This is article is based on one of the most difficult to accept conclusions that I have arrived at as first and foremost a Black/Afrikan person, but more specifically a so-called Afrikan American.  But regardless of the difficulty in arriving at this conclusion that I strongly believe to be truth, it must be recognized nonetheless.  This conclusion is that the world, not only our natural enemies, but sadly also some who share our racial phenotype, quite enjoys taunting us for the historic nightmare that we were victim to, our enslavement, via the Maafa.  They enjoy celebrating the fact that diasporan descendants of enslaved Afrikans, and particularly so-called Afrikan Americans, are essentially a people who, due to the amount of tampering within our gene pool, as well as our brutally forced migration to Amerikkka at the behest of the white supremacists, where we were forced to build the worldwide capital for systematic racism/white supremacy for our natural, sworn enemies to enjoy and benefit from, while we are to be shut out, exploited, and eventual eliminated, are a people who collectively cannot claim a particular land as our own.  They enjoy making a mockery of so-called Afrikan American people who attempt to make strides to reconnect with our heritage, our lineage and our right to reclaim our motherland, by denying us of that very lineage, heritage and right to reclaim the land (see the white supremacist driven meme WE WUZ KANGS AND SHEIT! for proof).

They enjoy throwing up into our face the fact that many aspects of the culture that Afrikan Americans can actually claim as our own, were either imposed upon us through the modes and patterns of behavior we were forced to adopt under the brutal system of slavery and subsequent systematic racism/white supremacy, or is a makeshift adaptation of culture that was formed under extreme deprivation and trauma.  They enjoy throwing up into our faces the fact that many Black/Afrikan Americans, who are the descendants of enslaved Afrikans have a very difficult time being able to trace our lineage beyond a relatively recent point in history, due to the amount of evil games that were played with our familial line and gene pool, as well as the amount of power that our natural white enemies were able to exert over the fate over our familial line, due to the lack of consideration for our very humanity.  It is very painful to know that Black Amerikkkan people, who although are envied worldwide for our natural talents and our ability to persevere and survive, as I contend that many groups who were put into our position would have not been able to survive, are also in many ways a laughingstock to the world.

Under the system of racism/white supremacy, non-white groups who are considered to be “soft” or “weak” get trampled.  And despite many of our prideful claims to the contrary, and despite our position being in one of the wealthiest countries in the world at the moment and due to the trickle down effect of that fact, have more material things than most groups of Black people throughout the world, Black people in Amerikkka are in a very weak and very dangerous position.  It is very important to understand that other racial and ethnic groups disposition towards us is not due to ignorance, as there is no race, ethnicity, culture, tribe kwk. who is completely ignorant or unaware of white supremacy, and Black people’s history relating to that institution.  To the contrary, I assert that they are very aware of these factors, as well as their own group/race/ethnicity’s place within the social/economic hierarchy, and what it all means in terms of their relation to other groups, especially Afrikan Americans.  I contend that this taunting and mocking of Black people is born out of three factors- hatred, malice and fear.

The hatred comes from our enemies, and their natural view of Black/Afrikan people as not only the most visible reminder of their genetically recessive state, but also as the greatest threat to white racial survival.  When it comes to Black skinned individuals who subscribe to white supremacy, the hatred comes from a learned, cultivated hatred of self, and their learned desire to assimilate with the enemy.  This stems from the idea that the way to gain some sort of collective racial or ethnic success is to wage war against Black people, or to publicly show allegiance to white people in their war against Black people.  Many ethnic groups have utilized this strategy such as some “Latinos” (not all), Asians, and Arabs, and even groups who at one time were not considered white but now are (Irish and Italians) due to them “paying their dues”.  Unfortunately, more than a few pockets of individuals within ethnic groups that would be classified as Black have also attempted to utilize this strategy, to predictably unsuccessful results.  White people’s hatred of Black people is visceral and natural as they see us as their natural enemies, just as they have made it clear through their actions that they are ours.  Other groups hatred of Black people is learned and cultivated.

The malice is related to the hatred, and comes from the natural mean-spirited nature of our enemies, and those who have decided to subscribe to the mind-state of the enemy.  To paraphrase the late, great John Henrik Clarke, nothing that has ever come from the mind of racist/white supremacists has, or will ever be designed to be of any benefit to Afrikan people.  Everything that is conjured in the mind of white supremacists, regardless of how benevolent it appears, is meant to reinforce and perpetuate the system of white supremacy, which mainly functions to dominate, oppress and eventually, in my view, eliminate Black people.  So the malicious nature of our enemies should be considered a “given” at this point.  The fear relates to the constant trepidation that whites and other enemies feel over the idea that someday Black people will wake up, get serious, seize power, and pay each and every avowed enemy of the Black race back for the horrors with which they have victimized Black people with.  In order to prevent this, our enemies must pro-actively destroy this constructive mentality before it is even born, and certainly before it becomes a part of the racial personality of their victims.  This explains the psychological games that must be played to break Black people down psychologically, and mentally keep Black people in the oppressed position that we are in currently.   This is done to make Black people self conscious and ashamed of our past and what has been done to us.  If Black people were to stop being ashamed of our past, and instead came to grips with our past and used that as fuel to stoke our fire and our drive to seize power and become the powerful race that we have the potential to be, that would be a negative occurrence for all other races, especially those who directly benefit from our subjugation.

This outlines the importance of Black people worldwide, but particularly Black/Afrikan Americans, to acknowledge our connection to our formerly enslaved Afrikan ancestors, and to become extremely serious about ending the system of racism/white supremacy in thought, word and deed.  We must always be in the process of constructively discussing, studying and strategizing ways to grab power, not only systematic power, but also social and personal power.  And although excessive emotion may not always be proper or constructive, I personally think that using the concept that I have called controlled constructive vengeance, for what has been done to Black people and what we have been unjustly subjected to, is a great motivator and impetus for seizing power and destroying racism/white supremacy.   Although vengeance is considered by some to be a low vibrational emotion, for the extreme amount of injustice that we have been victim to, this emotion may be necessary for some to motivate ourselves to make constructive, permanent change.  In fact, aside from a simple principled aversion to injustice in any form, there are few better motivators to reclaim our power and use it to our advantage in permanently ending racism/white supremacy than our vengeance for the wrongs that have been visited among us collectively as a people.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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