fore·sight ˈfôrˌsīt/ noun

the ability to predict or the action of predicting what will happen or be needed in the future.

Revolutionary Greetings,

The importance of being able to tell which direction something or someone is heading, as well as being able to assess whether it is going in a harmful or beneficial direction, and if it’s coming from the enemy it more than likely is going to be harmful to Black people, and being able and willing to cut it off and destroy it completely before it can gain traction is extremely crucial to our survival in the current era of refined and extremely deceptive racism/white supremacy.  Black people have the ability to be exceptionally intelligent and creative, as evidenced by our many contributions to the arts, mathematics, science, architecture and civilization itself.  But one of our biggest weaknesses historically, as well as currently seems to be our lack of foresight.  Our lack of foresight is a huge hindrance for Black/Afrikan people, because without the ability to read and react to what is coming before it arrives, Black people will perpetually be in a defensive position, only able to react to what has already been done.  This is truly dangerous, because once something harmful has been inflicted on a people, and it finds its way into the culture of a people, it becomes increasingly more difficult with time to uproot it from within that culture.

This explains why the so-called “slave mentality”, and all of the associated vestiges of our enslavement are still so visibly existent within a disconcertingly sizable portion of Black/Afrikan people.  I contend that our ancestors enslavement, with the resulting the “slave mentality” remaining so deeply ingrained within our people, happened partly because we were not able to recognize and fight off the developing institution of racism/white supremacy in time before it became the dominant social institution in the world.  This, of course is not our ancestors fault, since before the Maafa was inflicted upon us, nothing like what they were subjected to had ever been seen in documented human history.  It is just meant to illustrate the importance of being able to recognize an enemy and destroy it quickly before they are able to really show and implement what they intend to implement, and what they plan to implement is allowed to set into the culture as a toxic malevolent presence.  But unfortunately, many people are conditioned to only act against white supremacy out of a traumatic personal situation (desperation), rather than preemptively studying white supremacy and trying to counter it before it personally affects them in a more intense way than the general effects of white supremacy that every Black victim suffers from.

The biggest piece of evidence to prove our lack of foresight is our status as perpetual victims within the system of racism/white supremacy that has been created.  To be fair, we now live in an environment in which critical information and history on our enemies is readily available to all who are interested, where our ancestors did not have that luxury.  Still, our lack of foresight in choosing to deal with these invaders during our initial contact with them made it so that these people have weaseled their way into creating a situation in which it is very hard to live a life that does not include them in some way, since either they or their toxic cultural influence (feminism and misogyny, as opposed to a harmonious complementarity between the sexes, homosexuality and other forms of sexual misconduct, capitalistic economic exploitation, and on and on) are literally everywhere and have infected almost everyone in one way or another. If we used foresight accurately and correctly, diagnosing the problem as soon as it appeared and came to correct, iron-clad conclusions about our problems (who is causing them, why are they causing them, what must be done, kwk), and sticking with them, then we could have possibly identified the fact that these strange people who we encountered were not like us in thought, word, deed or spirit, and dealt with them accordingly.

Foresight is especially important to Black parents who are attempting to guide and properly raise Black children in this environment.  Many destructive ideas that were unthinkable just a decade or two ago have now become normalized through cleverly evil programming/indoctrination that is directed towards children.  One of the tactics most widely used by people who practice white supremacy to socialize and normalize white supremacist toxic culture is the socialization and mis-training of Black children, those who have not developed the critical thinking skills and cognitive ability to discern whether what they’re being taught is factually and/or morally correct.  This is done through television, music, movies, books and the mis/dis-educational system.  Usually by the time someone matures into full adulthood, their core values are generally already set.  It is rare for a full adult to change religions, completely change all of their likes and dislikes, their value system, their sexual orientation, kwk.  Children are the most impressionable humans in existence, and the most vulnerable to persuasive indoctrination.  So even though propaganda can work on an adult through peer pressure, and the fear of being considered “old fashioned”, “closed minded” “square” “lame” or “bigoted”, it works especially well on children and teenagers because they simply do not know any better, and have a great desire to fit into what’s considered “cool”.  And in the absence of parents who monitor what their children take into their brain via their eyes and ears, the media can almost act as a surrogate parent for some of these impressionable youths.

Perhaps most importantly, in the political and social environment that Afrikan people find ourselves in today here in the United Snakes of Amerikkka, with an open white supremacist so-called president, that was elected by and surrounds himself with other white supremacists, and openly flirts with extreme white supremacist rhetoric and dog whistles, the ability to “read the tea leaves”, diagnose what is coming and prepare for whatever appears to be on the horizon for our people is more important, vital and crucial than ever before.  The normalization of things such as the “alt-right”, which now occupy prominent positions within society, and the out and out murder of unarmed innocent Black people due to the infiltration of so-called law enforcement by extreme racist/white supremacist elements, signal to me that the white supremacists who have been conditioning us mentally for our own genocide are now attempting to take things to the next level.  In this environment, I find a disturbing number of Black/Afrikan people who are not even mentally, let alone physically and materially prepared for what may be on the horizon.  This is either because we are not able to read the environment correctly, or because we are able to read the environment, but just don’t care enough to respond accordingly.  Either way, this is something that must change if Black/Afrikan people are to even have a chance at survival.

The system of racism/white supremacy is essentially held together by trickery, lies, and deceit.  Whites are continuously “running game”, working on the minds of the victims of racism/white supremacy through relentless propaganda, socialization and the normalization of “their way”, which is meant to condition all non-whites to be amenable to white supremacy.  Our arch-enemies are constantly planning, plotting and strategizing new ways to work on their victims (Black/Afrikan people being the primary victims), because that is the only way that a system completely built on lies can exist and thrive.  It is imperative for Black/Afrikan people who care and are inclined to fight against this system in some way to be able to beat whites to the punch, so to speak.  This highlights the importance of studying our enemies and gaining intelligence on what they plan to do.  This means not only studying the Mr. Fuller’s, Dr. Clarke’s, Dr. Wilson’s, Dr. Ben’s. Dr. Welsing’s, Baba Baruti’s, Dr. Barashango’s, and Dr. Ani’s of the world (though their work is of utmost importance), but also studying things like The Bell Curve by Charles Murray, the writings of William Shockley, books like The Turner Diaries, The Camp of Saints, or Race Orthodoxy in the South which are still thought of highly in enemy circles, and even perusing white supremacist message boards and websites/blogs from time to time.  Although what you will read and learn will be infuriating, frightening and nauseating, you will gain much needed insight into the ideas and intentions of those who practice white supremacy from actual avid white supremacists.  This insight and intel that you gain will naturally lead to the proper foresight as you become more aware and vigilant of their aims.  We must study our enemies closely, because you better believe that our enemies are always studying us closely.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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