21st Century Race Music- Salute to the General: A Tribute to Dr. Khallid Muhammad

Salute To The General (Dr. Khallid’s Groove)


This is something a little different from my usual essays.  I’ve been a musician for a large portion of my life, and have been composing music or “making beats” off and on for about 20 years (without dating myself too much).  For the last few years, I have dedicated my music exclusively to the liberation of Black/Afrikan people worldwide.  In that time, I began a project called The Lost Children of Afrika, and this a tune from that project.  I am not a rapper, poet or a spoken word artist in the traditional sense, as I’ll leave that distinction for the true lyricists (United Front, Tahir RBG, etc.) but for this project I am speaking my Afrikan truth over beats and soundscapes that I have created, regardless of whatever genre it can be filed under.

This is a toast to a man who was and is very influential in my, and I suspect a lot of other people’s awakening, Dr. Khallid Muhammad.  Dr. Khallid was a minister in the Nation of Islam, a fiery advocate for Black/Afrikan people worldwide, an organizer, a teacher, a motivational speaker, and a fearless front line warrior for Black/Afrikan people.  This is a man who never strayed or gave an inch to our enemies from the moment he burst onto the scene, to the moment he was prematurely and mysteriously taken away from this dimension.  The beat is my usual futuristic boom bap style, and the samples used in this track is from one of the last public speeches that Dr. Khallid gave.  I think the words will always be relevant and fitting, not only for this track, but for all Black/Afrikan people, for all time.  This is just a small tribute.

Here is another link to the track – Salute To The General (Dr. Khallid’s Groove)

Pleace, blessings and Abibifahodie

Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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