I and many others have said that those who practice a system based on injustice, mistreatment, oppression and cruelty are demonic by nature, and that the system of white supremacy is inherently a diabolically evil system. This is despite the fact that white supremacists have hi-jacked terms such as Christian Identity, which is a term which makes a clear and obvious association with the religion of Christianity, a religion that is presumed and promoted by many of its adherents to represent all that is good and pure.  But Christian Identity, despite its association with Christianity, is essentially a white supremacist distortion of the religion, and has become synonymous with racism and terrorism.  But with deeper study of the system of racism/white supremacy, I’ve found that the description of racial extremism as “demonic” is actually much more factually accurate then I originally thought.  In my studies in attempting to become less confused and attempting to understand racism/white supremacy, what it is and how it works, as well as the people who practice, maintain and promote it, I recently within the last year or two have become fascinated with what is referred to as the Alt-Right and other lesser known but just as dangerous groups of white identity extremists.

One of the more extreme factions of the loose configuration of white identity extremists that make up the Alt-Right is called Atomwaffen Division, which is an organization led by a man named James Cameron Denton (who also goes by the pseudonyms “Vincent Snyder” and “Rape”).  The organization is primarily active in Florida (where their headquarters are located), Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington, North Carolina and Virginia.  And as the virus of racism/white supremacy and the newly reinvigorated white identity extremism continues to spread, so does their reach, influence and membership.  Atomwaffen are said to be particularly fascinated with Charles Manson and his obsession with a race war between Black people and whites.  In addition to Charles Manson, they have also taken to quasi-worshiping other  white identity extremists who have committed horrendous crimes in the name of white supremacy, such as Dylann Roof, the white man who slaughtered 9 innocent Black people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina,  Anders Breivik, the white terrorist who killed 69 members of the left wing Workers Youth League in Norway,  Ted Kaczynski, the notorious “Unabomber”, and Timothy McVeigh, the infamous Oklahoma City bomber, who killed almost 200 people in that bombing, even going as far as referring to the latter three as “the father, the son, and the holy spirit” (according to the ADL). But one of the main influences in Atomwaffen is a satanic organization called the Order of Nine Angles, a group to which several Atomwaffen members are also said to belong.

This organization was my gateway to exploring and somewhat understanding the deep relationship between certain factions within the pseudo-religion of Satanism and white supremacist extremism.  The Order of Nine Angles (ONA) is a satanic group/cult which was established in the 1980’s in England by a lifelong white supremacist/terrorist named David Myatt (aka Anton Long).  According to their website, the ONA advocates for “culling (killing, murder) under the guise of ‘satanic sacrifice’, and every new initiate is required to undertake in culling”.  This mirrors the white supremacist tradition in which a novice white extremist neo-nazi skinhead laces their shoes or boots with white laces (which symbolizes “white power”), until they have “shed blood for the skinhead movement”, which is when they graduate to red shoelaces. They are usually rewarded with the right to don the red shoelaces often by randomly attacking and killing an innocent non-white (preferably Black) person.  This fuels speculation by myself and others within the loose configuration of counter racists that the recent seemingly random murders of Nia Wilson, an 18-year-old Black female in Oakland, CA and Frederick Taft, a 57-year-old Black male in Long Beach, CA by white males were racist/white extremist satanic sacrifices, and/or an attempt to earn their red shoelaces.

Nia Wilson’s Murderer John Cowell, wearing what appears to be white shoelaces

There are other groups that make clear connections between white supremacy/extremism and Satanism, such as a group called the Joy of Satan, a group founded by a woman who goes by the name of Maxine Deitrich.  Maxine Deitrich’s legal name is Andrea Herrington, and she is married to Cliff Herrington, one of the founders of a white supremacist organization, the National Socialist Movement (NSM).  The Joy of Satan (JoS), according to their materials, refer to themselves as “spiritual Satanists”, who among their core beliefs, espouses the worship of a “Nazi Satan (who is) blonde with fair skin, and blue eyes who hates all not her races“, and “who wants all Jews to be killed because they cause the world’s misfortune”, and believes “that they (Jews) are reptilian aliens made from Angels”. All of this sounds rather insane and crazy, until one connects the dots between these seemingly fringe organizations and philosophical orientations to the violent factions within the Alt-Right and other such far-right movements.   These movements are gaining popularity and converting new members among nascent/ ”wannabe” white supremacists, and are amassing more power in American mainstream electoral politics by the day.  And as those who practice racism/white supremacy, whom the grandcestor Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing hypothesized that the chief inspiration of their ideology is a crippling fear of genetic annihilation due to their genetically recessive state, see their birthrates falling worldwide, and consequently perceive their grip on the controls of power weakening, these movements will continue to become more vicious and violent with their actions.

These organizations and philosophies are distortions of the so called neo-Volkisch (Neo=folk) movement, which is centered around an inherently white supremacist pagan philosophy.  According to the Southern Poverty Law Center they “worship the Norse or Germanic gods, spirituality premised on the survival of white Europeans and the preservation of dead or dying cultures they presume to embody. Such individuals and groups use a variety of terms to describe their spirituality such as Odinism or Wotanism, Odalism, heathenism, Ásatrú or even paganism. Qualifiers like “Germanic” or “proto-Germanic” are sometimes attached to those terms. Other qualifiers like “Norse tradition” might also be used.”  In line with the present-day adaptations of vicious white supremacy in the 21st century, the adherents to this philosophy/dogma have adapted their approach to appeal to those who are in tune with modern technology as they “have reinvigorated the key elements of their predecessors’ ideologies in iterations unique to the 21st century. In line with the defensive rhetoric adopted by the “alt-right,” neo-Volkisch devotees veil their ethnocentric beliefs in arguments for the necessity of separate societies, or tribes, to preserve all ethnicities. Despite their paradoxical rebuke of modernity, leaders have embraced various social media platforms to increase the palatability of the neo-Völkisch ideology” (also from the SPLC) .  Clearly this tradition is inextricably tied in with other facets of neo-Nazi white supremacist culture, in which so-called Nazi Satanism is a very large, underexplored side.

 In the interest of being completely accurate, I must say that not all who refer to themselves as Satanists openly espouse ideals which are in line with the practice and promotion of racism/white supremacy.  In fact, many of the more mainstream Satanists (if you will) make it a point to distance themselves from this adaptation of that ideology, and have written material decrying what they consider to be a hi-jacking and gross distortion of their philosophy (although they themselves are still suspected white supremacists as well, in my view).  But there is no doubt that when non-white people, especially those who are interested in spirituality of some sort refer to racism/white supremacy as demonic or Satanic, there is much more to that claim than perhaps they know.  The evil of racism/white supremacy is boundless, and all who practice, promote and help to maintain the system have embraced the evil core tenets of white supremacist philosophy wholeheartedly.  Those who belong to this sub-culture not only have embraced evil, but openly celebrate it, revel in it, and practice it in violent and horrific ways.

Liberation Now!

Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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