Although I have been aware of him and his work for many years, in the last two or so years, I have really gotten a lot out of the teachings of Mr. Neely Fuller, one of the greatest counter racists (I believe that he actually coined that term) that has ever lived, and a treasured elder, though he himself would probably reject that designation.  His book, The United Independent Compensatory Codebook, is one of the most useful books on the system of racism/white supremacy that I have ever read, his conversations on the COWS (Context of White Supremacy) radio broadcast were very eye opening for me, and his weekly internet radio broadcast is a weekly “must-listen”.  But although I have tremendous respect for his sometimes unconventional views, and at least see the logic in almost all of his views, there are a few that I take slight exception to, at least at this point in my development.  One of the major views of his that I take exception to is his assertion that there is only one true race and that is the white race, and that there is only one reason for being a part of any race, and that is to practice racism/white supremacy.  As a point connected to this, he also says that Black or “non-white” people should not strive to be a member of a race, but to be a “Universal Man and Woman”, because to be a part of a race is to practice white supremacy.  He also says that Black people only consider ourselves as a part of “the black race” because we were told so by the white supremacists, as supposedly before what I like to refer to as the era of white aggression, people referred to as Black/of African descent mostly related as parts of a family or ethnicity (or “tribe”).  Again, while I do understand the point of this idea, and I absolutely see the logic and some truth in this assertion, I do think it is a somewhat incomplete way of looking at the situation in real time, and in my view, may be a counter-productive way of looking at the race problem in order to find a permanent solution to end the system of racism/white supremacy.

There is some evidence that at least part of his assertion is true, that white people did indeed promote the concept of race in order to establish superiority to move the concept of white supremacy forward.  But there is also evidence that while our ancestors did not have quite the same concept of “race” as later white people did, they were quite aware of differences in skin color and differences in types of people, and were actually quite proud of being “Black”, as evidence by the name of ancient Egypt being known as “Kemet”, which translates to “land of the Blacks” (although there seems to be some argument as to whether they are referring to the people that inhabited the land as I claim, or whether they are referring to the actual land itself, as some white oriented “Egyptologists” claim).  But evidence does suggest that it is true that racial differences were never used as justification to mistreat or harm others until the era of european aggression/white supremacy, of which the enslavement trade and later colonialism are the products.  And this is where my argument begins.  White people were able to essentially galvanize themselves from people who were basically non-factors on the world stage to the dominant racial group on earth by “getting on the same page” along racial lines, regardless of whatever feuds and disagreements that they had with each other.  It is important to stress the “along racial lines” part, as under the system of racism/white supremacy, race is the dominant factor of all things in all areas of people activity, as Mr. Fuller himself teaches.

Having white skin was the one unifying factor that whites, many of whom do not really relate to each other aside from their shared hunger to dominate Black and other non-white people, rallied under to create this system.  In my estimation, white people rallying under the concept of whiteness, which morphed into systematic white supremacy, made their conquering of African people relatively easy, as they more easily could exploit tribal/ethnic differences between Black/Afrikan people, using an unfamiliar paradigm.  Since the concept of race was not very important to Black/Afrikan people at that time, the concept of mistreating people to the extent that the invaders did due to differences in skin color was rather inconceivable.  African people refused, and many still refuse to see this issue through a racial lens, as a member of a group of people who were being oppressed along the lines of “Blackness”, regardless of their ethnic/tribal affiliation, family, kwk.  Perhaps had Black people recognized the common factor of our oppression and worked together along those lines, without having to give up our ethnic identities, like whites did, maybe the system of racism/white supremacy would have not grown into the seemingly invincible juggernaut that many think it is.  Unfortunately a benefit for them being able to usurp power in this way is that they are able to dictate reality to other people, and set the rules of this ongoing war.  And the white supremacists who run this world, and who enjoy the benefits of being white in a system of white supremacy can and will always simply say “I am white, you are Black, and as long as I’m white and you are Black, we will be supreme over you”.

It is in my estimation a grave mistake to stubbornly claim to not be a member of ”the Black race”, simply because in your mind racial classifications should not exist.  In the real world, these classifications do exist, they are very real, and as long as Black people refuse to play the game that we are forced to play and are currently being crushed by, this system will continue as is.  The idea of “Universal Man/Woman” is a beautiful concept to institute, but that concept in my view is unrealistic in a world that has been contaminated by racism/white supremacy, and only can be realistically practiced in the complete and total absence of white supremacy.  When white supremacy is “over”, and there are no more people who subscribe to white supremacy left, then we can (and perhaps should) think about completely throwing away racial categories.  But in my view, as long as white people continue to practice white supremacy, then you will always be a Black person according to the people who make the rules, and a part of a race, whether we see it that way or not.  And the sooner we begin to see it that way, the sooner we can start to make actual headway into solving the problem.  Until we combat this system with a racial awareness of being Black (not simply “indigenous”, or “Hebrew” or “Moor” or whatever else), fighting specifically for the survival of Black people as a race, I assert that the united along racial lines, well organized white supremacists who are in charge of practicing, maintaining and refining white supremacy against Black people in particular will always have an advantage.  Mr. Fuller is right- the purpose of the white race is to practice racism/white supremacy along color lines.  But as the victims and main targets of racism/white supremacy, the reason for the existence of the Black race should be to eliminate racism/white supremacy along those same lines.  We have to fight this war under the rules which have been set.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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