This is on the subject and human emotion that any race man or women has undoubtedly studied intimately, hatred. Speaking for myself, it is an emotion that I constantly ruminate on, as it is the emotion that is at the heart of the racial conflicts initiated by whites throughout world history.  It is also an emotion that in light of living in the illogical, insane system of racism/white supremacy, and all of the systematic injustice and oppression that goes along with that, is probably the easiest and perhaps the most understandable emotion that would grip the psyche of the conscious Afrikan toward our open enemies.  It is as the famous documentary film on the great Malcolm X and the honorable Elijah Muhammad is titled (as well as the revolutionary hip hop song by United Front ft. Tahir RBG), the hate that hate produced.  But as logical and understandable as hatred for the perpetrators of so many atrocities against Black/Afrikan people is, the question of the blog is this: is hatred for the enemy a solid ideological fuel to be used to power our fight for liberation, or is it a unnecessary, time wasting, psychically draining emotion that stands as an impediment to true Afrikan liberation. Continue reading “BLACK MENTAL HEALTH: ON “HATRED””


The featured image is of the notorious coon, the real life Uncle Ruckus himself, Jesse Lee Peterson.  Not only is this male a shameless bootlicking coon, he has actually gone as far as to thank whites for enslaving the Black/Afrikan race.  

He is the prototypical, mentally disturbed, Black male coon, one of the saddest creatures on planet earth.



          I often talk about the serious crisis of mental illness among the Black race, which is caused by a variety of factors, most if not all of them stemming from being targets of the sick system of racism/white supremacy.  As the legendary Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has often said, in the system of racism/white supremacy, Black people do not qualify for mental health.  With all of the terrorism, the constant slights and injustice that we have become accustomed to just simply ignoring that Black people face on a daily basis, having to try to make the best of living in an Anti-Black environment that is designed to slowly destroy us, along with the historical trauma of the atrocities that our ancestors faced that is a part of every Black persons ancestral memory, which explains a lot about our current condition, it’s a miracle that Black people as a whole are not even more insane.  This particular piece is an examination of a phenomenon that seems to get worse, the worse Black people’s situation becomes globally, the act that has now become popularly referred to as “cooning”.






          A very important truth that Black/Afrikan people must come to grips with, if we are to accomplish our stated goal of overthrowing the system of racism/white supremacy, is the clear fact that we have no friends or allies in our struggle for survival and liberation, and that only we can save ourselves from our condition.   Although we did not put ourselves in this position, only we can get ourselves out of this situation.   There are no alliances to be made with whites, Asians, or many groups who identify as Hispanic, and ABSOLUTELY not with any of the made up “minorities” (homosexuals, transgenders and whatever else). Throughout my studies on the tumultuous history of Black/Afrikan people here in amerikkka, as well as my experience being a BIackman here in amerikkka, I cannot recall one instance in which Black/Afrikan people have actually gained anything at all from any supposed association or coalition with any other race or ethnicity, with the possible exception of some Native American tribes during and directly after our enslavement.  To the contrary, many other ethnicities, racial groupings, made-up minorities and even certain sub-factions of white people (white women especially) have benefited tremendously off of the social gains and opportunities made specifically from the struggles of Black/Afrikan people, with no gratitude paid to Black people whatsoever.



The featured image is of biracial basketball star Blake Griffin, his fellow biracial brother Taylor Griffin, his Black father Tommy Griffin, and his white son Ford.  It is a frightening example of what can happen to the genetics of a Black person (Blake’s father Tommy Griffin) if they choose to mate with whites within the system of racism/white supremacy.  The Black genes can be wiped out in two generations.

Peace and Blessings,

          One of the general purposes of this blog is for me to use whatever ability that I have as a writer to get across my perception, based on my observations of the society that we live within, facts that I have uncovered through my experiences as a Blackman, as well as through my study of society as well as history, and the use of logic to draw conclusions, the seriousness of the situation Black/African people find ourselves in today.  We are living in a time where there is a president in the white house who openly flirts with white nationalist ideology, and there is essentially state sanctioned murder of Black/Afrikan people at the hands of racial soldiers who call themselves police, as well as civilian whites deputized as race soldiers.  We are living in a time when the political and social climate here in amerikkka, the world’s capital of racism/white supremacy, as it is literally interwoven in the very creation of the nation itself, is more racially driven and tense than I can ever remember it.  In this environment, I don’t think you have to be all that perceptive or even particularly intelligent to be able to get the picture that the practitioners of racism white supremacy (essentially the entire white race) does not have good plans for it’s black population.  You would think in this environment that Black people would be scrambling to get as far away from the enemy as possible.  But to the contrary, there seems to be a growing number of Black people who seem to purposefully and exclusively seek the company of the enemy.  Worse yet, they seem intent on selling this to our people as not only an option, but the best option. Continue reading “ON RACE MIXING/RACIAL SUICIDE”