KILL THE ENEMY INSIDE YOU: De-whitenization and Re-Afrikanization

“The danger when one adopts uncritically the science and paradigms of another people’s reality, is that one adopts their consciousness and also limits the arena of one’s own awareness.” – Dr. Wade Nobles

“I started with self first and killed the euro mind/ Now I navigate through facts and pseudo-science” – Doc Mahdi, United Front

De-whitenization and re-Afrikanization is a lifelong struggle when living under the oppressive yoke of the system of racism/white/euro supremacy, especially if you did not grow up “conscious” (for lack of a better term).  It is however a task that must be taken on with diligence and grave seriousness if we are ever to defeat our mortal, natural enemies and restore a Ma’atic order, re-balance the earth and serve justice for what has been done (reciprocity).  It is also a task that without being performed thoroughly, the Afrikan race can never completely throw off the shackles of mental slavery, which have been just as devastating, and certainly longer lasting than our physical bondage, through the so-called Middle Passage, the brutal chattel enslavement system a.k.a the original Holocaust (the Maafa), or Afrikan continental colonialism.


The whitenization process begins almost immediately whenever a new Afrikan life is brought into physical existence.  It is a menacing, all pervasive entity, constantly yet subtly re-enforced by each and every institution that has been set up by our enemies. These institutions were constructed specifically to perpetuate the system of white domination and terrorism.  Simply put these institutions exist to serve whites and prolong the life-span of this horrific and, in my estimation, unsustainable arrangement and to oppress all non-whites, most specifically those of Afrikan descent worldwide.  These institutions include but are not limited to the white-run school system, european created religion (as opposed to pure Afrikan spirituality) and the entertainment industry which have all been weaponized and used expertly against Afrikan people.

Quite simply put, Afrikan people who are victimized by this dangerous form of captivity seem to see everything through the eyes of their enslaver, who has never and will never mean anything but harm, oppression and domination to and against Afrikan people.  We see our enslaver through the eyes of the enslaver themselves, which has a crippling effect when trying to critically and accurately analyze what has been done to Afrikan people at the hands of these very enslavers and their ancestors.  It is also quite problematic in the ability, or lack therof, in connecting these historical atrocities to more current and contemporary affairs.  Equally as tragic, we see ourselves and our own people (our brothers and sisters, if you will) through these same cold, jaundiced, evil eyes, which in my assertion is the root cause of the anti-Blackness, which infects the minds of Afrikans worldwide, as well as our pitiful response to global white terrorism.

The whitenization process and subsequent anti-Blackness is securely embedded in all of the 9 areas people activity as introduced by Mr. Neely Fuller and further popularized by the great Afrikan psychiatrist, Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing (ase).  These 9 areas of people activity are economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics religion, sex and war.  Recently, Afrikan-centered intellects have unofficially added a 10th area, and that is area of health, both physical and mental.  The anti-Blackness within these areas is certainly palpable, especially to those who are more sensitive to and aware of these matters, but subtle enough to fool those who are okay with being fooled.  It also gives just enough plausible deniability to our wickedly wise enemies to keep their brutally efficient system running relatively unabated.  This is dangerous because the modern, refined system of racism/white supremacy thrives off illusion, confusion and Afrikans practicing whitenized thinking on auto-pilot.

This Anti-Blackness manifests itself in numerous, equally tragic ways.  Anti-Blackness from our mortal enemies is nothing new and at this point, is to be expected.  Id be surprised (and quite suspicious) if at this juncture in history there werent any visible signs of anti-Blackness coming from our eternal adversaries.  But the anti-Blackness that comes from other Afrikans, which is so firmly entrenched in our collective psyche, is possibly the saddest & most tragic symptom of the whitenization process.  It is a process which conditions us to see anything that comes from whites as automatically better, i.e. more intelligent, more beautiful, morally superior, kwk.  It is a process which addicts us to white culture (which in essence means death for the Afrikan mind), and white ways of thinking.  It is a process which represents possibly our biggest hurdle in our everlasting race toward freedom, liberation and sovereignty.


The greatest cure for this is a thorough re-Afrikanization through sankofa.  Sankofa is a twi word, which means to retrieve what is lost in order to move forward.  The first step is knowing thyself, and just as importantly knowing who your real enemies are, and who they always have been (basically all non-Afrikans).  This can be done by learning true Afrikan history, as told through the eyes of those who have no reason to lie, Afrikan people.  This means getting the whole picture, not only the glory and splendor of our past, but also our mistakes that led us to be in the perilous position that we currently find ourselves in as a race.  This is important because our people must know that there is a beautiful tradition to return to, but with the knowledge and understanding of what not to do, so as to never let ourselves to be under the thumb of our oppressors again.  Of course there is more to be done than just studying and gaining knowledge, but just getting on the path of re-Afrikanization is the first and most essential step.

When perusing Afrikan-centered, Pan-Afrikanist literature, and listening to the numerous radio programs dedicated to the upliftment and liberation of Afrikan people, I often read and hear talk of the urgent need for certain types of retribution on our enemies who have decimated our people to such a devastating degree.  I concur with this viewpoint, and identify with this anger or righteous rage as Baba Mwalimu Baruti accurately describes it.  It is correct, admirable and more than understandable.  But we must never lose sight of the little white devil inside all of us, who has colored and infected our perceptions of this insane world order that has been created in their demonic, pale image through the whitenization process.  We must gradually yet violently remove it from our hearts, minds and souls, and vigilantly guard ourselves against its inevitable attempted return.  If we dont, even if we were to win a hypothetical physical showdown with our enemies, our enemies will still live inside of us, dooming a new Afrikan-centered Maatic world order to failure.  In the words of dead prez, “Let’s Get Free!”.


Brother Osei 21st Century Race Man

Author: Brother Osei 21CRM

I am a victim of racism/white supremacy who spends my time and energy looking for solutions.

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