In part one of this article, we attempted to begin answering the question “Why are whites the dominant race?” by examining the savage beginnings of the race itself (or as Dr. Marimba Ani terms it, the asili, which basically means the cultural roots), which forged the hyper-aggressive, hate filled, deceptive and paranoid utamaroho (spirit/energy source) and utamawazo (mentality/worldview) of the race.  In this chapter, we will examine how this collective spirit has manifested itself in creating the global system of racism/white supremacy, as well as in how that system is maintained.  We will briefly analyze significant moments in history, and shine a spotlight on how these moments in history tightened the present day hold of white terror/domination on our bodies, spirits and perhaps most importantly the collective psyche of Afrikan people, that seems so pervasive, invasive and unbreakable.  And finally we will come to a conclusion on the reason why in every area of the world in which whites and non-whites, but especially Afrikans live, there is a social order that invariably has whites sitting at the very top, and people of Afrikan descent at the very bottom.

After being civilized by Afrikans and then turning on and betraying their Nile Valley civilizers, the greek and later the roman empires enjoyed fairly long periods of prosperity and dominance over the world.  But after greed, decadence, and a sense of lazy complacency set in, those empires, so strong and seemingly invincible, eventually fell, and never regained any semblance of the prominence they once enjoyed.  Meanwhile Afrika once again rose, this time with empires and civilizations in West Afrika.  The three most notable were the Ghanaian, Malian, and Songhai empires.  This period of African splendor was referred to by iconic Afrikan historian Dr. John Henrik Clarke as the Third Golden Age of Afrika.  According to Dr. Clarke, “the first two reached their apex and were in decline before Europe as a functioning entity in human society was born”.  And after a few invasions and periods of rule by outsiders, Afrika and her children were back in their rightful place.  In 1591, that changed as an army of arabs invaded the continent, and threw the continent into rapid decline.  The european then arrived like vultures, seizing an opportunity to put into effect a new, brutal, white world order.

The arrival of Christopher Columbus, perhaps histories greatest villain, into the Americas may have been the most significant event in the formation of the system of global white terrorism/domination.  That event, followed by the end of Afrika’s Third Golden Age was a perfect storm, as it created an opportunity for whites to raid, colonize and brutalize many different areas in the continent, as well as the area known as the Caribbean.  europeans destroyed the indigenous people of those lands, and began committing the greatest protracted crime against humanity ever committed, known as the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the chattel-slavery system, both of which are either still ongoing, or we are still feeling the disastrous effects of.  Creatures of european descent deceived, raped, plundered and destroyed everyone and everything in their path in a way that had never been seen, therefore could not possibly have been prepared for.  These creatures made their way in by deceptively posing as allies, but had designs on world domination, and took advantage of Afrikan and indigenous people’s natural xenophilia, which can border on dangerous naivete, especially when dealing with enemies.

In order to complete the bid for dominance, the europeans supplemented their savagely violent tactics with a powerful form of mental conditioning, which conditioned the Afrikan to necessarily drop and destroy everything within themselves that reminded them of who and what they were, if they were to continue living.  What replaced that proud Afrikan was essentially a blank slate, where our enemies could mold us into what they wanted to mold us into in order to exhibit the maximum amount of control over us.  This is when the negro was born.  Its is very important for Black/Afrikan people to know that the negro is a creation of our enemy, and as noted Black scholar Wesley Muhammad says, is “the white man’s Frankenstein”.  And with this transformation of a people from proud Afrikans to docile negroes, perhaps the most long term damage was done.  It is very important to note that the rise of white power and the horrendous system of white terror/domination coincided with and could only be brought on by the fall of the Afrikan. 

All cultural vestiges of what we were were, including our languages, names, and spiritual systems were banned and/or destroyed, and a degenerate, anti-intellectual and ahistorical culture was cultivated for us, then forced upon us.  We were then taught to believe that this is not only who and what we truly are, but this is who and what we’ve always been.  We were taught that we were predestined to live as slaves and the best that we could hope to be is a well behaved slave.  And most egregiously, we were taught that we were actually done a favor, as we were rescued from Afrika and given a chance to be a part of western civilization.  This is perhaps the most sick and insulting of all justifications for the demonic institution known as chattel slavery.  A large maximum security prison was built in the minds of each and every Afrikan, and many of us who are aware of this spend our lives trying to break free.  There is no harder prison to break free from than the prison of the mind.

So to answer the original question, why are whites the dominant race?  My assessment is simple.  whites/europeans, our eternal enemies, will stoop to any level in order to dominate any place and any group of people that they encounter, and this is a uniquely white/european characteristic.  They simply are willing to do more to gain, and maintain control of the world.  Historically, no other racial group has anywhere near the track record that whites have for raping and robbing people of their land, their natural resources, their culture and their sanity.  They have remade the world so that taking on the amoral, or rather immoral european worldview, that kill or be killed, dog eat dog “rugged individualism” in place of community and collectivism is rewarded.  And practicing Ma’at (truth, balance, justice, order, reciprocity, kwk) and natural Afrikan righteousness is punished.  As I said earlier the rise of white power had to necessarily coincide with the fall of the Afrikan into a (forced) docile, pitiful state.  Inversely, the revival of the Afrikan, the divine Blackman, Blackwoman and child must also necessarily coincide with the destruction of the system of white terror/domination and all of its practitioners.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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