The issue of reparations is a topic that has been at the forefront of the Black Liberation struggle for decades.  It is a rather tricky and delicate subject for our people, with a few legitimate sides from which the subject can be approached.  On one hand, the fact that Black people have never received any measure of compensation for hundreds of years of forced free labor under inconceivably brutal, oppressive and inhumane conditions, as well as the absolute hell that we have gone through in this wicked land that we have been kidnapped and brought to, is something that absolutely should and must be addressed.  The Black/Afrikan race were/are the victims of the worse moral and human rights crime in recorded human history with the Maafa.  And it is also a crime that the perpetrators (europeans, arabs and all of their other collaborators) have never had to pay for in any way shape or form, either financially, physically, or in any other way.  The approach by the offending party has been to arrogantly go on about their business, dismissively mocking us for what they have done, while minimizing their crimes.  Clearly there is an outstanding financial, as well as spiritual debt that has yet to be paid, that has accrued massive interest.  But on the other hand, there is a part that feels as though any amount of money that can be paid and accepted by the sons and daughters of enslaved Afrikans, the inheritors of this oppression, would be letting our enemies off cheap, regardless of the number.  Exactly how much is enough money to pay for the enslavement, suffocating subjugation and ongoing genocide of an entire race, the Black/Afrikan race?

If we were to receive reparations for everything that we have gone through, the enemy would literally have to break themselves of every cent, every piece of land that they have stolen, and every ill-gotten gain.  Certain debts cannot simply be repaid in money.  From being ripped away and disconnected from our homeland, our families and culture to the point to where many of us have no clue as to who we even are, to being subjected to the horrendous, torturous trip here where many of our ancestors perished due to the horrific, filthy conditions, and barbaric, animalistic abuse which was unlike anything that they could have possibly imagined, to the hundreds of years of free enforced labor which enriched this country to the point that it became an economic “superpower” in less than 200 years of existence, to the rape, wanton violence and games being played with our gene pool that forever altered the natural trajectory of our race, to the resulting mentacide suffered by our people (which is nothing but a manifestation of the mental illness brought on by white supremacy, that Black people must necessarily suffer from in order to exist under these conditions), to having all efforts to rebuild our communities systematically destroyed, to being subjected to systematic racism/white supremacy in all of its incarnations, and all of the terrorism that comes with it.  The debt owed to Black/Afrikan is inconceivably massive to the point of being unpayable in monetary currency.

There is also the question of to whom we are asking for compensation from.  We are referring to a deeply arrogant and evil people, who actually feel as though they did nothing wrong by enslaving Afrikan people.  In fact, the mind-bogglingly sickening school of thought that Black people were actually done a favor by being taken from our homeland and everything that we knew, and being “allowed” to take a large part in the rise of the United Snakes, the hub and capital of western white supremacy, actually exists.   A group of people that arrogant, psychopathic, and disconnected from the suffering that they have caused over centuries, will never agree to take some of the spoils and perks of their centuries long rampage and properly compensate its victims, who they still see as less than human.   They simply will never admit to any wrongdoing in the first place, and try to place their crimes on the shoulders of all of humanity, rather than on their shoulders, where it actually belongs.  Although their deeply paranoid (with good reason) behavior is a tacit acknowledgement of their guilt, they will always self-servingly downplay the misery that they have caused, and the impact which still reverberates strongly within our people.  Appallingly,  the idea that we should be grateful that we were forced to essentially, single handedly build Amerikkka with our blood is actually echoed by some of the more pitiful, mentacidal negroes within our midst, those with black skin but thoroughly white-washed, eurocentric minds.  This is nothing but the resulting mental illness that comes from being mentally broken down and thoroughly indoctrinated into the system of racism/white supremacy

But unfortunately, I suspect that many (not all!) of the Black/Afrikan people who are constantly beating the drum for our much deserved, but never forthcoming reparations are very well aware of the “real world” implausibility of their demands from our sworn enemies.  They are fully aware of the futility of continuously asking, and some would say begging for our supremely arrogant enemies, who are attempting to rewrite our history, as well as their ugly history of enslaving and colonialising, out of the academic textbooks, effectively eliminating it from the canon of history, and have never shown any inclination to make amends for what they’ve done, to go against their nature and “make things right”.  And it would not, even if reparations were forthcoming, make anything right, in the spiritual sense anyway.  You cannot replace the lives of our ancestors, fix the broken state of our race caused directly by the evil system of racism/white supremacy, repair the psyche of a deeply traumatized people, give back the 500 or so years in which other races were free to naturally develop while our race’s growth was irrevocably stunted, while being victimized and dehumanized by the inhumane institution of slavery, and settle your spiritual debts with something that has no intrinsic value (money).

This constant squabbling over something that is not at all realistic, is nothing but a time wasting, futile effort, used by those who appear somewhat revolutionary, but at the end of the day seek a non-confrontational, easy way out of this nightmare that has been inflicted on us.  I’ll finish on this quote…

“When negroes say “we demand reparations”, what they’re saying in fact, is that we are begging and pleading to you again master to do right by us…. They know full well that anything outside of begging for reparations would mean facing the European “head up” (so to speak) and taking whatever it is that you demanded but, after 500 years of indoctrinated enemy fear and self-hatred, the cowards don’t want any part of him.  In their minds, they think that the best way to approach the enemy is with ‘hat in hand’, ‘head bowed’ – begging for some crumbs” – N. Nkosi Mundari

It is time for our people to abandon the insane notion that white people are going to suddenly come to their senses and try to make things square even in a minor way, such as financially compensating the victims of their crimes, after centuries of profiting off of  the extreme subjugation, enslavement and injustice of those who are seeking this compensation.  That is very illogical.


Brother Osei


Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


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