“We (Black/Afrikan people) built this country!”  That is about as true of a statement as you will ever hear.  From the moment that our ancestors touched this at the time unfamiliar land, we were forced to labor, regardless of weather or any other conditions, sometimes in the intense Southern sun, sometimes in the pouring rain, whether we were sick or injured or not, for the financial benefit of our enemies.  The free labor, as well as the expertise and intelligence of the enslaved Afrikans, were a veritable goldmine for our heartless captors, as it helped Amerikkka become the world’s primary financial powerhouse within its first 200 years as an official nation.  In fact it can be argued that the enslavement of Afrikan people, as well as colonialism, built up much of the wealth of most of the powerful western white nations.  I do not think these facts are disputable to anyone familiar with the history.  There is a tremendous book entitled “The Half Has Never Been Told”, which breaks down thoroughly how the evil institution of slavery helped shape and enrich Amerikkka in many ways that are under-explored.  So it stands to reason that the people who are most responsible for the success of Amerikkka are Black/Afrikan people.  But rather than a feeling of pride over what our ancestors “built”, the feelings that come over me as I write this are an intense anger, sadness and disgust.  That sadness is only compounded by the fact that the people who seem to have the most pride in the fact that this tree of Amerikkkan prosperity was watered by our ancestors blood, sweat and tears, are our people.

I would like to ask a serious question to those who propagate the idea that Black people built this country, so we have a rightful claim to it as “Americans”; If our ancestors had a choice, would they choose to build a country for their enslavers, so that they can have a base to serve as the worldwide headquarters for racism/white supremacy?  Because this country, the United Snakes of Amerikkka, that some are so quick to proclaim with pride that we built, has become exactly that, the worldwide headquarters for racial oppression, and systematic white supremacy.  In fact, it was created with the expressed intent to be exactly that, and the fact that enslaved Black/Afrikans built it is a particularly sick twist.  Racism and white dominance is virtually weaved and sewn into the fabric of Amerikkka.  I strongly suspect that our ancestors would rather have used their skill, intelligence, physical and mental strength and sense of innovation to build up our own geopolitical state which benefits us without having to go through the horrors that we were subjected to as a people.  The maafa, which when we say that we built this country, we are in a way downplaying the devastating effects of, robbed us and our people of a chance to allow our race and the many cultures within, to develop naturally the way other races did.  Our enslavement, which is the sole reason for the success of Amerikkka, and the success of the white race as a whole, brutally altered the trajectory of our race, and we have yet to fully recover.

It is my view that the fact that we built this country, should be a source of great shame for our people.  While it is true that we built Amerikkka, our ancestors did it under threat of death.  Black people did not come to build Amerikkka with any sort of honorable agreement that we would be the “workers” who built this country, with an understanding that we would be rewarded for our hard work, and with a chance to share in the riches that we are responsible for building.  We ourselves were the riches! Black/Afrikan people are the only group of people who came to Amerikka, who did not choose to come to Amerikkka under some false notion of Amerikkka being some grand “land of opportunity”.  If anything, our people served as the opportunity in and of itself, as in the wake of our enslavement, and the wealth that it generated, many other immigrant groups flocked into Amerikkka in order to reap some of its benefits, with an unspoken promise that they will never occupy the bottom social and economic position as many of them did in their former countries, as that position was reserved strictly for Black people.  In other words, we did not build this country to reap the rewards or take part in the process in any way shape or form, other than to be the perceived sub-human slave class to be used, abused and then killed, in the perception of our enemies.

In fact, I might even go as far to assert that to say with any sort of pride that we built this country is serious disrespect to our ancestors and what they really had to endure.  It is a disrespect to those who had to endure the entirely forced trip over to Amerikkka in the most disgustingly filthy conditions that are not even fit for animals, who threw themselves and even their children overboard from the slave ships, with the idea that being eaten by sharks is preferable to living a life of abject, extreme, dehumanizing misery as human beings enslaved by these beastly creatures in Amerikkka. It is a serious understatement to say that our ancestors did not want to come to “build Amerikkka”.  It is a spit in the face to the memories of our most revered grandcestors, who came to us in the righteous names of Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, Gabriel Prosser, Sojourner Truth, Denmark Vesey, and many others (may peace be upon them forever), who attempted valiant, heroic acts of bravery in search of their, and our freedom and liberation from the tyranny of what our forced sojourn into Amerikkka represented.  It is disrespect to those of our ancestors, who did not have the name recognition of the aforementioned heroes, but whose lives were just as precious and who are just as highly honored, who had to endure merciless whippings, rape, humiliation and physical torture disguised as punishment for the slightest of infractions, or for no infraction at all other than being Black in the wrong place, at the wrong time, at the hands of our evil, sadistic oppressors.

In my view, the idea that we should have any pride in the fact that “we built Amerikkka”, flirts dangerously close to the despicable, white supremacist oriented line of thinking, that our enslavement was actually a blessing in disguise for us, because we were given the opportunity to build what those who are inclined to subscribe to white supremacy describe as “the greatest country in the world”.  It is also, in my mind, related to the horrendous and sickening blatant attempted white washing of history, which is currently being taught in some public schools, that Black people were not brought here as chattel, but were actually “immigrant workers”, who came in search of “job opportunities”.  But the “we built this country” way of thinking is actually worse, because those who tend to say this in my opinion very foolish statement, are actually Black/Afrikan people, who in theory should know better.  It makes sense that our enemies would propagate these ideas, because the spreading of these ideas soften the impact of the historical damage that whites have done to Black/Afrikan people, and serves as some sort of public relations propaganda for the system of racism/white supremacy.  But the “we built this country” statement only serves to falsely comfort the wounded psyche of Black/Afrikan people, who are still in some strange denial about what actually happened to us historically, and the strong impact that it still has on us today, and who are unwilling for some reason to try to do something that might include separation, and/or actively and aggressively looking for solutions to THE problem.

I understand that as Black/Afrikan-Americans, our history is such that it is very difficult for our people to have any sort of cultural bearing simply because we do not have any real geopolitical state that we can point to and definitively, with no resistance or objections from anyone, claim as “ours”.  Due to these factors, we grab on to what we know, which for many of us is the United Snakes. But in my view, although at this time Black/Afrikan people are granted quasi-citizenship in the United Snakes, the Stolen Children of Afrika, which is how I refer to Afrikan-Americans who acknowledge the connection to Afrika, are essentially in my eyes a people without a country.  Regardless of the claims of many, Black American people, descendants of the enslaved, do not and have never fit into the long-range plans of Amerikkka.  But this does not have to be a bad thing, because in my view, acknowledging and acting on this frees us from the idea that the fate of Black people in Amerikkka, prisoners of war, is inextricably tied to the fate of a country that was built on extreme injustice toward our ancestors at the hands of our demonic captors, and has been maintained by the sons and daughters of those same captors.  I believe that this empire, like all empires, will someday violently fall, and we do not have to fall with it.  We are not tied at the hip to Amerikkka, and adopting this mentality, I believe would be of great service to Black people in search of liberation and sovereignty.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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