This is in response to the recent rash of articles, written by Black people, which presents the absurd idea that Blackmen, are the white people of Black people. 


Attacks on the Black male image are to be expected by our open, natural enemies, but nothing compares to the damage done and confusion caused when the Black male image is under attack by other Black people.  A recent article on a so-called independent news site called Blavity written by a Blackman named Ryan A. Sorrell asserts that 99% of Blackmen are sexist and misogynist (I will not link to the article, but a simple google search should find the article), while the website Madame Noire, well known as a hub of Black feminist/anti-Blackman activity, recently published a piece by a Blackwoman named Veronica Wells, which proclaims that Blackmen are not just “harassers” of Blackwomen, but should more accurately be labeled as “terrorists”.  Most notoriously, an article on a website called Very Smart Brothas, which is a part of a white owned “Black” website called the Root, written by a Blackman named Damon Young, declares that “Black Men Are The White People of Black People”.  While I take serious umbrage to every one of these articles, I would really like to analyze Damon Young’s piece in particular, because I think it perfectly sums up the illogical mentality of a very sizable amount of arrogantly confused Black people.

While the article written by Young that argues that Blackmen are the white people of Black people is an offensive, divisive, hurtful (not only to Blackmen but Black people as a whole), poorly thought out splash of written vomit, the statement does reveal a slither of truth, though not in the way in which Mr. Young intended.  Most Black people, especially those who are conscious (or “woke”, which these writers more than likely claim to be, another reason to shun the whole #woke stuff), are very aware that we live in a system of racism/white supremacy, in which powerful white men, who took this country by way of violence and deception, are at the top of the social and economic hierarchy.  With the recent show of force by this demographic, and the ascension and subsequent mainstreaming of the so-called “alt-right” (a confusing euphemism for white supremacist political groups), and the lord and savior of the so-called alt-right Donald Trump taking over the office of the President of the United Snakes, as well as all pro-black advocates for liberation being labeled as “Black Identity Extremists”, Black people who understand the system of racism/white supremacy, but deep down yearn for the acceptance and even love of our enemies are now in a crucial dilemma.

They see the havoc that the system of white supremacy has wrought all throughout the Black race historically, as well as currently, and badly want to lash out at someone, anyone.  But the white men, who control the strings not only to this country, but to their own personal livelihood are way too scary, and way too intimidating for these people to go against.  To go against the white establishment could jeopardize any personal aspirations that these people may have to join the white establishment as the token Black “spokesperson” for Black issues, which is the dream job for many of these types.  But in the absence of being able, or even having the courage or willingness to challenge whites and the main beneficiaries of white supremacy, the white male, these people, who I will unreservedly label as devout cowards, are in search of an easy target, who doesn’t share any of the same power as the white man, but does share the same gender, and subsequently will have to stand in place of the white man to take all of the abuse that white male supremacists should be taking.

The perfect stand in for white people, and the white male boogeyman in this case, is the ever demonized, criminalized, oppressed and constantly disrespected Blackman.  Disrespecting and trashing the Blackman is the perfect, safe alternative to going at the neck of white supremacy for a few reasons.  One reason is that the Blackman’s image has been criminalized and sullied to the point that Blackmen don’t have many consistent defenders, even within the Black race.  Another reason is that since we are men, and considered by many to be the most masculine race of men who have historically been presented as the pinnacle of virility, that fact makes us prime targets for those who spout feminist ideology, who are better described by me as female supremacists, since the ideology as well as the history of feminism is closely tied in with white supremacy.  Those who have a burning desire to rage against the system and to appear revolutionary, and “woke” or whatever, but don’t have the guts, or the intelligence to go at white supremacy and the white male with any fervor due to their fear and unwillingness to jeopardize future relationships (either business, social or even sexual) with “white mommy and daddy”, can safely use the Black man as their punching bag, with very little resistance from even people within the Black race, with tacit, and even overt agreement from some Black people who have designs on positioning themselves to eat from the table of white supremacy.

The bottom line is that these articles are dangerous propaganda tools used by the system of white supremacy in their campaign to remove Black people, the Blackman in particular, from this earth.  Anyone who has an idea of how propaganda works understands that when a group is preparing a strike against another group, one of the first moves is to damage the reputation of the group that is being prepared to be struck against to the point that if that group is moved against, there will not be many people who are willing to step in in defense.  This propaganda is all the more sickeningly effective because many of those who are speaking these ideas and pushing these divisive, and horribly inaccurate narratives into existence have Black skin.  This is nothing more than white supremacy taking advantage of the sad, confused, scared, cowardly, self-hating, middle class, college educated negroes, who in their desperation to be quasi-accepted into white society, as well as their willingness to financially capitalize off of the ever present anti-Blackman sentiment, are willing to commit these disgusting acts of racial and cultural treason by projecting damaging stereotypes onto Blackmen, and creating slanted narratives that are blatantly erroneous.  Hopefully there are enough strong willed, proud, courageous Black people to counteract this propaganda, and to relegate this trash into the garbage bin of history, where it rightfully belongs.


Brother Osei. 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


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