In this ongoing battle against the system of racism/white supremacy, it is very important to use any and every avenue possible to find solutions to what I refer to as the world’s greatest problem.  Consequently, whenever we mentally engage with any new idea, we should always measure its relevance to ending the problem.  Neely Fuller Jr. often says that “white supremacists will go to the bottom of the ocean to study a grain of sand if they think that it will be effective and constructive toward their goal of maintaining and refining racism/white supremacy”.  It would be naive to not admit that the dogged persistence of white supremacists and their determination to use whatever means that they can find to keep their foot on the throats of all non-white people, with special malice toward Black people, is what has made the system of racism/white supremacy the all-encompassing, all consuming force that it is.  I recently re-read Harriet Washington’s phenomenal book Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present, and there is a section of the book that fascinated me.  The book itself is full of incredible information exposing the ways in which whites have maliciously used the medical and science fields as a means for exploitation, as well as a way to further their genocidal aims for Black people.  Toward the end of the book, there is a section on how whites have used experimental research in order to wage biological and chemical warfare against Black people.

It is in this section where I came across a man whose story was so sickening and frightening yet interesting, that once I read about him I simply had to do some more research on him.   His name is Wouter Basson.  Wouter Basson was an apartheid era white South African doctor who, with the help of many American doctors, headed a top secret program called Project Coast.  According to the text, Basson, nicknamed “Dr. Death”, used Project Coast, with the funding of many South African apartheid era politicians and scientists, to research and develop “exotic biological and chemical weapons for use against the Black majority so that the power of weaponized biologicals might help the white minority to destroy its opponents without firing a single shot”.  Basson was head of South Africa’s CBWP (Chemical & Biological Warfare Programme), and according to the text was a “highly respected scientist, (and) a confidant of the surgeon general”, who “held several administrative positions at several major hospitals”.    He is accused of using his scientific racial terrorism to murder by some counts 229 people, all Black.  Other accusations allege that he “supervised cadres of government scientists who grew cholera cultures for use against Black townships and anti-Apartheid demonstrators, directed the production of huge quantities of narcotics, including Ecstacy, to be sprayed upon anti-Apartheid demonstrators to pacify them, and supervised the use of poisoned foods for use in assassinations”.

Basson also developed weapons such as umbrellas that fired poisonous darts, hypodermic needles housed within screwdrivers, was behind the distribution of t-shirts drenched with poisonous chemical agents, and conducted research to develop an agent that would allow a white man’s skin to temporarily turn Black so that they could infiltrate Black anti-Apartheid formations.  He is credited with forcing hundreds of Namibians on a plane, injecting them with an experimental poisonous muscle relaxer, and then dumping their bodies into the sea.  Their ultimate goal was to develop a “pigmentation weapon”, which would only kill people with a certain amount of melanin (Black people).  This man’s story piqued my interest and really made me ask myself a few questions.  The first thing that I began to wonder and ask myself is, do Black people have an answer or a counter for this type of scientific terrorism? Do we have any pro-Black scientists who are not only keeping a watchful eye on those from the enemy camp who are developing these advanced weapons of warfare, but also feverishly searching for some solutions to our problems?  Or are we still stuck playing a game of checkers when the game really being played is chess, and sitting back in a defensive, reactive posture while our enemies stay on an innovatively aggressive campaign to commit creative covert genocidal chemical warfare?

This only drives home the need for Black people to become serious devotees of all types of scientific knowledge, all in service of defense against genocide as well as finding some solutions for our problems.  I see many Black people constantly celebrating athletes and entertainers, pushing the Black youth into that direction, as if we need more rappers or NBA players than the thousands that we already have, who add nothing to our communities in any way other than entertainment.  Perhaps instead of putting a basketball or a microphone in the hands of Black boys and girls, maybe it is time to start putting science kits in their hands, while simultaneously educating them as to who the enemy is, what they are trying to do to us, and what may be accomplished with wide ranging knowledge.  It isn’t just sufficient for them to just understand and be proud of who they are.  They must have a thorough historical understanding of the problem, in order for them to be as focused as they need to be in order for them to be as focused as need be on problem solving.  This cannot be overstated, because if they don’t have a serious understanding of the problem, there might not be as much urgency in finding the solution.

Black people need to develop a culture where we are routinely celebrating the intellectually gifted to the same extent that we celebrate the nascent NBA star or the young person who can spit a “hot 16”.  The intellectually gifted are the ones who could have the brainpower to find the solutions that are needed, not some celebrity whose contribution will probably will consist of charity, which is needed as well, but essentially is just a band aid to the real problem.  Developing science, technology and engineering programs where the main goal is to find creative solutions to the biggest problem on earth should be a top priority in the Black community.  This needs to be done before their gifts are recognized and co-opted by the enemy, and they are systematically taken out of the community to work for the enemy institutions as is often the case, creating a Black “brain drain” (see the popular recent movie “Hidden Figures”).  I believe it would serve our people well, and would be infinitely more helpful in terms of solving the problem if we developed more warrior scientists, engineers and doctors, dedicated to liberation, who understand the threat.  Leave no stone unturned.

If anyone who reads this blog is to take anything away from this particular article, as well as the overall blog, I hope they get an understanding of the seriousness and urgency of the situation that Black people face under the system of racism/white supremacy, where we have to deal with scoundrels such as Basson, who make it their life’s mission to find as many ways possible to eliminate Black people from this earth.  Celebrity white nationalist Richard Spencer is quoted in saying that white supremacists do not care about fair play, or whatever other hokey (in their minds) ideas about justice.  White supremacy is all about domination and victory at all costs, and they are willing to go to whatever lengths to achieve it, including mass poisoning, creating diseases, and other ways of population control and out and out genocide.  Until we get serious and begin to create the infrastructure in order to combat these people and come up with counter-moves, we will always be on our heels reacting to these psychopaths.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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