(This is part 4 of a multi-part article.  Here I pick up where I left off in part 3, highlighting the different components and tactics of genocide at the hands of europeans.  Here is part 1, part 2 and part 3)

The next component is Spiritual GenocideThe conqueror uses a two pronged approach.  First they use merciless brute military force and once the targeted people have been summarily pounded into submission (2) the conquerors methodically proselytize the conquered people, changing their belief system (religion).  On one side, the conqueror knows the power of the conquered’d existing belief system (religion), which is why the onquerors use merciless brute force to prove to the targeted people that their god was ineffective in protecting them against an enemy.  On the other side, the conqueror knows that once you embrace their religion, you will embrace it as your own.  You will embrace it with the same tenacity and power as you did with your original and previous religion. In regards to African people – Gotcha! and I mean Gotcha Good!, because your enemy does not have to worry about you anymore.  He can sleep well, because his WELL-TRAINED WATCHDOG – THE NEGRO PREACHER, will make sure of it”. – N. Nkosi Mundari, Genocide by Any Other Name Is Still Genocide

          Spiritual genocide is one of the most deadly weapons in the hands of our enemies.  It is a tactic that exists solely to be a precursor to total extermination.  For Afrikans throughout the diaspora and throughout the continent, the forced abandonment of our own home grown spiritual systems in favor of white Christianity and the white jesus/savior image, and the form of Islam forced upon Afrikans by the arabs has been absolutely devastating in multiple ways and for multiple reasons.  The most obvious way is in the fact that in order to be a true practitioner of these religions, you must praise and worship an image of the enemy.  This psychologically conditions Afrikans to see the image of our true oppressors and mortal enemy as our only true savior from the very oppression being inflicted upon us by our enemies, creating a deadly spiritual dependence on our enemies who want to exterminate us.  As long as we see our salvation outside of ourselves and our own kind in the face of extreme oppression, after centuries of racial trauma inflicted upon us by those we see as our savior, we put ourselves in the most deadly position possible to be wiped off the planet with minimal resistance.

          It also plants and re-enforces many more extremely dangerous and completely illogical ideas into the heads of its practitioners, often times tattooing these ideas into our minds at a very young age, before we have developed the critical thinking ability to be able to sniff out destructive propaganda and/or straight up nonsense.  The ideas of unconditional forgiveness of those who have “trespassed against us”, loving our enemies, or that god itself has sanctioned our misery for something that we supposedly did as recorded in a book that I strongly suspect is mostly fiction, has had a monumentally corrosive and devastating effect on the minds of Black/Afrikan people in regards to how we react to acts of white terrorism, and how we generally view the system of racism/white supremacy.  It has helped make some of us into cowardly people, who are content with being dominated, and who see misery, pain and oppression as badges of honor.  Check out this quote by some european missionary called Henri Junod, who taught Christianity and white jesus in the area of Afrika that has been named South Africa:

“Despite all that has been written on the fundamental equality of mankind, they (Afrikans) are an inferior race, a race made to serve.  Christianity alone will make out of the Black a servant satisfied with his lot, for it alone can bring him to a free and voluntary submission to the plans of divine providence.  The white man’s role is that of the organizer, the master under whose watch must work the servant”. ‘Nuff said.

Finally we have Physical Genocide/Extermination– “We refuse to accept the openly evident reality that we’re dealing with a deeply disturbed psychopathic killer and land grabber who has a God complex” – Dr. Batu Shakari

           The eventual physical extermination of the entire Afrikan race is, was and always has been the plan of europeans ever since they first encountered Afrikan people.  The plan was to use Afrikan people to build the european dominated version of “civilization” using our superior physical ability and intellectual gifts, and then once the society has been made profitable and stable, to slowly rid the world of our presence.  In part one, I gave multiple examples of europeans, in their endless taste for conquest and thirst for blood, savagely exterminating entire ethnicities.  This is partly because, as the above quote states, europeans have an innate god complex, in which they deem themselves the ultimate authority in everything, including who and what deserves to live.  And while europeans have certainly never lost their proclivity for killing for “fun”, as evidenced by their love of things like “sport hunting” i.e. killing innocent creatures, not for sustenance or clothing, as hunting is intended and was practiced since the beginning of time, but simply because they can.  But since white supremacy is a house of cards, meaning that it is built on a shaky foundation of lies, deceit and tricknology, it is necessary to constantly adjust and refine the tactics used to achieve their objectives, which are to survive genetically, to rule the planet, and to totally exterminate anyone that might pose a threat to their genetic survival and dominance.

          The point that I am attempting to make is that although europeans have no problem barbarically and brutally exterminating anyone and in fact still make use of that tactic, as we have recently seen with whites just randomly attacking Afrikans in public, as well as the police shootings on un-armed Black/Afrikan men and women, (many of them childless, which is important because when you kill a person before they have had the privilege of creating more Afrikan life, you also kill any children that they may have had in the future).   But the new tactics include things like using the medical system to experiment on and physically harm Afrikan people, such as the case in Tuskegee, where Afrikan people were injected with syphilis (please read Medical Apartheid by Harriet Washington), poisoning under the guise of immunization and/or sterilization, promoting abortion within the Afrikan community (the creator of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a virulent racist and eugenist, who openly advocated for the extermination of Afrikan people), tampering with the water and food supplies which are targeted at Afrikan people, pushing an anti-life sexual culture (homosexuality) to Black/Afrikan children specifically before they have the cognitive ability to resist or at least think critically about what is being presented to them (In a 1974 declassified memo, Henry Kissinger advocated doing just this very thing), and selling integration and interracial miscegenation as proper, and the “cool” or “moral” thing to do, which could be no further from the truth.

          Europeans have weaponized culture and media to sell all of these things, even the physical extermination of Afrikan people, by way of their relentless demonization of Afrikan people, to the world, with their constant portrayals of Afrikan people as immoral savages (projection!) whom without society would be better off.  As many others have said, they must destroy the image of Black/Afrikan people (Black/Afrikan men especially) beyond repair before they physically do the job.  This causes many Black/Afrikan people to not react urgently, angrily and correctly when seeing Black/Afrikan people being slaughtered either directly by whites, or due to the conditions created and enforced by whites.  The thought process behind this is “since n***** are no good anyway, who cares if this teenager was shot dead. He probably was some no good thug or she was probably some welfare queen, anyway”.  Not a brother, sister, father, mother, kwk. just “some n*****”.  It causes Afrikan people to actively seek to weaken and dilute our genetic material with recessive european blood and try to culturally assimilate with our open enemies.  And it causes Black/Afrikan people to embrace dangerous and immoral social and sexual practices as an act of abject surrender, which if practiced by all or even most Afrikan people, which is the goal, it would lead to the physical extermination of Afrikan people, which is the ultimate goal.


Stay tuned for part 5, where I explore solutions and strategies to ward off this very serious, potentially lethal threat.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


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