A very important truth that Black/Afrikan people must come to grips with, if we are to accomplish our stated goal of overthrowing the system of racism/white supremacy, is the clear fact that we have no friends or allies in our struggle for survival and liberation, and that only we can save ourselves from our condition.   Although we did not put ourselves in this position, only we can get ourselves out of this situation.   There are no alliances to be made with whites, Asians, or many groups who identify as Hispanic, and ABSOLUTELY not with any of the made up “minorities” (homosexuals, transgenders and whatever else). Throughout my studies on the tumultuous history of Black/Afrikan people here in amerikkka, as well as my experience being a BIackman here in amerikkka, I cannot recall one instance in which Black/Afrikan people have actually gained anything at all from any supposed association or coalition with any other race or ethnicity, with the possible exception of some Native American tribes during and directly after our enslavement.  To the contrary, many other ethnicities, racial groupings, made-up minorities and even certain sub-factions of white people (white women especially) have benefited tremendously off of the social gains and opportunities made specifically from the struggles of Black/Afrikan people, with no gratitude paid to Black people whatsoever.

          In fact many racial grouping that have become prominent here in amerikkka, some of which have people within them who hold racist views against Black people that are not far away from your average neo-nazi, did not even have a discernible presence here in amerikka at all until after Black people paved the way for people who are classified as non-white to somewhat thrive here.  Some of them are even able to open businesses within Black communities, getting rich off of the support of Afrikan people while offering absolutely nothing in return.  Many of those businesses in Black neighborhoods offer nothing but poison to Black people such as cigarettes, blunt wraps, drug paraphernalia, malt liquor and unhealthy fried foods, all because they know that Black/Afrikan people, who have been taught to not come to correct conclusions and are shamed out of acting in the best interest of Black people exclusively, will allow them to.  Worse yet, many of these groups, once they gain their footing in amerikkka, become hostile toward Black/Afrikan people in an effort to get closer to the white supremacist power structure, hoping to show their allegiance to that structure by declaring hatred against that structures number one targets, Black/Afrikan people.  This is all an attempt to use Black people as a footstool race (in the words of Marcus Garvey), and become honorary whites, or as in the case of Italian and Irish-amerikkkans, eventually become accepted as full white people.

          So why do Black people continue to try to make alliances with non-Black people?  People who have shown over and over again that they do not feel any genuine camaraderie with Black people, based on some shared non-whiteness alone, but based off what can be gained from the struggles of Black people at that particular time?  All of this is because Black people refuse to embrace the truth that, in the words of the great John Henrik Clarke, “we have no friends”.  There is no group of people who can walk in the shoes of Black people, simply because they do not share our history, and hence do not and cannot share or even adequately comprehend our struggle.  These people did not struggle the way Black/Afrikan people have for the mere right to exist as full human beings here in amerikkka.  They do not respect our struggle, and only feel anything towards us as far as what it is that they can gain.  And if they feel as though there is nothing to gain, there will be no respectful relationship, no coalitions, no unity, or even any gratitude for Black/Afrikan people in amerikkka paving the way for non-white, melanated people to be able to exist somewhat peacefully here.

           There is also a critically important factor in all of this which serves as the elephant in the room.  That is the heartbreaking lack of racial self esteem that Black/Afrikan people as a collective have all around the world.  Black/Afrikan people, through our struggles with our enemies over the last 500-2,000 years, have taken a beating, not only physically, but mentally, spiritually and socially.  So much so that many Black/Afrikans have been conditioned to not only not look to ourselves, but to look any and everywhere else but ourselves, for the liberation and salvation of our people.  This is especially true for those of us who have been only exposed to the eurocentric interpretation of society and history, which only serves to culturally tighten the grip on the system of racism/white supremacy.  This is done through a purposeful distortion and outright hiding of many aspects of society and history, and the Afrikan as well as the european place within society and history.  If someone is simply not aware that it is within Black/Afrikan people to build civilzations, societies and nations for ourselves by ourselves, because they have no societal or historical frame of reference which indicates that not only have we done this in the past many times, but we are the originators of the very concept of building a civilization, then it is tough to even get that person to even picture such an idea.

          The solution in my view is for Black people who understand the “do for self and only self” concept to “circle the wagons”, and operate strictly on a basis of pure racial self interest above anything and everything else.  Through our success with building within, Black people who subscribe to the “do for self and only self” mentality can possibly serve as a shining example of not only what can be done, but what must be done for our people.  Black people have been duped into believing that acting strictly on behalf of Black people, rejecting all others who attempt to leech self-servingly off of the struggles of Black people (especially the made-up minorities who promote anti-Afrikan, anti-life deathstyles and practices), and not allowing the focus to be switched from Black people to “minorities”, is “racist”.  Without even delving into the impossibility of Black people being racist in the first place, this is obviously an attempt to shame Black people out of using ourselves and each other to elevate ourselves within the racial hierarchical structure.  Since so much has been invested into keeping Black people at the very bottom, a veritable stepping stool for others (non-white, non-Blacks especially) to gain their economic and social standing in this society, everyone has a vested interest in keeping Black/Afrikan people exactly where we are.  It is way past time to not allow ourselves, our genius, our innate sense of justice and our willingness to fight for justice to be used by enemy races posing as allies only when there is something to be gained from an association with us anymore, and to use our best qualities on ourselves exclusively.  As Marcus Garvey says, “Race First!”.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


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