(this is Part 2 of the multi part article. In this article I will attempt to break down exactly why Black/Afrikan people have been targeted for genocide. Read part one here)

“We are either on the way to a higher racial existence or racial extermination” – Marcus Garvey

“We have two choices, one is liberation, the other is liquidation. Right now what we have is pacification” – Sam Yette


           There are many people who, when I bring up the idea of a wholesale Black/Afrikan racial genocide/extermination, dismiss the entire concept out of hand.   There is a lack of belief, perhaps due to a lack of study of the nature of our enemies, that there is a real desire to exterminate the entirety of the Black/Afrikan race.  There is a lack of an understanding of how that extraordinarily evil task could possibly be accomplished. There is an idea that our enemies who for hundreds of years, and still in some places of the world currently hold Black/Afrikan people in brutal chattel enslavement with absolutely no consideration for the innate humanity of their victims, and have committed genocidal atrocities repeatedly over the last 600 years or so, have changed the entire nature of who they are as a people in such a relatively short period of time.  Perhaps they see genocide in the way that we have been conditioned to see genocide, that genocide consists of fire eyed soldiers forcing victims into concentration camps, or going from house to house slaughtering everything that moves that they consider to be the opposition.  For those people, I have news; the genocidal process that they try so hard to deny is already well underway!           

          Another question that I often get when I bring up the possibility of a global Afrikan genocide is “Why? Why would whites single Afrikan people out for complete extermination”.  There are multiple reasons why.  First off, we must understand that whites are and always will be at war with Black/Afrikan people.  And as I established in part one of this article, white people are an extraordinarily violent, psychopathic group of people.  They simply thrive off of war, conflict, exploitation and conquest.  With just a cursory glance at amerikkkan history, you’ll easily be able to identify that amerikkka has very rarely been in a time when they either were not active participants in a war, or posturing to be an active participant in a war.  It is often said that the sport of Baseball is amerikkka’s national pastime.  I submit the idea that war is the actual rightful amerikkkan pastime.  War, racial violence and the mistreatment of all non-whites but specifically Afrikan people are interwoven into the very fabric of amerikkka.  Also, this country became a “white man’s country” through the out and out genocide of the native people of this land, and subsequent theft of the land.  And as I showed in part one of this article, whites have a sick penchant for the genocide of those who they feel are inferiors.  If they have shown a proclivity for this activity in the past, and it politically and economically serves them to do so, what is stopping them?  Their moral compass?  As Dr. Bobby E. Wright pointed out in his brilliant essay The Psychopathic Racial Personality, “It is pathological for Blacks to keep attempting to use moral suasion on a people who have no morality where race is the variable.”

          We must also keep in mind that these are the descendants of the same people who gleefully and unapologetically kidnapped and scattered us throughout the world under unspeakably horrific conditions to be their slaves, and build up their evil empire of white terror/domination under constant fear of rape, torture and death.  They are not in the least bit sorry for what they have done, and secretly take a perverse pride in the fact that their ancestors were able to construct such a system by savagely raping the rest of the non-white world.  To this day some of them only exhibit a phony, surface level of contrition, along with a large amount of self-serving belittlement of the impact of the sick institution that they have profited and continue to profit from, but have yet to pay for (“Why don’t you get over it?” “But slavery was so long ago!” “You were never a slave, and I never owned slaves, so why are you mad at us?” “Pick yourself up by the bootstraps” kwk).

          At the risk of giving the devils their due, I must say that white people are very well aware of who their natural, genetic enemies are (Afrikan people) on a conscious and sub-conscious level, and they are willing to act accordingly.  They also understand the simple rule of nature “what goes up, must come down”.  Not only are whites living in a constant fear of genetic annihilation, as Dr. Frances Cress Welsing so brilliantly theorized, but they are also living in constant fear that the retribution that has eluded them to this point is coming.  They know that when this house of cards comes tumbling down, that the entire white race has hundreds of years of crimes against Afrikan people to pay for, and the outcome will be absolutely horrific for them should their day of reckoning come to pass.  They are also aware that when Afrikan people are in our correct minds and there is an even playing field, that we used to be and can become again a very strong, formidable people.  This is one of, if not the single greatest fear of the white race.  The fear that something, someday will come over African people worldwide.  The fear that Afrikan people will shed their programming and mental shackles, find out and remember exactly who we are and are supposed to be on a mass level, put together the pieces to the puzzle of how we got to this point, and dish out justice for what has been done to us. Whites will do anything to avoid that fate, including destroying their enemies (us Afrikan people) and possibly the entire planet before that happens.

          We must always remember, that the area of the world that I reside, known as amerikkka was not ever intended to be the permanent home for Afrikan people. Afrikan people were kidnapped and scattered across the world as chattel, thought to be barely human, animalistic creatures who were only good for building amerikkan society for “real amerikkkans” (whites) to enjoy, and then to be discarded as trash.  But even then, there was still a value to whites, through our forced, unpaid labor.  As we stand now, Black/Afrikan people are seen by our enemies as unwanted dependents who are potentially more trouble than our percieved worth.  In the minds of whites, we as Afrikan people have outlived our usefulness to them, as all of the cotton has been picked as chattel slavery as an institution does not exist in the same form as before.

          They have replaced Afrikan people with other ethnic or sub-racial groups in terms of employment opportunities, and with the advent of automation, have a declining need for workers in general.  Afrikan people are no longer needed in the eyes of whites, and their history of mistreatment of Afrikan people, as well as their knowledge of who and what Afrikan people used to be and have the potential to become again, along with our very justifiable anger over what has happened, makes a potentially awoken Black/Afrikan race a very serious threat to the social order that whites have built through their misdeeds.  That in my estimation are the reasons that white/europeans have for their genocidal campaign against Afrikan people.

“…the fact is that our role in building this culture and civilization, here in America, was that of forced free slave labor. And our role today is that of dependent servants. We are dependent because all of our wants and needs are met by someone other than ourselves – Europeans. Dependency produces vulnerability, vulnerability produces victimization, and victimization produces oppression, exploitation and eventual extermination”. – N. Nkosi Mundari, excerpt from his book, Genocide By Any Other Name Is Still Genocide

In part 3, I will break down the many various ways in which our enemies have concocted in carrying out their dastardly plans.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.


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