We’ve discussed in this blog before that in order for the system of white supremacy to work, the Afrikan must be de-Afrikanized, otherwise known as being brought “out of your Afrikan mind”.  After this process takes hold, and the Afrikan memory of who we once were culturally is disabled, and a new culture, which benefits the white supremacist structure moreso then the Afrikan is then put into place.  This goes against the whole idea of having a culture in the first place.  The idea of a culture for a people is for that culture to be an empowering, life affirming source of pride, completely created by a people for a people.  It is illogical for a race to create a culture to impose upon its enemy that empowers their enemy.  After a period of time, the white supremacist structure then teaches everyone that this process did not take place, and that the way the social hierarchy currently is is the way it has always been, and it was mandated by a higher power that this is the way it is supposed to be.  And through what Dr. Marimba Ani and Baba Mwalimu Baruti call “Europeean universalism”, european culture is considered the standard for civility, while all different cultures, or offshoots of that culture are considered inferior or “less than”.  This causes many Afrikans to not even seek out what our culture actually is, because it must not be worth much anyway.

          Afrikans are put into a position where it is necessary for us to reject our own culture, heritage and traditions, for social, economic and even physical survival.  The culture that has replaced traditional Afrikan culture is extremely empty, and hollow, and is at its core Anti-Afrikan, as many of the things that are a part of the new negro culture simply had no place in Afrikan society before the invasions of our enemies.  But for a people who have been convinced that we are ahistorical, it is the only culture that many of us know.  This causes an addiction of sorts to the culture which has been grafted onto us, out of the ignorance of not knowing that this is not our culture at all.  There are many mechanisms that are in place which feeds and strengthens this anti-culture, and if Afrikans are to ever achieve our stated goal of liberation, then we must go about the work of rejecting the enemies culture, and all of the trappings of said culture, or as the title says, “Give the whiteman back their stuff”.  I will examine the elements of culture, as well as the mechanisms keeping it into place that must be discarded at once if we are to get to where we need to be as a people.

          Recently I watched a video of noted Afrikan psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson giving a video interview for the popular radio morning show, The Breakfast Club.  In the interview Dr. Umar, an avid follower of the teachings of the honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, began to speak on the idea of Afrikans in Amerikkka eventually repatriating back to our homeland, as was the dream of Mr. Garvey.  One of the hosts, “Charlamagne” quipped,”I can’t go back to Afrika, they don’t have any Chick Fil-a in Afrika”.  Now I understand that that was an attempt at humor, and I shouldn’t go into an interview given by vapid talking heads, who are used to discussing silly pop culture “news” items and the latest mind-numbing, idiotic, anti-Afrikan rap musick and expect a serious, informed discussion on Garvey-ism, but as the popular saying goes, “many a true word is spoken in jest”.  And this is undoubtedly the way many Afrikans feel, not just about repatriation or establishing a land of our own, but also our refusal to give up the accoutrements associated with living in Amerikkka, which by no means are necessary for survival.

          And the truth is many Afrikan people have become addicted to the intoxicating, yet empty and ultimately inconsequential in terms of Afrikan liberation, creature comforts that come with living under the system of racism/white supremacy.  This system seeks to distract victims with trinkets, gadgets and mindless, unconstructive “entertainment” to pacify victims just enough to not want to overthrow the system that produced said trinkets.  Many people simply cannot imagine a world where they do not have the latest cell phone, are not watching their football games on Sunday afternoons, are not watching their soap opera’s that pass for “reality” television or their 3D movies, where they do not have instant access to moderately tasty, yet infinitely unhealthy junk food or high speed internet connection.  These were things that many of us lived our whole lives without and were perfectly happy, but once they were invented and became affordable, could no longer do without.  And while enjoying some of these things in moderation is fine (as I myself do), the prospect of losing some of these things temporarily or permanently should not be a deterrent to liberation

          There is also the issue of exactly who benefits from the hyper-materialistic culture that has been forced upon Afrikan people.  white corporations, who many times fund crooked politicians, invest in private prisons, flood our brains with sick, debilitating anti-Afrikan messages and make profits from slave labor are generally the main beneficiaries of this capitalistic mayhem.  Many of these corporation feed directly off of, and directly benefit from Afrikan people supporting them, and giving them our cultural stamp of approval, which is significant considering the “cool factor” associated with having Black support.  In many ways, Afrikan people fund our own oppression with our addiction to these things, which in the grand scheme of things are relatively worthless distractions that do not lead to liberation.  To the contrary, it only funds the enemies war chest by lining their pockets, providing our enemies with more resources in which they can continue and even globally expand their influence, wealth and power.


          Europeans have tricked the world into thinking that more technology, more buildings, more “cutting edge” entertainment, and stranger, more “modern” social and sexual practices, habits and arrangements equals progress within a civilization.  Very little thought is given to how much or little these things contribute to actual quality of life, how it affects the socialization of the population, and the effect that these things have on the relationships between people within the society.  And since constant technological advancement and ideological changes are considered the marks of a truly evolved civilization, any society that does not prioritize, or put any importance onto these things are considered to be “backward”, “primitive”, “or “unenlightened”.  Many Afrikans, in our forced submersion into european culture have gotten sucked into this way of thinking, and have a very hard time imagining going back to a life where the latest cellphones, trendy clothes and restaurants are not seen as very important outside of their simple utility.

          As the great Afrikan educator, writer and warrior/scholar Mwalimu Baruti says, “As long as someone can tempt you, as long as your appetites are manufactured, controlled or guided in any shape, form or fashion by (the enemy), then you are compromisable”.  In order for Afrikan people to regain our sanity and have any hope for liberation, we must give our enemies back their stuff.  Aside from some of the material items beyond the necessities for a reasonable quality of life, we must also give them back their degenerate, backwards thinking negro culture, that was custom made for us to turn us from the people that we once were and will be again, to the pliable, malleable, easily controlled, self-destructive people that they need us to be in order to further oppress us.  There is no liberation without sacrifice, and the time for our liberation from this madness is long overdue.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man


Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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