This is on the subject and human emotion that any race man or women has undoubtedly studied intimately, hatred. Speaking for myself, it is an emotion that I constantly ruminate on, as it is the emotion that is at the heart of the racial conflicts initiated by whites throughout world history.  It is also an emotion that in light of living in the illogical, insane system of racism/white supremacy, and all of the systematic injustice and oppression that goes along with that, is probably the easiest and perhaps the most understandable emotion that would grip the psyche of the conscious Afrikan toward our open enemies.  It is as the famous documentary film on the great Malcolm X and the honorable Elijah Muhammad is titled (as well as the revolutionary hip hop song by United Front ft. Tahir RBG), the hate that hate produced.  But as logical and understandable as hatred for the perpetrators of so many atrocities against Black/Afrikan people is, the question of the blog is this: is hatred for the enemy a solid ideological fuel to be used to power our fight for liberation, or is it a unnecessary, time wasting, psychically draining emotion that stands as an impediment to true Afrikan liberation.

           It is a very complicated question.  On one hand, the case that hatred, if properly harnessed and unleashed expertly, can be a very powerful weapon against white supremacy, is a very sensible and solid one.  After all, it is virtually impossible for a conscious Afrikan, who has even a cursory knowledge of true Black/Afrikan history, and who has the blood of the great courageous warrior ancestors like Dr. Khallid Muhammad, Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, Yaa Asantewah, and many more pumping through their veins, to not have a degree of righteous rage as Baba Mwalimu Baruti terms it against our natural enemies.  It is impossible to learn about the dehumanizing atrocities, the wanton rape, the murder and complete and total disregard for our simple humanity that our ancestors were subjected to and not somewhere in the back of your mind (or maybe right there in the front) feel the need to work to return the favor, tenfold.  After all, if members of your family were violated in a similar way, no one with any sense is going to try to dissuade the surviving members of the family from always holding extreme animosity for the perpetrators. It only makes sense.

            On the other hand it can also be validly argued that unfettered hatred all declared enemies of Afrikan people is nothing more than wasted emotion, and a waste of time.  It is the honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, a true Race Man if there ever was one, who was famously quoted in the masterwork, The Opinions and Philosophies of Marcus Garvey, saying “I have no time to hate anyone.  All my time is devoted to the up-building and development of the Negro Race”.  There is definitely something to be said for the idea that letting a very mentally taxing emotion such as hate fester unharnessed, while constantly thinking, speaking and writing about the many ways on which we’ve been done wrong (“done wrong” being a gross understatement), can actually subtract from the time and energy needed to find solutions, and to get our feet on the ground and move to create tangible results in service of Afrikan liberation.  There is also the idea that hatred and anger are not emotions that a soldier fighting in a war for survival, which all Black/Afrikan people are currently in whether they know it or not, should have.  As a boxing fan, it has always been argued that fighters who fight angrily and emotionally often don’t fare well, as all of that emotion and excess energy spent clouds judgement, and leads to attrition and tactical mistakes.


          It could also be argued that hating whites for being white, and showing the historical characteristics typically associated with the white race, (extreme arrogance to the point of having a god complex, inability to tolerate different cultures and races that don’t reflect eurocentric values, the need to control everything, the willingness to perpetrate extreme violence to gain power and money, and on and on) is along the same vein as hating a snake for being a snake, a rat for being a rat, or a cockroach for being a cockroach.  If the white race is a race of devils, as all historical evidence seems to confirm, then hating a devil seems to be a bit redundant.  To take the prior examples a bit further, if you see a poisonous, venomous snake, it wouldn’t make sense to go on and on about how bad snakes are or to try to change the nature of the snake.  You just get away from the snake immediately, and try to eliminate the possibility of being visited by them ever again.  If you see a cockroach crawling somewhere, you simply step on the roach or spray it, and you keep it pushing.  I see whites in the same way.  If you know about how truly awful they are, but rather than diligently putting in work to separate, or at least share constructive information and intelligent viewpoints in service of liberation, and instead would you’d rather just talk trash about whites while still under their dominion, then that is a flaw on our strategy in my assessment.

          To sum it up, I’ll use the well used metaphor comparing emotion to fire.  If it is used very constructively and intelligently, it can be used in a number of helpful ways, like cooking your meals or molding metal or steel to make tools and weaponry.  But if it is not used correctly and not under control, it can burn your whole house down and destroy everything you build.  Hatred for our enemies is completely logical, just, righteous and morally correct in this very dangerous situation, this war that we have been thrust into, against an enemy who is quite frankly very hate-able.  If used correctly, it could be the very fuel that springs a previously dormant Afrikan revolutionary into action.  And then the work begins.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


      1. That’s great to hear. Welcome to the blogosphere. Do you have a Twitter or YouTube account? If so, give us all a heads up and we’ll be sure to support you and spread your information.


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