Recently rapper and producer Kanye West has been making headlines on his media tour while promoting what I think is a new project, and his methods of promotion have been interesting to say the least.  First, in one of his patented twitter rants, he praised Black “conservative” commentator, alt-right/white supremacy apologist and victim of racism/white supremacy Candace Owens, saying that he “loves how she thinks”.  He then went on to praise the white supremacist president of the united snakes, demon in chief and arch-villain Donald Trump, one of the most racist political figures in modern history.  He then proceeded to take a picture wearing Donald Trump paraphernalia with suspected racists, who in the picture flashed white supremacist hand signals (what used to be the “okay” sign has now morphed into a sort of white supremacist gang sign used by the alt-right).  Finally, and most egregiously, he was quoted as saying that our ancestors who were enslaved for centuries in a country that we were kidnapped and trafficked into under brutal, terrifying conditions, that I as a man living in this modern age, even as a Black man living under the system of racism/white supremacy, cannot fathom or really even comprehend in terms of what our ancestors had to endure while being abused and tortured to an extreme level, made the choice to be enslaved, and essentially acquiesced to our enslavement, which subtly but very palpably implies that slavery was our ancestors fault, not the fault of the evil quasi-human demonic mutants who inflicted this insufferable condition of our people.  The perpetrators of the crime are exonerated; it is the choice and fault of the victims to be enslaved and oppressed, according to Kanye West.  This in my view amounts to TREASON! Continue reading “KANYE WEST: ARROGANCE, IGNORANCE, “FREE THINKING”, TREASON AND THE WEAPONIZATION OF BLACK “CELEBRITIES” (SHOWCASE BLACKS) FOR WHITE SUPREMACY”