This is the fifth and final part of the series.  Here is part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.


         Throughout this series, I’ve discussed the threat and reality of Afrikan genocide by discussing the history of our enemies who are imposing this terror upon Black/Afrikan people wiping entire ethnicities off of the planet, the reasons why they would do such a thing, as well as the components of their strategies.  So the question remains- are there any counter-strategies and solutions that can be implemented by our people to combat this horror, and if so, what are they?  Fortunately the answer to that is yes there are, but the strategies will require us Black/Afrikan people to drastically shift how we see the world, how we see our enemies, and how we react to the system of racism/white supremacy, and to do it quickly.  It will take large numbers of Afrikan people to shed the destructive brainwashing done by our white enemies, which has programmed Black/Afrikan to self destruct by way of “automatic, systematic remote control”, as the great Khallid Muhammad brilliantly described it.  It will take a conscious concerted effort to learn about the nature of the threat against us, and to be honest about where we stand.  And it will take Afrikan people to have honest discussions with each other, so as to identify many of the destructive mentalities and ideologies that have become deeply ingrained in what’s left of Black culture, and weed them out.

          The first step is to “circle the wagons”, and begin the process of separation from our enemies.  Now of course, the system of racism/white supremacy has its claws deep into us at the moment.  And with that being the case, it is not realistic or practical to just completely walk away at this juncture.  This separation must be done slowly and gradually, yet steadily.  And before it happens physically, it must be done mentally and socially.  First, there must be a mass realization that white people are our eternal bitter arch-enemies, and nothing that comes from the white mind has ever and/or will ever be designed to be of any benefit to Black/Afrikan people.  There must be a process of weening ourselves off of our addiction to white “stuff” (culture and non-utilitarian trinkets).  There must be a conscious silencing and killing of that white man and woman inside each and every Black/Afrikan that controls how we think and behave.  Part of the reason why Black/Afrikan people have such a tough time fighting against the culture that is attempting to swallow us whole, is that we have become attached, almost to the point of addiction to the candy coated poison that comes with the system of racism/white supremacy.

          We must also train ourselves to be very skeptical if not outright dismissive of white/european, or any non-Afrikan opinion and input about the conditions of our people, or anything else really.  Our mortal enemies will never have anything to say that will be of any value in terms of saving ourselves from their treachery.  This includes refraining from any time wasting, fruitless “honest conversations” (which is a laughable notion when dealing with whites) on racism with our enemies.  This includes no more attempts at forming alliances with other groups of non-Afrikan people who use us when they have an issue with whites, then discard us when we are no longer needed.  This includes discarding ridiculous ideas of “intersectionality”, which is a dangerous idea in which the issues of Black/Afrikan people are intermingled and intertwined with the issues of groups of people who are antithetical to the survival of Black/Afrikan people (homosexuals, transgenders and other made up minorities). This means no more integrated marches and rallies, or white funding of Black/Afrikan movements.

          We must also ween ourselves off and eventually completely turn ourselves away from white produced mass media and entertainment, which is the main way that white ideas find their way into Black/Afrikan people, even when there are no white people physically present.  It is no coincidence that there are very few places in the world where white people have not planted their cultural flag, flooding the planet with their culture in a way in which it is inescapable unless, you make a concerted effort to avoid it at all costs.  White people have a very crafty way of selling their culture and viewpoint to non-white people, subtly re-enforcing the absurd idea of white superiority and non-white inferiority through the cultural memes which run all throughout everything that they touch.  This again produces a mentality within people which prepares them for genocide, simply because they do not see their culture as worthy of preserving, simultaneously welcoming integration with the dominant culture (which is a nice, slow and gentle form of genocide).

          It is also very important that we drop these notions that our salvation lies outside of our own hands, and in the hands of our enemies, and the Gods that were given to us by our enemies, via the western religious brainwashing.  This idea that “The Lord will make a way somehow”, or “let go and let God” produces a passive, cowardly mentality, that gives Afrikan people a reason not to fight this genocidal assault for our very existence on a real and tangible level, when the assault is coming toward us from a real and tangible level.  It is my assessment that the purpose of religion and spirituality is to empower and inspire us to do what is right, necessary and appropriate at all times, and that includes when we are being assaulted.  And what is the right and appropriate reaction when a people are being assaulted on a real and tangible level?  That would be to resist and fight on a real and tangible level, using spirituality as inspiration and guidance, but not as our main and only weapon.  As N. Nkosi Mundari said in his book, Genocide By Any Other Name Is Still Genocide, “truth is our salvation, and we are our only saviors”.


         Another tactic with which we can possibly stave off genocide is by ending this gender war between Black/Afrikan men and women, and stop procreating with our enemies immediately.  I truly believe (and I could be wrong on this, this is just my assessment) that this “swirling” movement that seems so prevalent today is mostly born out of the manufactured conflicts between Black/African men & women, which of course were manufactured by our enemies as a weapon of white supremacy.  The Willie Lynch letter, which similar to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion has been widely dismissed as a hoax, but clearly has a solid basis in reality, outlines how it was the expressed intent of whites to sow the seeds of division between Black men and women.  Black/Afrikan men and women are interdependent, who need each other, now more than ever in this extremely perilous time.  And there is no way that a people who are divided along gender lines can possibly fight off a genocidal attack that targets both the men and the women.

          Black Afrikan people must also join, and if that is too big of a step, at least support with money, groups and organizations who uncompromisingly and unapologetically support a Black first agenda, who stand on the front line against the system of white supremacy.  We often hear from Black/Afrikan people about how there are no true leaders in the community, but when there are people and groups who step up and try to fill the void, they are too often ignored, and not supported, and figuratively die off because of this.  It is understood that the front line is not for everyone, but if a person is not going to stand on the front line, but is in support of the agenda of those who will, then those brave front line warriors should at least be supported both morally and financially.  There are many such groups doing wonderful Afrikan centered work, doing their part in building a nation, spreading good information, owning and operating businesses building and running Afrikan centered schools so as to train the next generation of Afrikan warrior/scholars, and it is not hard to find out where they are if there is interest.

          And finally, Afrikan people people must begin to think militarily, in terms of arming ourselves and preparing ourselves for the real possibility of conflict.  As the reconstruction period, the destruction of the UNIA, the original Black Panther Party, the destruction of “Black Wall Street” and other all-Black communities which thrived economically without whites, as well as the killing of many of the Black/Afrikan leaders who our enemies identified as real threats to the status quo proved, whites have a track record of attempting to violently shut down any move toward black independence, which spoils their plans of continuing the system of racism/white supremacy, as well as genocide for us.  It is very important for Black/Afrikan people begin to familiarize ourselves with firearms, military and physical fitness training, as well as survival preparation tactics.  In this environment, while we are behind enemy lines, and whenever we reside in a country that whites have identified as “their country”, make no mistake we are behind enemy lines, we never know what situation we may find ourselves in.  whites can be very unpredictable, and knowing their vicious, war-like nature, as well as their hateful plans for us, we can never be too on guard or too ready.


This concludes my series on genocide.  I hope that I have communicated my view of the seriousness of this threat against Afrikan people, and that the readers of this article are taking this threat as seriously as I am.  Our continued existence as a race may depend on our response to this threat, at this very moment in time.  This is a crucial time in our history and time is running out.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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