This question was posed on a certain very popular social media platform by a gentleman within the Black Liberation community that I respect greatly and consider an elder.  I gave my answer to the question on the platform on which the question was originally posed, but within this space, I’ve decided to expand my answers within the full scope of my actual thoughts.


From being the victims to the worst crime in human history, to the resulting Jim Crow restrictions on our personal freedoms, to the horrific, animal-like games that were played with our gene pool by way of breeding farms, to the rape of Black/Afrikan women which helped destroy the psyche of Afrikan people forever, to an anti-intellectual culture being forced upon black people, caused by the restrictions and extreme harsh punishments for reading, writing, learning, and just being generally curious about life, which are the most natural ways of taking in information and expanding our intelligence, with every single effort to rebuild our people, from reconstruction, to Black Wall Street, to Garvey, being systematically destroyed, to being the targets of a vicious propaganda campaign against us, which has not only turned the whole world against us, but most tragically, has turned us against us, the havoc that had been wrought against our people is endless.  With the long list of atrocities that were committed against Black/Afrikan people, I think it is rather obvious what my answer is to this question. And to illustrate my point, I’d like to use a brief scan of history which, as Malcolm X so eloquently stated, of all studies is best qualified to reward our research.

Since it has now been accepted that Black/Afrikan people were the first people to inhabit the earth, obviously our race was already in existence, and by all accounts very prosperous by the time the arab and white invaders came to the continent as well as the many other places inhabited by Black and non-white indigenous people.  This was essentially a campaign to enrich themselves economically, as well as to enslave and subsequently destroy the Black Race.  I think it is common knowledge by those who would be readers of this blog that Black/Afrikan people were the creators of civilization itself, as well as many of the hallmarks of any functioning society.  Black/Afrikan people have made enormous contributions to science, mathematics, architecture, art and religion/spirituality, since before Black/Afrikan people were even aware on a mass level that white people even existed.  It was well documented by the group to whom white, euro-centric teachers originally credited with starting civilization, the greeks, that much of their culture and knowledge was essentially copied, stolen and poorly imitated by them from Afrikan people.  There are many instances of the greeks and romans marveling at the intelligence and beauty of Afrikan people.  And Black/Afrikan people were credited with operating very powerful empires and thriving societies until the fall of the Songhai empire very late in the 16th century.

It is very important to note that the fall of powerful Afrikan empires and civilizations coincided with the rise of whites through many factors, including the trans-Atlantic enslavement trade, which helped usher in the current social order that we are living under today, the system of racism/white supremacy.  As I’ve written in this blog numerous times, the rise of the white race is directly tied to the fall of the Black race.  And in my assessment, european and arab interference, brought on by bloodlust, envy and most importantly greed, has historically been Black people’s biggest impediment to justice and liberation.  Afrika is by far the richest continent on earth in terms of natural resources, with Afrikan people ourselves being one of those resources.  In all honesty, it can even be argued that it is a testament to the innate strength of the Afrikan that we are still around, and that there is still a decent amount of Afrikans still fighting for liberation and offering resistance to the genocidal campaign against us.  I suspect that a lesser people would not have survived the murderous assault that has been waged against Black/Afrikan people, as many other groups of people are no longer here on this earth after their contact with the Europeans.

I would like to pose the argument that Black people haven’t actually “failed” at attempting to lift ourselves out of this condition, but have been met with extreme opposition against every one of our attempts, which unfortunately has hurt our morale immeasurably and perhaps contributed to our current state of hesitance.  Right after the institution of chattel slavery was abolished, during the time known as “reconstruction”, Black people immediately began purchasing land, creating businesses and forming our own communities.  These communities, as well as much of the progress that had been made during reconstruction was systematically destroyed by envious whites, by way of the social order known as “Jim Crow”.  Even with that, Black people still set up many all-Black business and residential districts, the most famous of them being the Greenwood section of Tulsa, Ok, Black Wall Street, which again was systematically destroyed.  Black people have had many leaders who gained traction in our community, most notably the hon. Marcus Garvey and the hon. Elijah Muhammad, preaching and teaching self-reliance and self-sufficiency.  But their movements also met the same fate, with them and/or their organizations being systematically destroyed by whites (and infiltrators from within), who perceive any form of Black/Afrikan progress as a threat to the institution that they hold most sacred, the institution of white supremacy.  But in actuality, they are correct; Black Afrikan progress is indeed a huge threat to global white supremacy.  They rose because we fell, and if we rise again, they will fall again.  So goes the zero sum game of racial politics under the system of racism/white supremacy.

It is my opinion that what we have “failed” to do for ourselves pales in comparison to what was done to us.  If the greatest crime in human history had never been committed against us, then there would be no need for any superhuman effort by our people to rebuild our race.  But it must be stated strongly that it is only up to Afrikan people to save Afrikan people.  The people who are undoubtedly to blame for initially forcing us into this condition, will never do anything to bring us out of this condition.  Nor will any other group of non-Black people.  The beneficiaries of the society that whites have created here in the united snakes have too much invested in keeping the Black race in the bottom position.  And other groups of non-Black/non-whites are also invested in keeping Black people in the current position, as these races collectively see Black people as “the footstool race” as Marcus Garvey referred to our position.  The existence of the oppressive conditions that Black people suffer from in amerikkka is assurance that their people will never occupy that bottom position in the social and economic hierarchy.  Many of these immigrant groups traveled here to amerikkka specifically because of that assurance.  So despite all that has been done to us, we are in this by ourselves, for ourselves, and we can only rely on ourselves for our salvation and the resurrection of our people.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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