The featured image is of biracial basketball star Blake Griffin, his fellow biracial brother Taylor Griffin, his Black father Tommy Griffin, and his white son Ford.  It is a frightening example of what can happen to the genetics of a Black person (Blake’s father Tommy Griffin) if they choose to mate with whites within the system of racism/white supremacy.  The Black genes can be wiped out in two generations.

Peace and Blessings,

          One of the general purposes of this blog is for me to use whatever ability that I have as a writer to get across my perception, based on my observations of the society that we live within, facts that I have uncovered through my experiences as a Blackman, as well as through my study of society as well as history, and the use of logic to draw conclusions, the seriousness of the situation Black/African people find ourselves in today.  We are living in a time where there is a president in the white house who openly flirts with white nationalist ideology, and there is essentially state sanctioned murder of Black/Afrikan people at the hands of racial soldiers who call themselves police, as well as civilian whites deputized as race soldiers.  We are living in a time when the political and social climate here in amerikkka, the world’s capital of racism/white supremacy, as it is literally interwoven in the very creation of the nation itself, is more racially driven and tense than I can ever remember it.  In this environment, I don’t think you have to be all that perceptive or even particularly intelligent to be able to get the picture that the practitioners of racism white supremacy (essentially the entire white race) does not have good plans for it’s black population.  You would think in this environment that Black people would be scrambling to get as far away from the enemy as possible.  But to the contrary, there seems to be a growing number of Black people who seem to purposefully and exclusively seek the company of the enemy.  Worse yet, they seem intent on selling this to our people as not only an option, but the best option.

        Now why would I care whether a person chooses to procreate with a white person?  After all, it is their life and their choice.  If they want to literally dance with the devil, why should I care?  The answer is simple when studying the historical techniques that whites have used to remove Black people from certain societies.  The current marketing of interracial couplings and the saturation of biracial mulattoes in the public eye by way of celebrity culture is nothing but a long range cultural genocidal technique, aimed at convincing Black people to make non-black children, weakening our Afrikan bloodlines, which some clearly do not value, slowly decreasing the number of existing “full” (in a practical sense) Black people (2 Black parents or 3 Black grandparents).  The plan is to raise these children to use as a buffer class against the oppressed Black/Afrikan race, and raise them to value their whiteness over their blackness, hoping that they will seek out a white partner to procreate with.

          If that were to happen, the Black person who originally laid down to make a child with the white person, essentially would have grandchildren that would be considered by society as being white, making more whites, helping whites in their never ending quest to avoid genetic annihilation, and driving down the number of existing black people by whitening their bloodline.  Eventually there would need to be photographic evidence that there were even Black people in that family.  Essentially, there seems to be an eagerness in some of us in certain circles to weaken our dominant genetic material and blend into a sea of cultural whiteness.  Historically, this is nothing out of the ordinary.  We can look at how Blackness was eventually bred out of Argentina, which at one time had a huge Afrikan population, as an example of what this interracial dating/sex agenda is attempting.  We can also read Dr. Chancellor Williams masterwork, “Destruction of Black Civilization” to understand why whites see it as necessary to create a mulatto buffer class.  whites are still using the same game plan, but the way they call the plays are constantly changing, to use a sports metaphor.

          The greatest weapon in service of white supremacy that is being used, not only to sell race mixing and genetic whitewashing by way of race mixing, but to sell whites and white culture overall as superior, is the white controlled entertainment/media, which is seemingly everywhere you turn, even if you make a conscientious effort to avoid it.  This causes many Black people, especially those who are particularly enthralled with entertainment produced by others (european jews, asians, etc.) to worship and idolize in a sense, all aspects of a culture filled with anti-Black sentiment, and see other cultures as “better” and more attractive, even if sub-consciously.  The media driven ramping up of selling interracial couplings and sex, historically between Blackmen and white women, but increasingly consisting of Blackwomen and white men, can only be seen through a historical lens as a tweaking of the same genocidal genetic games that whites have played for centuries, using powerful 21st century medial techniques to sell it

          It is very sad to say, and I hate to type this, but many Black/Afrikan people, both in the diaspora and on the continent, have internalized anti-Blackness to such a degree, that many Black people will outwardly shrug their shoulders when given the information on how breeding with the enemy races is a population control and/or genocidal technique, used by the enemy to destroy Blackness itself.  But no matter the reaction to this information, it does not change the cold hard facts.  And the facts are that race mixing, especially with the enemy is a selfish and racially suicidal act.  We must be steadfast and consistent in presenting this information so that we can make better choices in our lives in service of the liberation of Black/Afrikan people, as well as influence others to do the same.

Peace and Blessings,

Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


  1. good job my brother i cant thank you enough for posting this article on. i am actually black african from africa, mozambique and i have those very same thing happening on the global scale, we are also victim of these non stop propaganda.. one love

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