“Our people are very serious about not being very serious. Meanwhile white people are very serious about playing hardball against us. And this hardball is called genocide.” – Dr. Kamau Kambon


In a world where the system of white supremacy is the dominant social, economic, political and religious system, distractions, diversions and carefully planned confusion abounds.  The white supremacists have constructed many barriers of protection for the system of racism/white supremacy.  One of the main barriers of protection is a thick web of nonsense, which is designed to drain your time and energy.  This is accomplished by way of misinformation disguised as truth, and diversionary tactics disguised as constructive activity, which is designed to give the appearance or illusion of constructive action against racism/white supremacy to those who have not developed a discerning eye for such tactics.  The purpose of this is to keep those who have the willingness to counter racism for the purposes of eliminating white supremacy off of their mission, making this already gargantuan assignment that much more difficult.  In this environment, it becomes paramount to attack the work of eliminating white supremacy with a degree of seriousness and discernment, in order to ensure that those whose mission it is to take you off of your game, so to speak, have no chance of being successful.




First and foremost I would like to give a hearty “rest in power”, and dedicate this article to the memory one of the greatest counter-racist, Afrocentric minds who ever lived, Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing (March 18, 1935 – January 2, 2016).  Her seminal masterwork, the Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors, is without a doubt one of the most influential texts to me personally, as it was absolutely monumental in helping to remove some of the confusion about the system of racism/white supremacy that I contend is present in so many Black/Afrikan people, and that is so necessary and vital in the maintenance of said system.  Her deliberate yet powerful way of delivering constructive information and wisdom is irreplaceable.  Recently I took a listen to one of her over 20 appearances on a podcast called The C.O.W.S. (The Concept of White Supremacy).  In this appearance, she expounded on a concept called Black Self Respect, a concept that she frequently references, which is present in her writings, and which she was the living embodiment of during her time on earth.  It is a very simple concept, but like many things pertaining to the system of racism white supremacy, there is much more depth to be gleaned beneath the surface when thought deeply about.   Continue reading “BLACK SELF RESPECT”



As I wrote in the year end recap, 2017 was the year in which the system of racism/white supremacy really bore its fangs with the election of open white nationalist Donald Trump into the office of President of the United Snakes, bringing his cadre of vicious and powerful white supremacists with him to the so-called white house.  Black people responded to this political assault with responses ranging from of casual dismissal to defensive terror, to the usual response of abject confusion, in which our vulnerability to the whims of these evil, sadistic, predatory, genocidal white supremacist thugs was put on full display.  Since 2017 was such a huge year for open, violent white supremacy and white nationalism, racially genocidal/suicidal programming in which white people are marketed to non-white/Black people as their best choice for mates as a way of slowly lightening the population, and I suspect as a means of eventually exterminating highly melanated people altogether, and the relentless promotion of sexual confusion, degeneracy and flat out insanity in the form of homosexuality and the increasing acceptance of transgenderism, in which they train children, whose values have not been determined and whose minds and ability to conduct critical analysis have not been fully developed, that this lifestyle is a legitimate, acceptable lifestyle choice and any viewpoint to the contrary is to be dismissed as “ignorant” and “bigoted”, expect in 2018 for these things to be ramped up to new levels never before conjured in our worst nightmares.  Continue reading “2018: A LOOK FORWARD (A 21CRM NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION)”