“In the great civilizations of antiquity the inspiration of poetry and art came from the Black race.  The European organized his civilizations and established their laws and governments, but the source from which their art was issued was foreign to the instincts of the organizing civilizers.  That universal power of imagination which we see enveloping and penetrating primordial civilizations came entirely from the ever increasing influxion of blood from the Black race into the white.  The African possesses in a high degree, the faculty of emotion from the senses, without which art is impossible.” –  Uncredited quote taken from “Introduction to African Civilizations” by Willis N. Huggins and John G. Jackson

I will start this piece with the bold statement that Black/Afrikan people, whether here in Amerikkka, throughout the diaspora, and in the Continent, are without a doubt the most innovative, naturally talented, brilliant and creative people that the world has ever seen.  If one was to look around, and see how many things that originated from and were invented by Black/Afrikan people that have become a part of general mainstream culture in which the world would not be the same without, then the truthfulness of that statement would be obvious.  Whether we are talking about within the arts/entertainment field, culture, spirituality, food, or even civilization itself, there is reason to believe that without the innovation and creativity of the Afrikan, the rest of humanity might be crawling on all fours, perhaps even literally so.  The annals of history is full of stories and testaments to the brilliance, and creative and innovative spirit of Afrikan people.  Time and time again, we have also proven to be a resilient people, due in large part to that creativity, who without monetary resources have been able to take discarded scraps and make magic.  Black people were able to literally turn parts of an animal that are unwanted, and considered to be barely edible, and make it into fine cuisine.  Just the fact that we are still here, and still fighting is a testament to our resilience.

Black people are literally cultural alchemists.  We are the same people who as a race were able to take a set of records, some old turntables and a microphone, and with those tools made what is now the most popular musical genre in the world, hip hop.  With all of that being said, can you imagine the results if Black people applied that same creativity, that same brilliance, that same sense of daring innovation, and applied that to destroying the system of racism/white supremacy, and producing justice, as well as liberation for Black people?  Can you imagine if Black people focused all of the energy that we have put into becoming the “coolest”, most fashionable trendsetters, able to make trends that develop in downtrodden, impoverished neighborhoods into worldwide phenomena into smashing white supremacy?  Can you imagine if we took the same creator-given ingenuity, which created Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Afrobeat, Techno, House & Rock and Roll, and channeled that into establishing a new world for all Black people who have a desire to live in a society that is compatible with the concept of justice?  It is my assessment that the only thing that is needed to achieve this is a redistribution of our focus.  Unfortunately, that is a bit harder to accomplish than to write in that last very short sentence, as it may take a complete cultural rewiring.  But it absolutely can happen, and there are historical precedents which prove this.

Perhaps the most well-known and inspirational, but far from the only stories of Black people taking our creator given inventiveness to produce justice from the oppressive yoke of white supremacy, are the stories of the Haitian Revolution which started in the late 1700’s and culminated in the early 1800’s, and Nat Turner’s rebellion in Virginia in 1831, which was reportedly inspired by the aforementioned Haitian Revolution.  The particulars of these stories have already been covered in other places far more in depth and are beyond the scope of what I would be able to do in this space, but the ingenuity that went into pulling off these improbable, but indescribably beautiful acts of courageous insurrection against all odds must be noted.  It can be gleaned from both of these situations that our ancestors had little else but our creativity, as well as a deep sense of righteous rage to use to defeat their/our well-armed, materially affluent enemies.  In both of these cases, our people were outgunned and outmanned, facing tremendous obstacles, both externally as well as internally.

The external obstacles stemmed from the obvious fact that our people were facing tremendous odds going against a veritable war machine, especially in the case of the Haitian Revolution, as the enslaved Afrikans of Haiti, without much military and weapons training or monetary resources, had to go up against the French Army under the leadership of the notorious Napoleon Bonaparte, and his evil group of underlings such as the notorious Donatien-Marie-Joseph de Rochambeau.  But the internal obstacles were in all probability even stronger than the external obstacles.  Everyone who fought on the side of the Afrikans had never known anything but being enslaved, and had never tasted or even seen freedom before.  Their inspirational visions of freedom, which had to have come from their deep internal sense of being wronged in the extreme, their sense that this is not the way that they were supposed to be living, and their imagination of a better world that did not include their/our oppressors.  The supposition that these factors spurred on these insurrections make these stories all the more inspirational, and showcases the power of Black/Afrikan creativity, inventiveness and ingenuity, and are perfect examples of what can be accomplished when Black people use our creator-given gifts in service of liberation.

Our enemies, who study us very closely as they must in order to sustain the social system that places them at the top of the pecking order, are very aware of the creativity and the potential of Black/Afrikan people.  Contrary to the narrative that they try to push about us and our history, they are aware of our historical accomplishments that were no doubt spurred by our innate inventiveness, our physical gifts, as well as our intellectual gifts, and they know that we can do it again.  This is why our enemies have created a maze of distractions by way of entertainment, social media, drugs, alcohol, excessive nightlife, kwk.  This serves to give Black people incentives, socially, financially and otherwise, to waste our creativity and brain power that could be used coming up with solutions to combat and eventually destroy the system of racism/white supremacy.  Instead we use our brain power and creative gifts to enhance the system of racism/white supremacy, in multiple ways, either actively, by participating in or financially or even emotionally supporting vessels of racism/white supremacy, or tacitly by simply doing nothing at all and excessively indulging in the vices that destroy those gifts.  The solution is, as I wrote earlier in the article, to redistribute our focus, become more disciplined, and use our abundant creativity, given to us by the creator as his first human creations, to find ways to solve the greatest problem on earth permanently.  If we are able to make magic and work virtual miracles with the cards that we have been dealt under the system of racism/white supremacy, then there is no doubt in my mind that this can be done.  The ingredients to solve the problem are already within us.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man


Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


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