and conceit, there is hardly any ozone layer left to protect his pasty ass from burning to a crisp. And that is why through TV ads, movies, and by virtue of magazines and every media outlet, the ‘white’ man is pairing Black women with them. Of course, this is nothing new since this was going on in the days when our ancestors were being dragged to Amerikkka to serve as slaves, but nevertheless, the white man is ramping that ‘swirl’ shit up to no end and sadly, many Black women are falling for it. Our Black men are already lost because they have been throwing themselves at white women for decades. So they are a given, but Black women were not so quick to follow in their footsteps and take a ‘white’ man to their bed. If you have not done so, now is not the time to start. If a ‘white’ man is coming towards you, don’t think he has your best interest at heart. He doesn’t have a heart! He has only your annihilation in his mind and you had better believe it!

    And for the Black man who is with one of those pasty-faced whites of the so-called ‘female’ of their species, you have no idea what you are doing because if you even look cross-eyed at that pasty bitch, you’re going to jail and you should damn well know this! They hold the ‘trump’ card on your ass and they are completely aware of this. Mess with those dogs and getting fleas from them will be the least of your worries.

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  4. Take it from a mixed woman with a [dead at 37] black mother who spawned 2 of us from white guys: John 10:10: The enemy comes to STEAL KILL & DESTROY.

    White boys are there for the “brown sugar”. The end.

    I asked my white sperm donor how he & my [dead] mother met.
    He said they worked at the steel factory together, he worked on the floor, she worked in the office. “Boy, could she fill out a sweater.” He was salivating & his eyes glazed over as he was transported back to 1975.

    The brown sugar.

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