As I wrote in the year end recap, 2017 was the year in which the system of racism/white supremacy really bore its fangs with the election of open white nationalist Donald Trump into the office of President of the United Snakes, bringing his cadre of vicious and powerful white supremacists with him to the so-called white house.  Black people responded to this political assault with responses ranging from of casual dismissal to defensive terror, to the usual response of abject confusion, in which our vulnerability to the whims of these evil, sadistic, predatory, genocidal white supremacist thugs was put on full display.  Since 2017 was such a huge year for open, violent white supremacy and white nationalism, racially genocidal/suicidal programming in which white people are marketed to non-white/Black people as their best choice for mates as a way of slowly lightening the population, and I suspect as a means of eventually exterminating highly melanated people altogether, and the relentless promotion of sexual confusion, degeneracy and flat out insanity in the form of homosexuality and the increasing acceptance of transgenderism, in which they train children, whose values have not been determined and whose minds and ability to conduct critical analysis have not been fully developed, that this lifestyle is a legitimate, acceptable lifestyle choice and any viewpoint to the contrary is to be dismissed as “ignorant” and “bigoted”, expect in 2018 for these things to be ramped up to new levels never before conjured in our worst nightmares. 

If there is one thing that I know about the system of racism/white supremacy and those who practice, maintain, enforce and refine it, is that they and their system are absolutely relentless.  And once they have devised a strategy that they truly believe will be effective in further dominating their subjects, they will continue promoting it heavily, over a period of centuries if need be, in order to create the society that they need in order for the system to be the dominant system in perpetuity.  If it is rejected, it will be repackaged and fed to us again until the packaging and presentation is palatable for their subjects (us) to consume it, while still maintaining its maximum impact.  As the old saying goes, “they don’t lighten up, they tighten up”.  The white supremacists, who have been more brazen than ever in expressing their racist viewpoint, especially with their weak recessive genes, falling birthrates and their paranoid perception that their dominant grip on the planet is loosening, have dug in their heels so to speak, and are clearly on a war footing.  2018 stands as one of the most crucial years that we will ever face as a people in history.

It is getting late in the game, and the time has come where Black people must choose where we stand.  There are some serious questions that we must ask of each other, but even more importantly, we must look in the mirror and ask ourselves, and we must answer as honestly and truthfully as we can.  Do we really believe that fighting this war against the system of racism/white supremacy is a battle worth fighting, and is a battle that can be won?  Do we agree that white supremacists are working day and night for the destruction of Black people?  Are we on the side of liberation or will we stand by and allow the destruction and extermination of our people happen in our lifetimes (which I believe can happen)? Are we going to sit by idly, and allow people who have always throughout their history demonstrated absolutely no sense of morality in terms of what they impose on other people culturally, to tell us what is correct and not correct in terms of cultural behavior and conduct, knowing full well that nothing that was ever given to us from them was ever for our long term benefit?  Are we really dedicated to working towards ending white supremacy, and if so are we willing to do what it takes, even if we have to make some serious adjustments to how we spend our time and energy?

In my view, 2018 must mark the beginning of the era of the serious Black Man and Black Woman.  It must be the year in which Black people started to wean ourselves off of all of the things that are programming us for our own destruction, especially modern commercial entertainment (television, movies, certain aspects of the internet, filthy music that promotes drug abuse, immoral, risky sexual practices, rampant consumerism of white brands, and blatant disrespect to Black Women and vile hatred toward your fellow Black Man), which is mindless at best and completely racially genocidal at worst.  It must be the year in which reading, having constructive dialogue and informing ourselves and each other about the system of racism/white supremacy became “cool”, and took center stage in our culture.  It must be the year in which constructive activity became “sexy”, and Black people were judged not on how much money we are able to pay to white supremacists in exchange for their trinkets which are labeled as “status symbols”, how profitable we are to white supremacists, how sexually attractive we are, or any other such relative irrelevancies, and instead were judged on how constructive and effective we are in working against the system of racism/white supremacy.  It must be the year in which Black people regained our sanity, and stopped letting the naturally insane shape our paradigm.  It must be the year when all the posturing about being “conscious” and “woke” that some do (myself included!) stopped being rhetorical, and started being tangible.  It must be the year where all the nonsense, all the silliness, all the pettiness, all the ignorance, and all of the acting in the interest of our mortal enemies stopped. It must be the year that 150 years from now, when Black/Afrikan people of the future are studying ourstory, they can point to 2018 and say that this year was a turning point in the re-making of the Black race, from permanent underclass to worldwide force, from confused victims to self-actualizing victors.

This can only happen if Black people started showing a level of seriousness in tackling this problem, THE problem, which fits the grave seriousness of this threat to our very existence.  This is a seriousness that we as a race rarely show up to this point about things that warrant a serious reaction.  But it must start NOW.  I write this again, for maximum effectiveness; 2018 must be the dawn of a new era within Black society.  It must be the dawn of the era of the serious Black Man and Woman, who is dedicated to spending whatever time and energy that we can spare to problem solving, and who have no doubt whatsoever about who and what is the actual problem.  2018 is here, and it is a time of critical importance.  “Do or die” are the choices that we are faced with.  We either “do”, and thrive and begin to live the way our Black Creator intended again, or die, and let vicious white supremacists continue to dominate a world that has the infinite potential to be incomprehensibly, breathtakingly beautiful if the problem, THE problem, were completely eliminated.  It is past due time to solve this problem, and re-make this world so that it lives up to its potential.

In 2018, may we all be more effective in solving THE problem.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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