I generally try to stay away from writing about current events or news, and try to stick to writing on topics that will always be relevant to Black people, past, present and future.  But with 2017 and 2018 being such pivotal years for Black people in Amerikka and globally, I would be remiss to not recap the year that was, as well as to look ahead to the year that will be, 21CRM style.  So with that said, these are the 6 stories that piqued my interest in 2017 in regards to the future of Black/Afrikan people here in Amerikkka.


2017 saw the mainstream re-emergence of open white nationalism in Amerikkka, with white supremacist Donald Trump assuming the title of the pre-eminent world leader, as supposedly the person who holds the office of president of the United Snakes is the “leader of the free world”.  It also saw the antics of the so-called alt-right being openly excused and tacitly encouraged by the so-called President and his cronies.  This is the culmination of the intense mainstream re-awakening of systematic, non-codified, open white supremacy that had been brewing since the election of Barack Obama into the office of President of the United Snakes, and spurred on by a few other factors.  Although I am not a fan of President Obama, as in my view he did very little of note for Black people, specifically in comparison to his work for other groups, such as immigrants and the LGBTQ, it cannot be denied that the image of seeing a man with a noticeable, undeniable African phenotype, with a Black woman, raising two Black children stirred up a visceral reaction in those whose racial survival depends on complete and total white dominance.

This, in the zero sum game of white supremacy, means total abject oppression for all non-whites, with the very bottom of the barrel being reserved for Black people.  The emergence of Donald Trump, with his “Make America Great Again” campaign, and his promises to “drain the swamp” (peep the dog whistles), and the subsequent mainstreaming of the alt-right, with total cooperation from the mainstream media, is essentially the product of the backlash to the Obama years.  The in my view mistaken perception that due to the racial showcasing of Obama, that Black people were gaining ground on white people has also played a large part in this current rash of open white supremacy.  Their fear that their grip of supremacy throughout the world may be slipping, as well as the ever-present fear of genetic annihilation, which is a staple for white supremacy, as well as their falling birthrates worldwide, will continue to fan the flames of these white supremacists in 2018.


In 2017 the mainstream media push to indoctrinate Black people, especially Black children, into lifestyles that amount to mass confusion and soft genocide through interracial miscegenation, and homosexuality in its various forms, continued to pick up in intensity.  Unfortunately since confusion seems to be the default setting among Black people, and the rightful suspicion that every Black person should logically have towards every white person as far as their intentions is virtually absent, the defense against these assaults on Blackness itself is nowhere near what I believe it should be.  In fact, if you are a Black person who stands strong on these issues, then it should be expected that the most spirited arguments for race-mixing and defenses for the acceptance of sexually perverse and degenerate lifestyles will come from other victims of racism/white supremacy, many of whom subscribe to a unconstructive social worldview that has been termed “intersectionalism”.  This is a worldview in which the supposed struggles of other “people of color” (a term that makes me wretch), LGBTQ and even disabled people are thrown into a pot of confusion soup with the centuries long struggles of Black/Afrikan people.  This is nothing but a strategy that ensures that specific Black issues never get addressed effectively, which ultimately is to the benefit of the system of racism/white supremacy.  This was a big year for the intersectionalists in terms of their visibility, yet they achieved absolutely nothing in terms of hurting the open, venomous and often violent white supremacy of 2017 in any way.  Coincidence?  I think not.


2017 also saw the gender warring between Black Men and Women continue with no end in sight.  There were articles written by Black writers on white owned Black websites such as the Root, and a well-known hub of anti-Black Man feminist propaganda called Madame Noire, which insultingly deemed Black Men as the “white people of the Black race”, and referred to us as “terrorists”.  It was a year in which the idea that Black men enjoy some sort of privilege simply by sharing the same gender as our natural enemies, white men, which is absolutely preposterous and would be laughable if it were not so scary that people actually hold these views steadfastly, became more accepted in mainstream society.  A few well known mainstream Black personalities publicly supported these articles and their accompanying assertions.  Meanwhile, the propaganda being pushed to Black people that white people are the best mating options for educated and successful Black people that has been building for several years continued this year.  This is a clear as day divide and conquer tactic, as it gives frustrated and confused Black people an avenue to blame other Black people, fellow victims, for our oppression, as well as a way for our enemies to absorb the successful and desirable (in their eyes) Black people into whiteness, while at the same time forming warring ideological camps along gender lines. While all of this is happening, the white supremacists who are in control of the social dynamics, and are the reason that this divide even exists in the first place, continue to skate by unscathed.


2017 saw the opioid addiction crisis among white people soar to epidemic levels, while politicians scramble to find ways to cure these people, without criminalizing them.  While I actually agree that criminalizing drug addicts is ineffective and even inhumane, it stands as a stark contrast to how the crack epidemic was handled, which produced a similar crisis that ravaged Black communities in the 1980’s.  There was never serious talk about rehabilitating crack addicts without criminalizing them in the 1980’s, at least not to the degree in which lawmakers are falling over themselves to do now.  There was simply a “war on drugs” declared, in which scores of Black men and women, both users and sellers of these drugs, were criminalized and imprisoned en masse, and the already impoverished and decimated communities were changed forever.  Of course the main difference is that those who are hooked on opioids (and who actually have access to the opioids in the first place) are overwhelmingly white, while the people to whom crack addiction was attributed were disproportionately Black.  Clearly the white supremacist establishment has had a vested interest in the destruction of the Black community and the people who make up the community, as well as a financial interest, as it has been well established that the CIA funneled crack into the inner cities during that time, in order to fund the Contras in Nicaragua.  It will be very interesting to keep an eye on how this situation unfolds in the near future.


In 2017, there was also a FBI sanctioned report warning against so-called Black Identity Extremists, in which they allege that such people (to whom their description essentially describes less confused Black people, who have taken an interest in doing counter-racist work and eliminating the system of racism/white supremacy) are likely to commit violence against law enforcement officers  in retaliation to the high profile police killings of unarmed Black people that have been widely reported in the media within the last few years.  It is very interesting that this report was compiled in the same year that those who could and should be termed as “white identity extremists” (since there is actual proof of such a thing existing, unlike Black identity extremists) actually committed multiple terrorist acts, such as the murder and riot at an alt-right rally in Charlottesville, VA.  The adjective or term to describe these domestic terrorists used by the white supremacist in chief Trump was not “white identity extremists”, or the more familiar “white supremacists”, or even “far-right extremists”, but simply “fine people”.  Meanwhile Black people who are fed up with racism/white supremacy, and take a publicly oppositional stance against it, now run the risk of being labeled as “Black Identity Extremists”.  And due to the National Defense Authorization Act, signed by Barack Obama by the way, they could possibly be permanently jailed with no due process as a terrorist in the eyes of the law.  In my view, the curious timing of the “Black Identity Extremist” report, especially in light of the recent mainstreaming of the alt-right, and the white nationalist fervor that is sweeping Amerikkka, suggests that the report is essentially a pre-emptive shutdown of any resistance against what the white nationalists that have taken power may have in store.  This deserves close monitoring in 2018


Finally, In the sports world, 2017 saw many NFL players and other athletes from multiple sports protest the blackballing of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, by mimicking his 2016 protest in which he refused to stand for the national anthem, which made many of the white supremacists who make up a large bulk of the football viewing audience very angry.  Although many allege that a large portion of the protesting NFL players did not protest out of principle, but because of their reaction to the scolding that they received at the hands of Donald Trump in a speech in which he implored the team owners to handle the situation by “firing those sons of b——“.  The reaction of the white supremacists that are football fans was quite interesting.  They refused to acknowledge Kaepernick’s stated reasoning for his protest, which was to protest the killings of unarmed Black people at the hands of race soldiers who masquerade as police, with no accountability by the race soldiers, and instead reframed the issue as an anti-American flag, or anti-National anthem issue.  Of course, those issues were cleverly disguised smokescreens so that they would not have to actually address the murder of innocent Black people.  But even if the flag and the anthem were the real issues, then those protests would be just as valid, as the Amerikkkan flag and the so-called national anthem, whose final two usually unsung verses are explicitly and unmistakably anti-Black and pro-white supremacy, are both symbols of white supremacy and dominance that should never be honored at any time by any Black person, for any reason, in my view.

That was the year of 2017 from the perspective of a 21st Century Race Man.  Peace and Blessings to all melanated Black/Afrikan people.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


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