The featured image is of the notorious coon, the real life Uncle Ruckus himself, Jesse Lee Peterson.  Not only is this male a shameless bootlicking coon, he has actually gone as far as to thank whites for enslaving the Black/Afrikan race.  

He is the prototypical, mentally disturbed, Black male coon, one of the saddest creatures on planet earth.



          I often talk about the serious crisis of mental illness among the Black race, which is caused by a variety of factors, most if not all of them stemming from being targets of the sick system of racism/white supremacy.  As the legendary Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has often said, in the system of racism/white supremacy, Black people do not qualify for mental health.  With all of the terrorism, the constant slights and injustice that we have become accustomed to just simply ignoring that Black people face on a daily basis, having to try to make the best of living in an Anti-Black environment that is designed to slowly destroy us, along with the historical trauma of the atrocities that our ancestors faced that is a part of every Black persons ancestral memory, which explains a lot about our current condition, it’s a miracle that Black people as a whole are not even more insane.  This particular piece is an examination of a phenomenon that seems to get worse, the worse Black people’s situation becomes globally, the act that has now become popularly referred to as “cooning”.


          Since the term “coon/cooning” is an idiomatic/colloquial expression, it has no fixed official meaning, as it has undergone several changes in it’s meaning historically.  By all accounts, the term coon was originally a general insult to all Black people, as highlighted in the infamous song “Every Race Has a Flag but the Coon”, a song which inspired the honorable Marcus Garvey to create the Pan-Afrikan flag (the Red, Black and Green).  The modern definition in the online urban dictionary says a coon is “(a Black person) who play stereotypical roles and black entertainers that promote ignorance”.  But the most widely used meaning for coon in popular Black culture, is any Black person who is a deliberate detriment to the Black race in the service of white people and/or the system of racism/white supremacy, and/or any other non-Black people.  They are essentially white supremacists in Black skin.  They have been known in the past as “shines”, “jiggaboos” and most famously “Uncle Toms”.  But by any word that you can use to describe them, in my opinion they are the sickest and saddest Black people in existence, and a huge, dangerous hurdle to the liberation of Black people.

          It is my assessment that even the most avid, card carrying, poison spewing, self described white supremacist does not actually believe in the actual supremacy of the white race.  Logically, if they did, then there would be no serious need for the unjust, evil system of white supremacy.  In theory, if whites were indeed superior to all non-white people, then their natural superiority would always shine through on an even playing field.  But that is clearly not the case.  In fact, you often see that without the aid of the system of r/ws protecting them, going against people who have managed to resist being contaminated with white supremacy, you see that whites are in many ways inferior to non-white people, who are still able to compete with whites without the aid of any system.  The system of racism/white supremacy is nothing more than an elaborate defense against white genetic annihilation due to their genetically recessive state.  In other words, white people need this crutch to simply survive in a world in which they are a distinct minority, and have very weak genes that theoretically could be bred out of existence naturally.

          But Black people who decide to serve the system of racism/white supremacy have no such need to uphold the system for genetic survival.  To the contrary, our continued survival as a race is actually threatened by the existence of the system of white supremacy, as white supremacy’s existence is directly tied to and dependent upon Black/Afrikan suffering and death.  The existential needs of the white race are directly at odds with the existential needs of the Black race, as has been demonstrated by the conduct of the white race ever since their emergence, and the trajectory of history has shown this clearly.  So the only logical conclusion that can be drawn is that Black people who consciously and deliberately uphold and defend the whites that are clear adherents to the system, as well as defending the system of racism/white supremacy itself, are racially suicidal, whether they see it that way or not.  And in my view there is not a more telltale sign of mental illness than suicidal thoughts, where you express an intention to not only harm yourself, but all those who look like yourself, in service of those who historically have profited immensely from our enslavement, have taken great delight in destroying everything that we are, and whose continued dominance depends on our misery and torture.


          There is clearly something there within their psychological makeup, whether it is an extreme selfishness in wanting to throw their racial brothers and sisters into the bushes for the proverbial “butter biscuit”, or low self/racial esteem (believing they are not “worthy” of human respect, liberation, nationhood, or just general courtesy as a Black person, and projecting their own perceived lack of worth onto other Black people), hatred of their own kind based on one or perhaps a series of traumatic experiences dealing with someone within the race, a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome (where someone who is held captive develops a sense of sympathy and misguided love for their captors) or just out and out cowardice (“can’t beat them, join them”, which is funny because as a Black person you will never actually “join them”).  Unfortunately, many do not see it as a sickness, but as a personal survival technique.  But regardless of their reasoning, at the end of it all, it has to be seen by reasonable Black people as a serious mental illness.  And all liberation minded people and/or collectives have to hone their ability to recognize these people and rid themselves of their presence immediately.  Because even though cooning is not necessarily contagious, it does not minimize the amount of damage that can be done.  Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, Fred Hampton, Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X are testaments to this fact.


Brother Osei

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


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