I often contend that the United States of America has been the capitol of systematic racism/white supremacy ever since its establishment as a country.  But there have been times throughout the history of this country when the inherent racial problems that naturally come with a place whose affluence and power within the worldwide political and economic scene primarily came from being major participants in the most immoral and unjust social and economic system that has ever been devised comes bubbling to the surface even more than usual.  Right now, the era in which we currently exist is one of those tumultuous times in which white people, apparently perceiving their iron grip on the world which was established through white supremacy slipping, and have decided collectively as a race to circle their wagons and attempt fortify their position as the foremost worldwide terrorists, using their racism and fear of genetic annihilation as the impetus for their unjust deeds.

Open white supremacy has been a fixture in Amerikkka since the very beginning, with it taking various forms throughout history to fit the times.  During the chattel enslavement era, the form of white supremacy was more brutal, barbaric and “in your face” then at any time in history, because that was what the circumstances dictated.  The Jim Crow era (the era from so-called reconstruction, the period after our supposed emancipation starting in the 1870’s through the so-called civil rights era in the 1950’s) is when I contend institutional white supremacy really took effect, as whites during this era really mastered how to use the political, law and economic system as a way to further unjustly oppress Black people.  This was done in ways that were less savagely violent from a physical standpoint (although of course savage racial violence was still extremely prevalent), but was in many ways even more thorough and injurious than in the chattel enslavement days.  As Dr. Kamau Kambon states, this is when they made the entire world a plantation.

We are currently in the modern era of systematic racism/white supremacy, where white people have refined and attempted to further sanitize their version of white supremacy.  Our enemies have become much more “clean cut” in terms of appearance and more careful of the words and phrases that they use.  They are much more computer savvy and “hip” in terms of their understanding of their prey.  They have made an effort to eschew the overtly venomous, hostile and violent rhetoric and tactics of the old school Ku Klux Klan, and the heavily tattooed racist skinheads of the past, in favor of a more subtle, technologically advanced and pseudo intellectual approach. And now, as their “glorious leader” as they have referred to him, Donald Trump, occupies the most powerful political office in the world, modern white supremacists gain new open practitioners, and seemingly gain more political power daily.

This loose configuration of racists that make up the new breed of white supremacists, who are comprised of conservative think tank members, neo-Nazis, conspiracy theorists, paramilitary militia members, writers, politicians, “intellectuals”, political strategists and internet “trolls” refer to themselves as the “Alt-Right”, which to those who are unaware, may seem from the name alone like a relatively innocuous political/ideological sect. But the book written by author David Neiwert,  Alt America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump, shows that behind their smirky, snarky internet memes and cartoon frog mascot, that they are every bit the murderous, genocidal, villainous, poisonous terrorists that their white supremacist predecessors are, were and always will be.  The well written book tells the story of the formation of what we now know as the Alt-Right, from their roots stretching back from the late 1980’s and early 90’s with the rise of a very important ideological forefather, notorious political radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, and the militia movement that picked up steam in the early to mid 90’s.

It also draws a very important, perhaps under reported connection between those who carry their ideology and their preoccupation with conspiracy theories, exemplified by another notorious internet radio rabble rouser and suspected white supremacist, Alex Jones.  Within this dynamic, one group of suspected and confirmed white supremacists, the Alt-Right and so-called right wing extremists, play a game of blame ping pong with more established mainstream suspected white supremacist institutions, typically the federal government, mainstream politicians and mainstream media.  During the first few years of the new millennium, the so-called far right seemingly lost a bit of steam in the mainstream, and more or less went underground. But in 2008, something happened in America that rekindled interest in white supremacist groups that statistically hadn’t been seen since the 1960’s.  The election of Barack Obama, a bi-racial man (half white and half Afrikan) with an obvious Black/Afrikan phenotype, into the seat of the President of the United States was a game changer for the far right, as they now had a visible rallying point from which to gather all whites who were deathly afraid that the lifeblood of the white race, white supremacy, and their death grip on all political power, wealth and influence was weakening.

Although Obama’s positive impact on behalf of Black people is quite arguable at best, he undoubtedly represented to many people the idea that the country was changing.  And for those who pine for the old days in which white supremacy’s power was unchecked, unchallenged and unquestionable, this was the beginning of a culture war, and perhaps of a racial war.  The book chronicles the spike in organized open white supremacist terrorism under Obama, which became more vicious and more violent as his term went on, with the mass killing of 9 Black people in a church bible study in Charleston, S.C. by a monstrous white supremacist called Dylann Storm Roof, as well as the killings of unarmed Black people in the streets becoming visible to a much wider audience through increased mainstream and social media coverage.  It reached a fever pitch with the emergence of what has become known as the Alt-Right, a phrase coined by admitted, open practicing white supremacist Richard Spencer, which is supposed to represent the new wave of white supremacy.  This new burst of energy behind the white nationalist movement is responsible for the election of Donald Trump as the successor to Barack Obama, who ran a campaign littered with white supremacist derived rhetoric and “dog whistles” (coded phrases which are only designed to be understood by those “in the know”), in which Trump openly winked and flirted with his white nationalist supporters many times, many instances of which were highlighted in this book.

Overall I contend that reading this book was a constructive expenditure of time and energy for myself, and I believe would be also for any counter-racist.  It was very informative on the basics of who comprises the Alt-Right, the history of the movement, what they believe, what their ultimate objectives and goals are, as well as why they believe what they believe, and how they came to the conclusions that they have come to in order to create their worldview.  The book was well researched and I believe quite accurate.  One small criticism that I have is that with the very fluid nature of this movement, some of the information isn’t right up to date, but I guess that is to be expected in a book of this nature (it was published in October of 2017).  But more than anything, it gets across the idea that these people are not merely white people spouting “crazy talk”.  They are not to be written off as insane or mentally ill, and dismissing them as such is extremely hazardous.  They are serious, dangerous people dedicated to preserving the system of racism/white supremacy by any means possible, and are willing to go to many measures, including extreme, ruthless violence, and psychological and institutional warfare to achieve their objective, perpetual white domination.

Justice Now,

Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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