Aside from the blatantly obvious reasons, the term white supremacy, as well as the manner in which it is practiced, is an endlessly fascinating and confounding subject.  The more it is deeply thought about, the more layers to the subject, as well as the system itself, that there is to unpack.  The concept of white supremacy is very interesting in its application because although the term may imply the superiority of the white race, which according to their ideas, gives them the right to rule over all who are not classified as white, the fact that the institution exists is a clear indication of the ultimate falsity of the concept.  It is without a doubt that human beings are superior in terms of intellect and complexity of cognitive abilities over other creatures in the animal kingdom.  But yet there is no system of “human supremacy” over other creatures in the animal kingdom in order to enforce the concept of that superiority.  Such a system is completely unnecessary, because the natural intellectual superiority of human beings over the rest of the animal kingdom just naturally shines through.

But the system of racism/white supremacy on the other hand, is a very elaborately constructed system in which those who are classified as white have codified a system of oppression and mistreatment, that as the leading historical minds who have studied the system have astutely pointed out, covers all nine areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war/counter war).  It is a system that has to constantly change in appearance, and constantly has to be refined and disguised in order to simply survive as an idea.  Anything built on falsehood and deception needs more falsehood and deception in order to be adequately maintained.  This is a system that when put into its proper context stands much less (or not at all) as a proclamation of the natural superiority of the white race, and more so as a conspiratorial effort to unjustly and incorrectly place the white race in a superior position due not to any great accomplishment, but simply due to having been born white, by and for all with a vested interest in preserving that system (essentially the entire white race).

With all of that considered, I must come to the conclusion that those who have put this system in place, despite their bluster, are not at all confident that their “supremacy” would shine through on an even playing field.  I have come to the conclusion that aside from their fear of genetic annihilation, one of the main fears of white people is their fear of honest competition for the worlds resources, which is what drives their fanatical devotion to the unjust system of racism/white supremacy.  Whites who subscribe to white supremacy essentially see race and racism as a team sport, a very brutal, possibly deadly zero-sum bloodsport.  I often say in building sessions with friends and fellow liberation minded, Black First counter racists in which we talk about racism/white supremacy, that “race” is literally a “race” in the competitive sporting sense, and all races, whether they be the Asians, Arabs or so-called Hispanics or Latinos are vying for their share of dominance.  whites are constantly looking around at the landscape at other groups of non-white people, comparing them to themselves, and assessing whether or not they pose any threat at all to the system of racism/white supremacy that they raped, robbed, murdered and enslaved in order to create.  And if they deem them as any threat whatsoever, there is no limit to the amount of skulduggery that they would resort to in order to maintain their stranglehold on all of the world’s resources.

One of the more notorious figures in the loose collection of open white supremacists known as the alt-right, Richard Spencer, gave one of the more enlightening peeks into the mentality of a white supremacist on a live debate with documentary filmmaker and activist Tariq Nasheed.  Spencer, one of the more forthcoming white supremacists, essentially confirmed that he does not value fairness or competition at all, and that “this is not about fairness, this is about dominance and winning”.  This is a clear proclamation of the whole idea behind white supremacy, “dominate at all costs”.  But as I and many others have always said, the main thing that holds white supremacy together is deception, and in this case the deception takes a huge toll on the self-esteem and self-image of Black people, especially those who either have not been exposed to the truth, have not taken the time to study the truth, or simply refuse to face and accept the truth of our condition and where we stand under the system of racism/white supremacy.  One of the main ways that whites keep this rigged game going is to always give the impression that things are even, and the fact that white people are at the present moment at the top of the social and economic pecking order is a product of the superiority of whites, and the natural inferiority of Black people.  This dynamic is enforced through tactics such as  racial showcasing, in which individuals or small, select groups of Black people/victims, who generally pose no threat to the system of racism/white supremacy, usually as a condition for their showcasing, are propped up by the white supremacists in order to have a Black person to compare the masses of struggling Black people to, along the lines of “he/she made it, so why can’t you? What’s your excuse?”.

This is done for multiple reasons- to give the false and shallow impression that Black people as a whole actually have a “fair shot” , and that white supremacy is much less present and prevalent than it actually is, to mess with the minds of downtrodden Black people who are struggling because of systematic white supremacy, and to create a want for Black people to go along with the white supremacist program in order to be racially showcased themselves.  These are wickedly brilliant strategies that work extremely well, especially on Black people who are not inclined to study just how rigged this racial blood sport is against us.  But what lies underneath all of this is a crippling fear and paranoia that one of these days, Black people will finally awaken from this nightmare that doubles as reality, and actually join in and become unabashedly and unapologetically competitive in the racial blood sport that white supremacists have turned society into.  And there is a fear that leading the charge will be Black people who actually know who they are, and remember, even if not through personal memory, but ancestral and racial memory, of how we got into this position and who exactly is responsible, and will not be diverted, tricked and confused by the standard white supremacist mental games that are so crucial to the survival of this wicked system.  And white people, who I believe are willing to destroy the entire planet if there is ever a situation in which they would have to relinquish dominance, fight the hardest that one could possibly fight in order to make this never comes to pass.  We must fight harder to make it a reality.


Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


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