“During the past 400 years, Black men in the U.S. have been forced into passive and cooperative submission to white men. The major strategy has been the installation of an overwhelming fear. Specific tactics range from actual physical castration and lynching, to other overt and more subtle forms of abuse, violence and cruelty. We should not be ashamed to recognize these tactics used to oppress Black men. It is the truth. It is reality. Ultimately, this is the meaning of Black oppression.”

Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing, The Isis Papers        

          As a Black/Afrikan man and a victim of the system of racism/white supremacy, I pride myself on being a man who is a fairly keen observer of human behavior as it relates to said system.  The demonization and social neutering of the Black/Afrikan man as a tactic of oppressing Black/Afrikan society, and neutralizing and destroying any hint of insurrection against the system is a strong social phenomenon that weighs heavy on my heart.  Even more troubling is the passive acquiescence by the masses of Black/Afrikan people to this forced circumstance.   It seems as though everywhere you turn in today’s society, the weakest among Black/Afrikan men are given the spotlight, and the promotion of these caricatures gives the impression that that is the “new normal” (as the trendy european saying goes).  This reinforces the idea that weakness, being a race traitor, a thug, a lazy no-account negro, a clown, a pitiful effeminate europhile, or even a flat-out homosexual, all of whom are indifferent to the centuries long suffering of Afrikan people at the hands of whites and other enemies, is synonymous with being a Blackman.  And as noted european psychologist B.F. Skinner has stated, behavior which is reinforced (and rewarded) tends to be repeated, producing more pathetic behavior from Blackmen.

          The image of the serious and strong Black/Afrikan man who, loves, respects and protects his family, as well as the larger Black/Afrikan community, is and always will be the primary threat, the proverbial kryptonite to racism/white supremacy.  The last thing that the system of racism/white supremacy, as well as those negroes and lost souls who benefit and profit, whether financially or socially, from this madness wants is a Black/Afrikan male population full of Khallid Muhammad’s, Marcus Garvey’s, Malcolm X’s, Stokely Carmichael’s or Nat Turner’s.  This was openly stated in the infamous 1968 FBI COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) document by one of the ultimate adversaries of Afrikan people, J. Edgar Hoover.  This document stated that the long range goal of COINTELPRO was to “prevent the rise of a (Black) ‘messiah’, who could unify, and electrify, the militant black nationalist movement”.  This directive has never been curtailed even slightly, so the image of the serious, strong, intelligent, militant Blackman, full of love for his people and enmity for the enemy, is relentlessly attacked from all sides and angles.

          This systematic neutering, as well as the expectation of acceptance by Blackmen to the conditions imposed and/or endorsed by those who either know no better, or are malicious collaborators in this social construct, is one of the most painful aspects of being a Blackman in today’s society.  This attack, like most facets of the system of racism/white supremacy is wide ranging, deep and multi-pronged.  It certainly involves the first area of people activity known as economics.  It is enforced by the systematic denial of economic opportunities that would suffice to hold down a family or even a single adult comfortably.  The same system that may prevent a Blackman from being able to support a family, may then offer the same opportunities to a Blackwoman, causing a sense of resentment from the Blackwoman because she is now expected to perform the duties that are traditionally and theoretically the duties of the Blackman.  This causes chaos, confusion and discord within the Black/Afrikan community, and ensures a certain dependency on the system for protection and sustenance, a dependency that is necessary for further oppression.  No one within the Afrikan community truly wins from this mess of a situation.

          It also involves the mis/diseducation system, as Black/Afrikan boys are stigmatized and socially and systematically targeted from a young age.  This especially holds true for Black/Afrikan boys who exhibit unusual passion and/or special intellectual abilities. These young men are often diagnosed with some bogus made up psychological ailment such as ADHD, and drugged into a sense of submission before they are even aware of what is happening.  They may also be removed from the Afrikan community and moved into a sea of whiteness (the “brain-drain”).  They may have their developing intellectual flame extinguished or stomped out by alarmed enemy authorities, fearing that they have come across the aforementioned, feared “Black Messiah”.  Some even, tragically find themselves ostracized by other Afrikan children, and downplay their abilities to fit in with others who most likely have and could further develop their own special abilities, if they were only socialized and encouraged to do so.

          This attack has taken a tremendous toll on the psychological health of Blackmen, whether they themselves are aware of this systematic assault or not.  It has led many would be pillars of the Afrikan community to embrace european sexual madness as a way of complete physical surrender.  It has turned many of our would-be warriors into shivering cowards in the face of the imposing, intimidating system of racism/white supremacy.  It has caused many Black/Afrikan men to simply “give up”, and almost exclusively focus on relative trivialities (preoccupation with sports, clothes, clubbing, kwk).  The natural inclination of all men of any culture is to protect the community, especially the women, our compliments and bearers of life, as well as the children, the living continuance of life, and provide whatever assistance needed for the community to thrive.  This had always been the case with Black/Afrikan men prior to the invasion of our numerous enemies, the subsequent Black Holocaust, and the continuing, devastating fallout from that terrible occurrence (Maafa).  When disallowed to be the full men that we are destined to be, and the condition of our people calls for us to be, there is a learned helplessness on the part of Blackmen.  It also is the genesis for the lack of respect afforded to the Blackman by those who in a correct society we would be in charge of providing for and protecting.

“All Black people are oppressed. I emphasize here that Black men are oppressed because ultimately, it is male muscle mass that oppresses a people, and only male muscle mass has the potential for achieving liberation. If the men of a people are oppressed, the women are brought under oppression – as they are dependent on their men for protection and defense”. – Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing, The Isis Papers 

          This is a call for all Blackmen (the writer included as I am certainly not exempt from any of the problems that my racial brothers are faced with) to become extremely serious and dedicated to defeating this horrific system of white terror/domination that has so savagely and brazenly snatched away our ability to become the men that our community needs.  It has taken away our ability to be the fathers, husbands, brothers and leaders that are in such high demand, yet in such low supply within the global Black/Afrikan community.  It is a call for all Blackmen to become the warriors, the nation builders, the scholars, the workers, the generals and the disciplined soldiers that a large number of us must transform ourselves into, to defeat these demonic beasts that have dominated us in every way.  There are many within our community who have become comfortable with the miserable, degenerate condition that has been forced upon our people.  We must prepare to fight against treasonous, lost, sick negroes with as much vigor as we fight our proven natural enemies (pretty much anyone non-Afrikan).  The respect of the Blackwoman and children, as well as the future of our community and our existence as a people depend on it.  The era of the serious Black/Afrikan man must begin TODAY!

There will be no true self-respect until this task is completed“- Dr. Welsing, The Isis Papers

Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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