“When you are swimming in a sea of insanity, you are going to get wet” – Baba Mwalimu Baruti


          The system of racism/white supremacy clearly is intended to dominate all non-whites, but particularly Black/Afrikan people in a multitude of ways.  It is all pervasive, and poisons every aspect of society.  It is specifically designed to be poisonous to the Afrikan spirit, and extremely harmful to the Afrikan psyche.  SImply put, it is meant to drive Black/Afrikans to the state of mind that we are needed to be in order for this evil system to function, and that is in a state of constant anger, confusion, depression, and/or complete insanity.  A system as unfair and illogical as racism/white supremacy cannot stand up against a race of clear minded, stable and conscious race of Black/Afrikan Men and Women.  And so the attack on the psychological well-being of Black/Afrikan people is constant, unrelenting, and incessant, as it needs to be.

          This attack on the Afrikan spirit produces a certain insanity, which shows itself in a multitude of ways.  You see it in the often unnecessarily hostile way in which we relate to each other, which is nothing but learned self hatred, a reflection of our slavery and post/slavery socialization.  You see it in the Stockholm Syndrome (a condition in which a hostage or kidnapping victim develops a sense of affection and sympathy for their kidnappers/oppressors) which affects the thinking and actions of many Black people.  You see it in the insistence on imitating and sub-assimilating with our enemies.  You even see it in the so-called conscious and “woke” Black people, who after coming to the realization of the wretched, dangerous and genocidal condition that we find ourselves in as a people, find themselves overcome with righteous anger which is carried around like a sword and shield all day every day.  This anger, if left unchecked, or if it isn’t channeled into something constructive and left to fester, may cause one to look at the bleakness of the situation, and become afflicted with a crippling depression, completely and totally losing hope, both in our prospects of victory, and in Black/Afrikan people in general.

These are nothing but reactions to a world that has been literally turned upside down.  A world where whites, the people who have raped, robbed and pillaged the world and all of its resources and will simply not stop until they have covered the entire world with their filthy culture, control everything.  A place where evil rules.  A place where Afrikans, the true civilizers, the true indigenous people of the planet, and the most beautiful, soulful and righteous people have been stripped of our ability to be ourselves, socialized into a death culture that was constructed for us, to keep us enslaved and to prepare us for genocide.  A place where the people who fight for justice are silenced, punished and even killed in many instances.  Going along with this madness will drive one insane, because the culture that is the dominant culture is the very definition of insanity itself.  And rebelling against the culture will also drive you insane, or at least will get you labeled as such, because there are so many people who simply do not have the frame of reference to understand, or perhaps out of fear, may refuse to recognize just how immoral, unjust and out of balance things truly are under the system of racism/white supremacy.

          There is also the much talked about stigma in the Black/Afrikan community against seeking mental help by way of seeing psychologists and/or psychiatrists.  Black people are notoriously distrustful of not only the mental health field, but the entire medical field in general.  And rightfully so, considering the history of Black/Afrikan people’s mistreatment at the hands of the medical establishment, see Harriet Washington’s book Medical Aparthied.  This goes double for those who consider themselves “conscious” or Afrikan centered, as Afrikan centered Black People are understandably wary of sitting down to open up to a potentially white psychologist or psychiatrist.  It also speaks to the lack of Afrikan centered mental health professionals that can cater to the needs of conscious AFrikan centered brothers and sisters, who may be going through a rough time mentally.  This, in my assessment, is a serious need within our community.

This highlights the importance of establishing more institutions where Afrikan centered thought reigns supreme, and where theoretically those who understand the situation that we as Black/Afrikan people find ourselves in can congregate and fellowship, to understand that you (we) are not alone, fighting as a one man or woman army against racism/white supremacy.  Where we can use our righteous rage constructively and productively. Where we can plot, plan and strategize for a better tomorrow, or even a better today.  A place where Ma’at is the order of the day, and righteous Afrikan centered values are observed and practiced sincerely.  Where Afrikans can speak and live freely when among those of like mind, so that we can shake off and unlearn the cultural values of the enemy that has been forced upon us together without judgement, with the understanding that we are all in various stages of awakening.

In the meantime, patience, understanding and compassion must be exercised, not only with other Afrikans but with ourselves.  We must understand that we are as a whole a sick people, who have been systematically made this way by a cruel enemy, who has a God complex, and took it upon themselves to force a change in the psychology of a people, in order to selfishly benefit themselves.  We must understand that almost every Afrikan is suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Slave Disorder), and many of the neuroses that are exhibited by Black/Afrikan people are varying symptoms and manifestations of that disease.  This is not only true for Afrikans who have been scattered throughout the diaspora, but also on the continent.  We are all trying to adjust to a vicious system that is the dominant social system in the world today, the system of racism/white supremacy, in our own ways, and unfortunately, many of the ways in which we have been socialized to cope (escapism through drugs, alcohol, promiscuous and risky sexual practices, excessive entertainment, etc.) are not at all constructive. We must be gentle with ourselves, and all other Afrikans in this regard.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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