Greetings family,

I, and I assume many of us who consider ourselves “conscious”, “woke”, race first, or any other term synonymous with understanding the system of racism/white supremacy, and who are dedicated towards creating a system of justice, and nation building, often try to picture within our imagination exactly what that nation would consist of.  Exactly what would freedom look like for the Lost Children of Afrika, who have been kidnapped and enslaved, then beaten down, physically, mentally and spiritually, but who still remain standing?  Visions for this quasi-utopia will vary, but if they are truly dedicated to the liberation of Black/Afrikan people, and ending psychological and systematic racism/white supremacy, then there are more than a few ideas that I suspect many would have in common- no enemies (racists, whether suspected or confirmed/white supremacists) living within, no remnants of the enemy culture that was weaponized to enslave and oppress, then grafted onto us, kwk.  But then a sobering thought immediately comes, and it a painful thought.  And that is the fact that the world that we are working towards creating, we more than likely are building for those who have yet to be born to enjoy, because there is a distinct possibility, that regardless of how determined and relatively successful we are, we will more than likely not live long enough to truly see the fruits of our work.

There are several reasons why I believe this to be true.  The main and most obvious reason, is that through our still ongoing Maafa, which has been going on for at least 500 years and counting, our race was set back in a multitude of ways, and not allowed to develop naturally.  Other races or ethnicities were allowed to continue to practice and refine their culture, continue to live within the borders that they had established for themselves, and had minimal games forcibly played with their gene pool, at least not anywhere near to the degree of Black people throughout the diaspora.  Although all non-white people are subject to the system of racism/white supremacy, Black people were, are and always will be targeted with a specific malice as long as the system exists.  This period of the still ongoing history of Black people, aside from relatively few bright spots, has been essentially a giant white hole (as opposed to “black hole”) in which other races or ethnicities have been able to develop unencumbered, while we have been put into a huge deficit.  Although whites and those with whitened minds are constantly trying to downplay the horrors of our chattel enslavement, it cannot be overstated how devastating this crime, which was/is the worst crime in human history, has been to the development of our people, economically, mentally, socially and culturally.  This brings me to another point…

Although the roots of Black people go all the way back to the absolute origins of humanity, the modern Black race has many elements within that practices a culture that is loaded with toxic elements which were deliberately placed there, so that Black people can be very dysfunctional, backwards, not very bold in terms of challenging our enemies, self-defeating (or at least to give the impression that we are defeating ourselves), anti-life, sexually deviant and self-destructive, both personally as well as extending toward the entire race.  All this while illogically and suicidally embracing, loving and in some ways idolizing and worshiping our eternal enemies.  Again, it must be stressed that this is not a culture developed by Black people for Black people.  It was a culture developed by the enemies of Black people for the destruction of Black people.  Many if not all of these behaviors can be tied directly to the chattel enslavement era of the still ongoing Maafa.  I call this culture Black Frankenstein culture, as it has been said by many Afrikan centered thinkers that the “the so-called ‘n—–‘ is the white man’s Frankenstein”.  But the insidious trick is that although these toxic elements are relatively recent additions to our culture, there is a segment our people that have taken on the attitude that to be dysfunctional and self-destructive is to be authentically Black, and any deviation from that is an anomaly.  And once these elements have been set into the culture and allowed to grow roots, then the task of expelling these elements from the culture become all the more difficult.

This death culture that has been weaponized, aimed at and sold to our people through entertainment, especially through television and hip hop/black death/genocide music, is largely youth oriented, meaning that the chief victims of this horrible programming are the youth, who are very impressionable, whose minds are still developing, and who haven’t developed the intellectual defense against anti-Afrikan propaganda and indoctrination.  Just in my lifetime alone, hard drug use, with pills such as Percocet, MDMA (a.k.a. “molly”) and Xanax replacing crack and heroin so as to give it a less threatening look, and self-degradation through the standardization of calling Blackmen “n_____ “ and Blackwomen “b______”, being promiscuous, performing risky, anti-life sexual practices, while downplaying the significance of education, economic empowerment, racial pride, true empowering spirituality, modesty and overall decency, have become relatively normalized in certain pockets of Black culture.  And this is the main way in which these destructive elements in our culture are allowed to live, through them being passed down from generation to generation, while being taken to a new level with every coming generation.  And despite the work of the relatively few “conscious” people within the community who have the moral courage to take a principled stand, there is no end in sight to the rampant degeneracy in certain aspects of our community, especially as long as those who have been designated to sell this madness to our community, entertainers, are given such high status within our community.

This highlights and accentuates the colossal importance of this very unselfish, monumental, personally fulfilling yet extremely frustrating task.  Those who are taking ownership of our community and getting involved in doing counter racist work are the ones who have accepted the task of healing our broken people, and setting in motion those elements which can shift the paradigm for our people and turn our condition around. This is done by first learning for ourselves through the words and writings of our elders, as well as putting in the work of finding solutions for ourselves by reading, thinking, listening and building figuratively and literally, then going out to attempt to teach our people through whatever platform is available, as well as putting boots on the ground and doing tangible nation-building work.  This is all with the understanding that the work may not be recognized or appreciated and possibly even rejected by those on whose behalf we are working for, as well as understanding that we probably will not be able to sit down with a cold drink and enjoy the shade of the trees that we plant.

Just as it took a wickedly and doggedly diligent effort over a period of centuries for our enemies to finally break our spirit and our will, we must come to grips with the fact that it may take just as diligent of an effort to reverse our situation.  It is highly likely that the so-called “founding fathers” (white supremacists in antiquity) were well aware that they would not be able to enjoy the system of racism/white supremacy that they were building in its finished, refined state, but they continued to build so that their children, and racial descendants would be able to continue and refine white supremacy, and enjoy the institutions that they built.  Black people who are serious about eliminating the system of racism/white supremacy, the lifeblood of our enemies, and replacing it with a system of justice, as well as bring justice to those who are responsible for the maintenance and refinement of white supremacy, must build with that same amount of foresight, discipline and unselfish sense of delayed gratification.  Clearly there is a gargantuan amount of work that must be done, but with the focused effort of those who are willing to work to find solutions, it can be done.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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