“The time has come for those of us who have a vision of the future to inspire our people to a closer kinship, to a closer love of self; because it is only through this appreciation of self we will be able to rise to that higher life that will make us not an extinct race in the future, but a race of men and women fit to survive” – Marcus Garvey (excerpt from the Philosophies and Opinions of Marcus Garvey)


          Please work with me and allow your mind to wander just a little bit.  Imagine if the white and arab invaders who have wrought so much havoc on the Afrikan continent, who spread so many Afrikans into disparate locations, enforcing the worst crimes in human history that have ever been perpetrated onto a specific group of people (slavery and colonialism) and erected the social/political & economic system known as racism/white supremacy had been taken care of as they should have been taken care of immediately.  Imagine if the Afrikan continent and all it’s inhabitants had not gone through the centuries old and still ongoing Maafa that has decimated Afrikan people in every way.  Imagine if the same Afrikan people who birthed civilization itself and were the model of excellence throughout the world for centuries were allowed to keep our culture, language and control of the natural resources throughout that time.  Imagine if these same Black/Afrikan people were able to take the lead in paving the way for civilization into modern society.  Imagine if Afrikan people had never gone through the white supremacist brainwashing that has led many Afrikan people to sub-consciously and in some cases consciously assist in the oppression and genocide of other Afrikan people.

          This is the world that Afrikan people must see clearly if we are to ever have any hope of becoming the people that we need to be.  This is the world that Afrikan people must see clearly in order to change our culture back into the culture that it needs to be.  This is the world that Afrikan people must see clearly if we are to defeat our enemies in the war being waged against Afrikan people worldwide.  This is the world world that Afrikan people must see clearly if Afrikan people are to merely survive the onslaught.  As Dr. Marimba Ani said, we must envision a world that does not include our enemies.  We must see clearly an existence that is free of all of the bad social habits that have been planted into Black/Afrikan people and enforced by our enemies through their constant propaganda.  This can be achieved only if Afrikan people regain a thorough knowledge of self that is relevant to the liberation of the Afrikan mind, spirit and physical form.

          When Black/Afrikan people do not have a clear vision of victory, liberation seems like a fanciful idea concocted by starry eyed, utopian idealists who are divorced from reality.  It seems like such a far-off pipe dream that it is not even worthy of discussion.  When you look around in Black/Afrikan communities around the world, you see what happens when a people have been brainwashed, and stripped of any sense of knowledge of self and history, so that there is no recollection of a world that can be different from the world we are currently living in.  You may see Black/Afrikan people completely giving up on liberation, burying our heads into the sand, focusing solely on individual success as defined by our enemies (a “good job” working for the enemy, acquiring money to buy material objects and trinkets, exclusively pursuing carnal pleasures “getting drunk or high, getting laid, and getting paid”, kwk) since in their estimation, there is no hope for a better situation for the whole of Black/Afrikan people.  Even worse, you may see some our people who may even understand what is going on to a degree, but are so convinced of the impossibility of liberation that they begin to consciously work in the interests of our sworn enemies and against those who should be seen as their brothers and sisters (cooning). This is what I call the “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” syndrome.

          This once again highlights the extreme importance of tapping into your ancestral memory and knowing as much of the complete and total history of Black/Afrikan people and it’s relevance to our current predicament as told by those Afrikans who work(ed) tirelessly for our people, and have a strong emotional investment in the spiritual, mental and physical liberation of Black/Afrikan people.  We need to know not only the “good”- the civilizations created, the accomplishments, the empires, the kings and queens, the spiritual systems and core values- but also the “bad”- where we went wrong and what to never do again.  That way Black/Afrikan people can have a clear picture of who we once were, strong, proud, brave, productive and beautiful people, the cream of the crop of planet Earth.  It is to know that we have a proud history to uphold as a people, and know that it is within us to once again return to that state.  It is to know that the same blood that ran through the veins of Imhotep, Queen Hatshepsut, Sundiata, Queen Nzinga and Amenhotep III runs through the veins of each and every Black/Afrikan man and woman.  It is to know exactly who, beyond a shadow of a doubt, our enemies are, to treat them as such, and never make the mistakes that put us under their wicked dominion again.  And it is to give the proper motivation, the confidence and sense of purpose to use whatever talents or resources at our disposal, and act on these newly discovered truths to make the vision of Black/Afrikan VICTORY come to fruition.

          It also highlights the importance of re-Afrikanizing and building our own New Afrika from within first.  The trite, yet fitting in this case cliché, Be the change that you want to see comes immediately to mind.  It comes from constantly and humbly becoming a lifelong student of the Afrikan way.  This may take time, as it took us hundreds of years of brainwashing and brutal terror to take us off of our path, so naturally it will take a long time to return (hopefully not hundreds of years though, as we may not have that much time).  Then comes the idea of building our own nation by first turning our abodes into safe spaces for Afrikan liberation ideals, learning about our history, our ways and our customs, tweaking them to fit the reality that we currently exist within, as well as creatively adding new customs, using our ancient attributes of innovation.  This must be a place where we can freely discuss strategies, tactics and ideas on improving our communities where we currently live first, as well as just to freely exist as the Afrikan people that the creator intended for us to be, without apology or having to look over our shoulders.  To paraphrase Nana John Henrik Clarke, you first practice building a nation within your home.  Your home must be a place where Afrikan centered ideals and values are unapologetically placed front and center at all times. Then comes the task of finding like-minded Afrikans who desire the same New Afrikan reality that you and I do and building with them.  The sky is the limit for our people, it is only a matter of vision, purpose, and then action.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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