Recently rapper and producer Kanye West has been making headlines on his media tour while promoting what I think is a new project, and his methods of promotion have been interesting to say the least.  First, in one of his patented twitter rants, he praised Black “conservative” commentator, alt-right/white supremacy apologist and victim of racism/white supremacy Candace Owens, saying that he “loves how she thinks”.  He then went on to praise the white supremacist president of the united snakes, demon in chief and arch-villain Donald Trump, one of the most racist political figures in modern history.  He then proceeded to take a picture wearing Donald Trump paraphernalia with suspected racists, who in the picture flashed white supremacist hand signals (what used to be the “okay” sign has now morphed into a sort of white supremacist gang sign used by the alt-right).  Finally, and most egregiously, he was quoted as saying that our ancestors who were enslaved for centuries in a country that we were kidnapped and trafficked into under brutal, terrifying conditions, that I as a man living in this modern age, even as a Black man living under the system of racism/white supremacy, cannot fathom or really even comprehend in terms of what our ancestors had to endure while being abused and tortured to an extreme level, made the choice to be enslaved, and essentially acquiesced to our enslavement, which subtly but very palpably implies that slavery was our ancestors fault, not the fault of the evil quasi-human demonic mutants who inflicted this insufferable condition of our people.  The perpetrators of the crime are exonerated; it is the choice and fault of the victims to be enslaved and oppressed, according to Kanye West.  This in my view amounts to TREASON!

First and foremost, it is an extreme pity that Kanye West, a mediocre at best rapper and producer, who has been unjustifiably and inexplicably mislabeled by some music fans, critics and hypebeasts as a “genius”, who at the very beginning (before he fully embraced and revealed his innate desire to snuggle with white supremacy) expressed very surface level, childlike, clichéd “consciousness”, but in the years since has flooded the airwaves with overproduced, idiotic, vapid nonsense passing as music, and has never in his life expressed any sort of nuanced understanding of anything important, has been given any sort of platform where his opinions are listened to or cared about by anyone other than the unfortunate souls who have been saddled with the task of dealing with him personally.  This is a clear case of how white supremacists handpick Black people who they know, by their refined eye for looking for such characteristics in victims, will do the bidding of white supremacy by attempting to spread their poisonous, toxic, astronomically dangerous, genocidal worldview and ideas among Black people in exchange for money, fame, and most importantly to the mentally unbalanced victims who would take this route, attention.  The fact that he has unjustifiably been given the title of genius for being able to spit generic, silly, unsubstantial raps over overproduced beats, while saying absolutely nothing of any consequence or importance to anyone, assisted in creating this monster.  A mind as apparently underdeveloped and childlike as Mr. West’s cannot handle that amount of acclaim without becoming an ego-centric monster of a person, and the enemy knows that, and skillfully plays on that to their advantage.

During his tirades, he has been using the theme of “thinking free”, and trying to position himself and the other people who think like him as “free thinkers”.  This is just a personal observation, but I’ve noticed that people who refer to themselves as “free thinkers” tend to think far too highly of their own intellect, and tend to be extremely aroused at the sound of their own voices.  Many people who call themselves “free thinkers” tend to mistake saying the dumbest, most nonsensical, yet intellectual sounding thing that pops into their heads for “thinking freely” and coming with new ideas (and they aren’t new by the way), when in reality it simply makes them loud fools with terrible, silly, yet in this case,  very dangerous opinions.  It’s what we used to call being a “smart dumb n—-“.  Being contrarian and iconoclastic just for the sake of “going against the grain” does not make you a free thinker in the least.  And in the case of Mr. West, its more dangerous than usual, because aligning with and furthering the ideas of racists/white supremacists, whose main objective is the continuation of systematic white supremacy, using very old talking points that they have used consistently for centuries to absolve themselves from the historical crime that they have committed, is a direct threat against Black life and Black survival.  This is all done under the guise of falsely seeing himself as some sort of enlightened free thinker, a genius whose complex, sophisticated thought process cannot possibly be understood by mere mortals, and who is unconstrained by such unimportant things such as logic and having an accurate view of history. It is yet another wickedly clever way that the white supremacists use our egos and our need to be recognized as something “special” in a society that tells Black people that we are nothing but inconsequential, irrelevant n——, against us.

In the system of racism/white supremacy, some of the most powerful weapons at their disposal are their powerful media institutions, which they use masterfully by spreading anti-Black, genocidal, brain trashing toxic waste disguised as entertainment.  They are also very aware that Black people tend to be some of the biggest consumers of entertainment.  Through people like Kanye West, they can use Black people to spread their messages among other Black people, furthering confusion, while they are absolved from being directly implicated in spreading this poison, and creating these horrendous conditions.  They know that there are large numbers of Black people who will agree with and repeat things simply because they heard it said by an entertainer or famous person.  And although Mr. West’s statements have been condemned by a large segment of Black society, sure enough, there are definitely people who I have read and heard give their takes on his opinions, who agree with his treasonous statements, especially the idea that our ancestors chose to be enslaved, and they can be found in the comment sections and message boards that supposedly are used by majority Black users.  This is sad and almost depressing on many levels. Kanye West is a perfect example of what happens when extreme arrogance, meets extreme ignorance.

I don’t have enough time or space here in this article to fully unpack his treasonous statements about our ancestors enslavement being a choice, but I will say that anyone who has done any research of our enslavement, from the Trans-Atlantic enslavement trade all the way up to our so-called “emancipation”, beyond just a cursory “Black people were bought, Black people were sold” understanding, knows how truly awful, disrespectful, utterly nonsensical, not to mention historically incorrect, his statements are.  Clearly he has no understanding of racism/white supremacy as a set of connected institutions which work in concert to achieve the goal of white domination, or the brutal application of that system during our ancestor’s enslavement.  Furthermore, he clearly has no knowledge of the hundreds and perhaps thousands of slave revolts that happened constantly on plantations all throughout this wicked, wretched place, many unknown and unreported.  To imply that our innocent ancestors, who were unjustly put into perhaps the most horrible situation that one could be thrust into, were weak for being victimized by living, walking, breathing demons in quasi-human form is TREASONOUS, ignorant, hurtful, and worthy of some sort of punishment (although as a fellow victim, I am not qualified to say what it should be).  I sincerely hope that Mr. West at some point comes to his senses and apologizes to Black people for expressing this in the name of album promotion or attention seeking or whatever, and spends the rest of his life trying to make this right.  I won’t be holding my breath.

One must only look at the people who are agreeing with and promoting Mr. West at the moment to understand how dangerous his positions are.  As Malcolm X said, “when the enemy smiles, watch out”, and the enemy is grinning ear to ear having a high profile Black man like Kanye West, who unfortunately and inexplicably has a lot of influence, promote their genocidal, dangerous and very dishonest worldview.  Unfortunately, Mr. West does not have enough sense to know who his enemy is (like many victims unfortunately), which shows a lack of a simple sense of self-preservation and danger recognition, which in my contention is a problem among many Black people when it comes to dealing with racism/white supremacy, and people whom subscribe to it.  This is doubly true for those who have been handpicked by the whites to be showcased, given money, fame and fortune in exchange for being a walking white supremacist talking point.  If “thinking freely” as a Black person isn’t backed with an accurate, clear understanding of our conditions and how they came to be, and doesn’t result in or attempt to contribute to a more just world with better conditions for Black people, where THE problem, white supremacy, is eliminated completely, then all it amounts to is arrogantly and pretentiously doing the bidding for our eternal enemies under the cloak of pseudo intellectualism, and nothing more.  It seems like I quote this Neely Fuller statement in every article, but it is such a true and enduring statement that it deserves constant quoting, “If you do not understand racism/white supremacy, what it is and how it works, everything else that you understand will only confuse you”.  Kanye West and his victimized supporters are a perfect example of that.


Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


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