“We are the culmination of what we believe/know our past to be.  If we have been taught and, therefore, “believe” that our ancestors were, and elders and jegna are, powerful, intelligent scientists, then that is how we will see ourselves.  But if we come to accept that they were heathens, uncivilized, unscientific imitators of their enslavers who sold ud out to be saved by our enslavers brand of religion, then we will see ourselves in this way, and find comfort in the betrayal of our people’s traditions and interpretations of reality by adopting another people’s story as our own.” – Baba Mwalimu Baruti “Eureason”



We literally are our ancestors.  The same blood that ran through the veins of Imhotep, Garvey, Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X, Dr. Khalid, Dr. Welsing, Nat Turner, and many others, runs through our veins as we speak.  There are Nat Turners in our midst right now.  Unfortunately, that same Afrikan warrior spirit that compelled Nat Turner to perform the ultimate act of courage, in which all Black/Afrikan people in the so-called Americas, and worldwide, should be forever grateful, is a spirit that has been obscured by hundreds of years of conditioning, programming, diseducation and discouragement.  We have had that revolutionary warrior spirit, which is protected and nurtured through a sense of divine spirituality and righteousness, beaten out of us, literally and figuratively.  We have been broken, programmed to be whatever our enemies need us to be in order to accomplish their ultimate goal, which is the wholesale extermination of the Black/Afrikan race.

The beginning quote, aside from being typically brilliant insight by the premier Afrikan-centered scholar of the 21st century, Mwalimu Baruti, really sheds a particular light on one of the concepts that is without a doubt the most essential concept in the mental liberation of Black people, that I believe must come before the inevitable subsequent physical liberation, which is the concept of “knowing thyself”.  The more that Black/Afrikan people study ourselves, and the unique things that have make us who we were, are and will be, as well as ourstory, as opposed to history, told through the eyes and words of our elders and ancestors, both the triumphs and the tragedies as well as our unique gifts and contributions to humanity as a whole, the more of an impossibility it becomes to not at least have a strong, positive concept of what it is to be a Black/Afrikan person.

But there is also a deeper aspect to this.  We must also understand that we also carry on all of the scars of the horrific injustice, abuse and extreme anguish that was perpetrated on our ancestors during the maafa.  We are the inheritors of the lashes that grotesquely scarred the backs of enslaved Afrikan men and women from the merciless whippings.  We still carry all of the resulting torment and pain of Afrikan women, who suffered torturous abuse at the hands of our demonic enemies, who doled out that brand of punishment for no other reason but to quench their insatiable appetite for Afrikan agony, and thirst for Afrikan blood.  We are the inheritors of the trauma that came from seeing our Women and children, our wives, sisters, our daughters and even sons, used as sexual toilets by our enemies, to be tossed aside like a used tissue after being brutally defiled.  We still hear their hair raising screams loudly and clearly.  We still feel their pain, and many of us, still cry the tears of our ancestors.  We are also the same people that even after the abject horror of chattel enslavement, were still able to build thriving all-Black communities, institutions and families, only to have them, and our will to create them, systematically destroyed by our enemies and enemy collaborators within our people.

It is also important to know, realize and recognize the fact that just as we are our ancestors, that those that we identify as our enemies (whites, arabs, asians, kwk) are also their ancestors.  The politically and socially convenient idea that our enemies have learned from their past, have seen the error of their ways, and are now committed to building with others toward a greater humanity is a laughable joke at best and a dangerous, deadly lie in all reality.  They are still the same invaders, who disrupted our way of life, raped and pillaged our land and all the natural resources within, building the wealth of their relatively barren homelands, and forever altering the natural trajectory and mentality of the Black/Afrikan race, perhaps irreversibly.  They are still the same people that had facial expressions of delight and joy during the public lynchings, which were photographed, and will forever be imprinted in our collective racial memory.  This is one of the main reasons why exclusively seeking their company, and attempting to curry favor at the expense of our racial brothers and sisters with our enemies is one of the ultimate acts of treason, and outright stupidity that an Afrikan can commit.  It not only suggests a troubling lack of knowledge and respect of history, it reflects disrespect of the ancestors who fought tooth and nail against the circumstances in which they were, and we are currently forced to live within.

So with this understanding that we are literally the current living embodiment of our ancestors, we must also understand that there are several debts that need to be collected on behalf of the ancestors, who built this thing called civilization, only to have it, along with our very own freedom, violently taken from us by our brutal, covetous enemies.  Those blood curdling screams and cries that we hear are the cries of our Great x7 Grandmothers and Grandfathers, begging for redemption and divine retribution for the inconceivable suffering that was heaped upon them, for absolutely no reason other than to feed our enemies animalistic, deeply ingrown need for dominance, superiority and exploitation through violence.  That drive to defeat the system of racism/white supremacy, and replace it with a system of justice (Ma’at), is the directive of our ancestors to restore what they once built, using the often dormant genius, divine intelligence and courage that is and always has been within the Black/Afrikan man, woman and child.  That discomfort and chronic, extreme dissatisfaction with the world that was handed to us, is that sense of justice that is central to the Afrikan philosophy of Ma’at, being violated.  It is now, and has been for quite a while, past time to get to the business of avenging our ancestors, because we are them and they are we.



Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Brother Osei

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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