On Thursday, I received the horrible news of the transitioning of a brilliant Black woman, fantastic writer, true counter-racist soldier and from everything that I have seen and heard from her, a wonderful soul, Pamela Evans Harris, known affectionately by all within the loose configuration of counter-racists as simply Pam.  Far too few were aware of this giant and her liberation focused work, who has now ascended to the realm of the ancestors, but her colossal efforts should be saluted.  Pam was the co-writer of four books which I would consider to be essential reading in gaining clarity on the system of racism/white supremacy from the perspective of a victim who is sincerely attempting to become less confused and contribute to solving THE problem.  These books, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation; Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act; The Interracial Con Game & The Beauty Con Game, were essential in helping me understand the system of racism/white supremacy to the degree that I do (whatever that may mean, I’m still learning, and I’m still a victim), as well as giving me an understanding of how much I need to learn, and how far I, and we still need to go.

But most importantly to me personally, Pam’s writing was a very huge inspiration on me starting this website, as she was a very strong advocate of all Black people who are attempting to generate solutions and solve THE problem to become active and to get involved somehow, and to use whatever talents that we may have acquired or have been blessed with, to contribute to the effort to eliminate this horrible unjust system.  Although I never got the opportunity to speak with her personally, Pam’s inspiration, clarity and influence on all who were touched by her material cannot be overstated.  Pam was an extraordinarily talented writer who from what I understand was not formally trained, which gave me the confidence as someone who also is not formally trained, and does not have fancy, gaudy academic accreditations, to use my lifelong interest in writing and my interest in discussing and attempting to generate solutions to the problem that is the biggest issue for Black people worldwide, to attempt to contribute.  Among a few others, Pam put the “battery in my back”, to use the popular slang term, without us ever having personally crossing paths.

Pam was also a frequent guest and caller to the legendary counter-racist broadcast, the Context Of White Supremacy (COWS), the platform where many of us first heard the crushing news.  It was through her appearances on this program, where all who have been touched by her contributions got a chance to not only hear her brilliant insights live through her own voice, but to also get a feel for her wonderful spirit considering the current conditions.  On the program, she often showed a candor, honesty, and for a woman of such brilliance and monumental talents, a very refreshing humility and willingness to continue to attempt to learn, as well as an impressive ability to use information that she has gathered along the way to constructively refine her viewpoint to become a more effective counter-racist.  The way in which she interacted with the callers, fellow guests and the hosts, Gus T. Renegade and former co-host Justice, showed a shining example of how Black people should constructively interact with each other.  Her ways, and her manner of conversing and exchanging views on the system that many of us have dedicated our time and energy to eliminating, were a phenomenal example of the concept of Black Self Respect that Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, one of her (and my) stated ideological jegnas often spoke about.  In an odd way, with the open format of the COWS program, listeners can form an attachment with some of the frequent regular callers, as the callers are as big of a part of the show as the host and the guests.  Pam was one of the most well loved and respected callers and guests for her spirit, soul, and very humble, down to earth manner, almost as much as for her piercing, clear and incredibly insightful views and opinions.

In Pam’s books, she broke down many very important subjects that affect Black people and stand as barriers to our liberation thoroughly, such as the white supremacist generated so-called “gender war” that many Black people very unfortunately, and in my view very foolishly participate in, that threatens to tear Black people in half, self-love and Black Self Respect, the white supremacist generated media representations and images of Black people that destroys the image of Black people worldwide, and European beauty standards which have been imposed upon society, which have intensely victimized and claimed the self-esteem of many Black people, especially unfortunately Black females.  She attacked and pointed out the effects of these issues on the minds of Black people in a very unique way, using her own sharp observations, facts and logic in such a way that there is no way in which one would not be much less confused about some of the problems facing Black people under the system of racism/white supremacy after reading her material.  She presented her ideas, findings and logical assertions in a way in which all who read, whether they are children, or college educated adults, can absorb easily, become intellectually stimulated, fascinated and glued to every page.  Her talents as a writer, like many who have come before her, may only receive the appreciation that they deserve in the wake of her untimely ascension to the realm of the grandcestors.  This is very unfortunate, as perhaps we should do a much better job of acknowledging the efforts of those who use their time and energy constructively and diligently trying to generate solutions to THE problem, while they are still walking among us.  As the colloquial expression goes, perhaps we should do a better job of giving them their roses while they are still around to smell them, even if they are too humble to accept the roses at the time, due to the very large amount of hard work that still must be done.

The best way that we can honor this wonderful grandcestor is to continue with the righteous work that she dedicated her time and energy to, and to pick up the mantle, using our time, energy and talents to assist in solving THE problem however we can.  Regardless of the many obstacles that will be put in our way, the heartbreak, the disappointments, the discouragement, sometimes from those we love most, and even bouts of temporary depression that many of us may experience engaging in this work, regardless of how many times other victims may tell us that what we are attempting to do is impossible, we must continue on, being as consistent, unwavering and strong, yet as humble, malleable and willing to continue to learn and adjust our views and opinions to match our observations, facts and logic as Pam was.  This is a very difficult fight, and it is not for the weak, but it is the most righteous struggle that we can ever partake in, attempting to end the most unjust system ever invented.  This is the only way that we can honor those who have set the example the way Pam and the other grandcestors have, and it is the only way that we can be successful in bringing to fruition what they have bravely and honorably dedicated a large portion of their lives to.

Rest in Power, Pam, you will be greatly missed, even by those like myself, who never had the honor of speaking with you live.  You work and your shining example will be with us forever.

Liberation Now!

Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Please purchase and read her four books Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation; Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act; The Interracial Con Game & The Beauty Con Game and listen to her on the COWS radio program.

Hear the COWS tribute to Pam here

Check out her website here

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

6 thoughts on “21CRM TRIBUTE TO PAMELA EVANS HARRIS “PAM” (1953 – 2018)”

  1. When I got the tragic news I had to fight back tears. Which is strange since I never met Pam in person. But I first heard her on the Cows radio program back in 2011. I called the show several times and spoke with her. She had such great insight on racism. She would email me constantly about important political issues. I think I have over eighty emails from her. She even reblogged my posts a few times. And would also comment on my blog. I considered it a honor whenever she left a comment.
    She was a true warrior for truth and justice. She genuinely loved her people. All her books are classics. I put Dark Nation on the same level as Isis Papers. She inspired me to consider writing my own book. She had a brilliant mind yet was so humble. She never bragged about herself or accomplishments. We lost a giant. I knew I had to do a post dedication and video for her. She meant so much to a lot of people. Pam was not just an author and fellow blogger. She was like a family member. It will take me awhile to get over this. Thank you for doing this post. 😢

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    1. Yes we truly did lose a giant, Kushite Prince.
      I sincerely hope that she knew that she definitely made a difference and just how much of an inspiration she was to people before she made her transition. I never got a chance to contact her, but her books and insight from her talks were absolutely essential. I definitely agree on your assessment of Dark Nation, it really is that good. Thanks for reading, responding and supporting as always, Kushite Prince, peace and blessings to you.

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      1. Her intellect was through the roof! Yesterday I went and read some of the emails she sent me over the years. It brought back great memories. I’ve told so many people about her books. I even let friends borrow some of them. She thought it was important to share the knowledge. She was much smarter than most people I’ve known that have master’s degrees and fancy titles. She was a giant but yet so modest. This was a huge blow for me. She wasn’t some random blogger. I considered her a friend. I cherish the time I knew her. She’s gone way too soon.

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