As I sat reading my book selection, Alt-America, The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump by David Neiwert, which chronicles the rise of the recently popular wave in the racism/white supremacy zeitgeist that is referred to as the Alt-Right, a peculiar and seemingly counter-intuitive, yet strangely logical thought popped into my head.  It is a thought that is only logical in the current pool of insanity that we have been thrust into and are forced to swim in, but it makes sense nonetheless.  I truly thank the creator for open racists.  It has been well accepted among those who study the system of racism/white supremacy that those who subscribe to the philosophy, system and quasi-religion of racism/white supremacy operate according to a code, in which all white people are in tune with, and can get “on the same page” with if they wish, with minimal verbal conversation or communication between them. I have heard it referred to as the “Voltron effect”.  Part of that code is the use and tacit understanding of “dog whistles”, a term which describes whites use of code words that only those whose ears are in tune with the frequency of racism/white supremacy can truly pick up, while the statement may may go unnoticed, or may only register as innocuous or at worst only mildly offensive to those whose ears, eyes and/or mind are not fully in tune.  These dog whistles are best observed publicly in the speech of so-called mainstream politicians, who often on the campaign trail are in the position of pandering to their base, which are often whites who are strongly suspected to have views that are aligned with racism/white supremacy, as well as those who operate in so-called mainstream media, the propaganda arm of white supremacy.

The purpose for these dog whistles is for the mainstream white supremacists who are the public faces and spokespeople for the status quo to speak to their people while maintaining plausible deniability of being racist or harboring white supremacist views, which is a perfect illustration of the white supremacists slick mastery of words.  But tragically, it is also a way in which victims of racism/white supremacy who for some reason, or perhaps many reasons, may be fearful or hesitant to acknowledge the omnipresent nature of systematic racism/white supremacy to also maintain plausible deniability.  Unfortunately many Black people have, or perhaps pretend to have a hard time being able to pick out racism unless they are being directly insulted or assaulted, preferably with the dreaded word “n—–“ being used as the undeniable proof or the “smoking gun”. This is especially true if the white person projects an affable personality with Black people as if they are “down”, which totally disarms and confuses some Black people perhaps more than anything else within this system. This is where the value of the open, plainspoken white supremacist comes into play.

Take for instance this clip of notorious white supremacist/nationalist figure Richard Spencer speaking bluntly and plainly with former Professional Basketball player, self-styled social commentator, and victim of white supremacy, Charles Barkley.  Charles Barkley is a Black male who consistently tries to deny the existence of racism and blame other Black people for the conditions in which we face under the system of racism/white supremacy.  This clip is of Richard Spencer speaking with Charles Barkley, confirming that he is an avowed white supremacist, and that he and those of his ilk not only plan to continue their assault on non-white people throughout the world, but that they plan to “turn up the heat” so to speak to a stunned, speechless Barkley.  This serves as a reminder to him that racism/white supremacy exists (duh!), and stands stronger than ever, not just in the hallucinations of “militants”, “Hoteps” or “pro-Blacks”, but in reality.  And this is true even if he and other Black people of his ilk, who have managed to garner a measure of material comfort are in their view somewhat insulated from the full effects of racism due to their relatively seemingly privileged existence as a rich former NBA player and commentator, entertainer or any other type of Black person who has achieved or has been given a lucrative and/or quasi-powerful showcase position within the system of racism/white supremacy.  While I don’t think this clip was exactly a life changing experience for Mr. Barkley, it can at least serve as proof to him and others like him who tend to try to bury their heads into the sand , or plug their fingers in their ears in an effort to convince everyone else that since they may have found a comfortable position within this system, they do not see racism/white supremacy, and that Black people should just “get over it” and stop trying to “blame the white man”.

While open white supremacists may think that they are on the front lines practicing, defending and maintaining white supremacy, their greatest service from the perspective of a Black person who is actively in the midst of efforts to disseminate truth in service of eliminating racism/white supremacy, is that they give Black people an easy reference to point to demonstrate to other Black people who may not want to face this unpleasant reality, that we have open enemies who are powerful, influential, shadowy, and have no lengths to where they will not stoop in order to preserve what they consider to be the default setting of a normal existence, where the system of racism/white supremacy rules with an iron fist.  This can hopefully lead one to study a bit more in depth to become less confused by the dog whistles, fake smiles and latent racism that they may receive on a daily basis.  And although in recent years some of the open admitted, avowed racists, particularly those who are affiliated with what has become known as the alt-right have refined themselves to adapt to the internet/social media age, and have taken to using internet memes, social media/message board trolling and other means connected to the so-called digital age to spread their message, and have even taken to using comic/cartoon characters as their mascots (Pepe the Frog), their aims remain extremely serious, perhaps even moreso with their current momentum with a suspected racist with white nationalist leanings occupying the position as President, and they are genocidal in nature.

This segment, while trying to put a more erudite or even comic face on their brand of white supremacy, still rubs elbows with and supports violent lone wolf white supremacist neo-nazis such as Dylann Storm Roof, who went on a rampage in a Black South Carolina church killing 9 completely innocent Black people in a bible study, as well as white supremacist media maven Steve Bannon, former head of Breitbart News, which is a haven for alt-right white nationalist thought and who is credited with helping to usher in the new wave of quasi-mainstream white nationalism, and who until relatively recently was a major figure in the cabinet of President, Donald Trump.  And although there is infighting within these different circles, they are all connected, and they are all united around one motive.  That is to dominate, exploit, oppress, and eventually when all resources have been extracted, and all uses have been exhausted, to eliminate non-white and especially Black people from this earth.  So I thank the creator that we have open white supremacists to whom we can always point to, to serve as a reminder to those who are not inclined to dig deep in order to understand white supremacy, that this isn’t just the ramblings of someone who stepped out a time warp fresh out of a 1960’s Black Panther meeting, but the warnings of a person who is trying sincerely to do the work and become less confused about the very real and very dangerous predicament that we find ourselves in as Black people.

Peace and Blessings,

Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


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