“I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there.” – Marcus Garvey.

One of the most enduring concepts within the scope of revolutionary Black activism, nationalism and Pan-Afrikanism is the idea that some great uniter will come along and get Black people on the same page so that we can fight our eternal enemies side by side with all of our “brothers and sisters”.   This idea, while a very pleasant idea, does not line up with the reality of where the entirety of the Black race are mentally, philosophically and spiritually, at this point in time, and perhaps at any point in time in the past or the foreseeable future.  This leads me to conclude that this idea is counterproductive to the global liberation of Black/Afrikan people, because it leads some of our people who are serious and sincerely want liberation to sit and wait on other Black people to “get it”, or worse, to try to waste time trying to proselytize people who we consider to be confused, when they may not be at the place to “get it” at this point in time, and may not have the willingness to “get it” at any point anyway.  Historically, revolution generally has been brought on by a small courageous segment of people within the affected population.  It’s time for our people to come to the realization that not all of our people are going to make it to liberation, so trying to “save” each and every Black people is a waste of time.

The idea that “not all of us will make it” does not necessarily have to be a bad thing, despite the slightly uncompassionate connotations of this idea.  Contrary to all sensible thought, many of our people are unfortunately quite content under the system of racism/white supremacy and have no desire to be saved, or to live sovereign, or to separate from our enemies in any way.  In fact, some of our people essentially live their lives with the goal of leaving Black people, “Black culture”, and the majority of Black society behind, with the possible exception of a select few blood relatives, and reject the idea of anything that represents racial solidarity.  There are many infected with the idea that living amongst the enemy is the epitome of success.  Worse, there is a segment within Black society, who get some sort of satisfaction with their status as traitors to Black people (so-called “coons”, “Mobutu’s”, kwk), and will fight tooth and nail to protect the institutions of white supremacy that they fought so hard to have the appearance of becoming a part of.  Considering these assertions, I believe that the Black race could benefit from a fresh start as a race populated with people who value being Black, are interested in preserving and uplifting Black people and the concept of “Blackness” itself, and sincerely want liberation.  This may mean that some of the fat may need to be trimmed, and some of the dead weight of our race will need to “get lost”.  In some ways this is already happening, with the amount of miscegenation that is currently going on, which is slightly disconcerting to me considering the position of Black people as opposed to our white enemies in a society created and ran by our enemies, and the genocidal plans of our enemies.  Those who do not value being Black are starting to breed out their genes, which in effect is them already genetically leaving the Black race.

Many of our people have been terminally infected with the disease of racism/white supremacy, as opposed to being affected by racism/white supremacy, which all victims of r/ws are.  While they are not necessarily to blame for that entirely, the reality is if they are too far gone, and too much energy, time and resources that could be better used in countering ad working against our enemies would be wasted in trying to convert them, with a very good chance that our efforts will be unsuccessful, it’s better to leave them where they are, while still leaving the door open that they will at some point “come home” on their own.  Some people love positioning themselves in an adversarial position against other Black people politically and ideologically.  Some people get personally offended at the mere suggestion that chasing our enemies for sex and procreating with them is racial suicide.  Some people actually take pride in wreaking havoc and being violent towards other Black people.  And as I alluded to earlier in this article, there are those who have spent their entire lives trying to get away from other Black people, and the concept of Blackness itself, considering my assertion that many Black peoples’ motivation for success is to do exactly that.  And as hard as it may be to admit as a very pro-Black person who has been described as “militant”, who sincerely loves Black people, these types are not very uncommon to find within our race.  To a person who truly believes that they are correct in thinking, speaking and acting in this way, there is little that can be done to convince them otherwise.  They have to arrive at that conclusion by themselves, for themselves.

As conscious Black/Afrikan people, who are determined to win this war that is being waged against us, we cannot allow ourselves to be overly weighed down by those who, by their behavior and mentality, indicate that they are determined to lose.  You can put correct/lifesaving information out into the public and hope that those who may be able to benefit will see the information and “get it”, which is one of the reasons that this entire 21CRM project exists.  But focusing on all of our people is a waste of time.  Meanwhile, the solution that I pose is for Black people, who are inclined to do so, to find or create their own very small groups or “tribes”, whether formally or informally, in which the people within can agree on an ideology or program and dedicate themselves to such a program, and continue to exchange ideas in the interest of moving Black people forward.  They can work, and congregate with each other, while being in sync and working concurrently, though not necessarily working with, other progressive, forward thinking, race first organizations.  This is a slight adjustment to Mr. Neely Fuller’s United Independent concept, in which people, and in this case organizations, groups, clusters or “tribes”, are all working concurrently to dismantle white supremacy, though they are doing so using their own methods and ways in which make logical sense, and which they believe will work, independent of each other.  This does not have to be done with a lot of fanfare and attention, but should be visible enough to where people who are interested in being a part of a movement that is positive for the survival of Black/Afrikan people can find these clusters, or maybe can develop the faculties to start their own.


Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


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