The goal of unity among all Black/Afrikans, throughout the diaspora as well as the continent is a very complex subject and idea.   I often hear sentiments among my people when discussing solutions to our problems such as, “All Black people need is unity!”.  While it is a very noble objective, full of optimism and genuine beauty, it poses another question.  Is it a realistic idea that after all of the negative psychological programming, the indoctrination into the enemies way, the mental colonialism and the learned self-hatred that acts as a consequence to these factors that Black/Afrikans have been subjected to, that Afrikans will shed those albatrosses and become the unified force that we presumably need to become in order to destroy the system of racism/white supremacy and produce justice?  And is it even a safe or sane idea for Black people who genuinely want to Re-Afrikanize to even attempt to unify with those sad Black People, who want nothing more than to be sub-assimilated into european society, and have absolutely no loyalty to Black/Afrikan people?

In order for Afrikans to unify, there must be a few very important factors set into place.  The first is an undying amd unshakable loyalty to Black/Afrikan people.  Under the relentless assault of racism/white supremacy, many Black/Afrikan people see no reason to be loyal in any way to Black/Afrikan people, simply because they don’t see any tangible benefits for being loyal to Black/Afrikan people.  There are not many, if any mechanisms or institutions put into place which reward Black/Afrikan people for being loyal to the race. To the contrary, Black/Afrikan people depend on our sworn enemies for our daily bread and sustenance.  This re-enforces the idea that Black/Afrikan people should not outwardly show any loyalty or pride in our race, because it may anger and annoy those who many of us depend on totally to survive.  There is also the pronounced yet unspoken fear that you may end up dead, as history shows that if you show too much pride and race-first loyalty, you are in real danger of being killed.  As Baba Mwalimu Baruti often says, “Black/Afrikan people innately know that whites will kill for nothing”.

Another factor that must be in place in order for Black/Afrikan people to unify is having a strong sense of common racial identity and heritage, wherever within the diaspora or Afrikan continent you identify with, or whatever religion or ideology you practice or subscribe to.  In my assessment, there is entirely too much debate and infighting that stems from religious or ideological differences (Muslim vs. Moor vs. Hebrew vs. Afrikan Sprituality vs. Christianity and so on), as well as ethnic “tribal” differences (so called Afrikan Americans vs. Jamaicans vs. Haitians vs. Nigerians vs. Ghanaians and so-forth). These “rivalries” are very hurtful to any serious Pan-Afrikanist, as they are antithetical to attacking the system of racism/white supremacy.  This common identity that I refer to has been under consistent attack ever since our enemies decided to institute this wicked system.  Even in what is referred to as the “Trans-Atlantic slave trade” during our maafa, our enemies strategically placed Afrikans who may be from separate ethnicities and who may not speak the same language/dialect together, so as to place Afrikans within an environment in which we may be less inclined to have a sense of loyalty to our brothers and sisters, as well as one in which could more easily be dominated.


This continued through the COINTELPRO era as there was a tremendous effort to keep Black/Afrikan people here in the “hells and smells” of North Amerikkka and throughout the diaspora from uniting with our brothers and sisters on the Afrikan continent.  This was done, among many reasons, to not to break the hold that europeans have and continue to have over the abundant natural resources within the Afrikan continent, stealing the natural birthright of all Afrikans.  This continues in the current day through the wickedly, yet skillfully designed tactics to keep Black People divided along gender, age, ethnic, economic and color (light skin/dark skin) lines. The honorable Elijah Muhammad is quoted as saying Our unity is more powerful than a hydrogen or atomic bomb, as well as “Our unity would solve 95 percent of our problems.”  Our enemies are very well aware of the damage that a unified Black/Afrikan front would do to the system of racism/white supremacy, as this system can only exist with simultaneous Black/Afrikan oppression.  white people cannot be at the “top of the food chain” at the same time as Afrikans, as the rise of “white supremacy” is in its essence synonymous with Afrikan suffering.

We must also come to a common agreement with who we are actually against.  In my assessment we must understand this one simple fact that has been proven time and time again; the white race is the mortal enemy of the Black/Afrikan race, and as long as they are in existence, they will continue to be our enemies.  Too often, there is resistance or an extreme reluctance to concede this point by our people, due to the fear of upsetting whites, or because of their desire to sub-assimilate (go along to get along).  Even more tragically, those Afrikans who only know the european way and have completely internalized it, and are not at all ourstorically grounded, have trouble even conceiving this concept as a possibility, regardless of what they may see and experience on a daily basis.  Some of these people may be able to be reached with some education, but many will never get over their  psychological fear of our enemies (which is somewhat understandable considering what our people have been through), or their whitewashed upbringing to be of any value to a unified Afrikan front.

There is also the issue of our lack of trust of each other.  This is, in my view, a symptom of a communal people by nature being forced into an unfamiliar, alien culture where extreme individualism and competition to the death to secure resources is the order.  There are many Afrikans who do not have any vision of victory for our people in this war for our survival, so in order to individually gain, they become more than willing to betray other Afrikans for a few crumbs off of the oppressors plate.  The few crumbs off of our enemies table that are available to us (which are only deemed valuable under the system imposed upon us by our enemies, but has no intrinsic value) become precious commodities, in which our people are willing to do many destructive things to each other for (snitching, setting other Afrikans up to be harmed or killed by our enemies, kwk).  These crumbs may come in the form of money, but to some weaker willed Afrikans, securing a certain status in the eyes of our enemies, a few “pats on the head” and an assurance that “you did good” is enough.

With all of these problems that Afrikans face due to being suffocated by the system of racism/white supremacy, and all of the associated pathological abnormalities that have slowly become the norm, and all of the confusion brought on by our enemies and their propaganda, which has shaped the psychoses of Afrikan people globally, I really do not think that unity is very feasible or realistic at the present moment.  However, what I do believe is feasible, is the concept of Afrikan people all practicing a code of ethics, conduct and speech.  I previously came up with a code that I believe is very thorough which would be ideal for Afrikans worldwide to practice.  Getting on code does not mean that an Afrikan has to give up their religion or ideology.  It doesn’t even mean that you have to particularly love or like every other Afrikan.  You simply agree to a few simple rules on how we deal with each other as Black/Afrikan people, as well as how we deal with our enemies (whites, arabs, kwk).  Faithful practice of the code will build up trust slowly, which would then lead to the possibility of a unified Black/Afrikan race.  As the old saying goes, we need to crawl before we walk.



Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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