The goal of unity among all Black/Afrikans, throughout the diaspora as well as the continent is a very complex subject and idea.   I often hear sentiments among my people when discussing solutions to our problems such as, “All Black people need is unity!”.  While it is a very noble objective, full of optimism and genuine beauty, it poses another question.  Is it a realistic idea that after all of the negative psychological programming, the indoctrination into the enemies way, the mental colonialism and the learned self-hatred that acts as a consequence to these factors that Black/Afrikans have been subjected to, that Afrikans will shed those albatrosses and become the unified force that we presumably need to become in order to destroy the system of racism/white supremacy and produce justice?  And is it even a safe or sane idea for Black people who genuinely want to Re-Afrikanize to even attempt to unify with those sad Black People, who want nothing more than to be sub-assimilated into european society, and have absolutely no loyalty to Black/Afrikan people?

In order for Afrikans to unify, there must be a few very important factors set into place.  The first is an undying amd unshakable loyalty to Black/Afrikan people.  Under the relentless assault of racism/white supremacy, many Black/Afrikan people see no reason to be loyal in any way to Black/Afrikan people, simply because they don’t see any tangible benefits for being loyal to Black/Afrikan people.  There are not many, if any mechanisms or institutions put into place which reward Black/Afrikan people for being loyal to the race. To the contrary, Black/Afrikan people depend on our sworn enemies for our daily bread and sustenance.  This re-enforces the idea that Black/Afrikan people should not outwardly show any loyalty or pride in our race, because it may anger and annoy those who many of us depend on totally to survive.  There is also the pronounced yet unspoken fear that you may end up dead, as history shows that if you show too much pride and race-first loyalty, you are in real danger of being killed.  As Baba Mwalimu Baruti often says, “Black/Afrikan people innately know that whites will kill for nothing”.

Another factor that must be in place in order for Black/Afrikan people to unify is having a strong sense of common racial identity and heritage, wherever within the diaspora or Afrikan continent you identify with, or whatever religion or ideology you practice or subscribe to.  In my assessment, there is entirely too much debate and infighting that stems from religious or ideological differences (Muslim vs. Moor vs. Hebrew vs. Afrikan Sprituality vs. Christianity and so on), as well as ethnic “tribal” differences (so called Afrikan Americans vs. Jamaicans vs. Haitians vs. Nigerians vs. Ghanaians and so-forth). These “rivalries” are very hurtful to any serious Pan-Afrikanist, as they are antithetical to attacking the system of racism/white supremacy.  This common identity that I refer to has been under consistent attack ever since our enemies decided to institute this wicked system.  Even in what is referred to as the “Trans-Atlantic slave trade” during our maafa, our enemies strategically placed Afrikans who may be from separate ethnicities and who may not speak the same language/dialect together, so as to place Afrikans within an environment in which we may be less inclined to have a sense of loyalty to our brothers and sisters, as well as one in which could more easily be dominated.


This continued through the COINTELPRO era as there was a tremendous effort to keep Black/Afrikan people here in the “hells and smells” of North Amerikkka and throughout the diaspora from uniting with our brothers and sisters on the Afrikan continent.  This was done, among many reasons, to not to break the hold that europeans have and continue to have over the abundant natural resources within the Afrikan continent, stealing the natural birthright of all Afrikans.  This continues in the current day through the wickedly, yet skillfully designed tactics to keep Black People divided along gender, age, ethnic, economic and color (light skin/dark skin) lines. The honorable Elijah Muhammad is quoted as saying Our unity is more powerful than a hydrogen or atomic bomb, as well as “Our unity would solve 95 percent of our problems.”  Our enemies are very well aware of the damage that a unified Black/Afrikan front would do to the system of racism/white supremacy, as this system can only exist with simultaneous Black/Afrikan oppression.  white people cannot be at the “top of the food chain” at the same time as Afrikans, as the rise of “white supremacy” is in its essence synonymous with Afrikan suffering.

We must also come to a common agreement with who we are actually against.  In my assessment we must understand this one simple fact that has been proven time and time again; the white race is the mortal enemy of the Black/Afrikan race, and as long as they are in existence, they will continue to be our enemies.  Too often, there is resistance or an extreme reluctance to concede this point by our people, due to the fear of upsetting whites, or because of their desire to sub-assimilate (go along to get along).  Even more tragically, those Afrikans who only know the european way and have completely internalized it, and are not at all ourstorically grounded, have trouble even conceiving this concept as a possibility, regardless of what they may see and experience on a daily basis.  Some of these people may be able to be reached with some education, but many will never get over their  psychological fear of our enemies (which is somewhat understandable considering what our people have been through), or their whitewashed upbringing to be of any value to a unified Afrikan front.

There is also the issue of our lack of trust of each other.  This is, in my view, a symptom of a communal people by nature being forced into an unfamiliar, alien culture where extreme individualism and competition to the death to secure resources is the order.  There are many Afrikans who do not have any vision of victory for our people in this war for our survival, so in order to individually gain, they become more than willing to betray other Afrikans for a few crumbs off of the oppressors plate.  The few crumbs off of our enemies table that are available to us (which are only deemed valuable under the system imposed upon us by our enemies, but has no intrinsic value) become precious commodities, in which our people are willing to do many destructive things to each other for (snitching, setting other Afrikans up to be harmed or killed by our enemies, kwk).  These crumbs may come in the form of money, but to some weaker willed Afrikans, securing a certain status in the eyes of our enemies, a few “pats on the head” and an assurance that “you did good” is enough.

With all of these problems that Afrikans face due to being suffocated by the system of racism/white supremacy, and all of the associated pathological abnormalities that have slowly become the norm, and all of the confusion brought on by our enemies and their propaganda, which has shaped the psychoses of Afrikan people globally, I really do not think that unity is very feasible or realistic at the present moment.  However, what I do believe is feasible, is the concept of Afrikan people all practicing a code of ethics, conduct and speech.  I previously came up with a code that I believe is very thorough which would be ideal for Afrikans worldwide to practice.  Getting on code does not mean that an Afrikan has to give up their religion or ideology.  It doesn’t even mean that you have to particularly love or like every other Afrikan.  You simply agree to a few simple rules on how we deal with each other as Black/Afrikan people, as well as how we deal with our enemies (whites, arabs, kwk).  Faithful practice of the code will build up trust slowly, which would then lead to the possibility of a unified Black/Afrikan race.  As the old saying goes, we need to crawl before we walk.



Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man


In part one of this article, I analyzed the monumental importance of Black/Afrikan people establishing and strictly practicing a code of thought, speech and conduct, as well as the importance of sanctioning those who refuse to follow any sort of code.  So now the question must be asked, what exactly should be the code in which Black/Afrikan people should follow?  It is always wise to first consult the elders and ancestors first, in order to gain their insight, and our ancestors from ancient Kemet (presently called Egypt) laid out one of the greatest general codes of conduct that can possibly be followed in the 42 Divine Principles of Ma’at, also known as the 42 Negative Confessions.  This is the code from which many other historical codes of conduct were directly based, including the “10 commandments”.  The 42 Divine principles of Ma’at are as follows:

I have not committed sin. 

I have not committed robbery with violence.

I have not stolen.

I have not slain men or women.

I have not stolen food.

I have not swindled offerings.

I have not stolen from God/Goddess.

I have not told lies.

I have not carried away food.

I have not cursed.

I have not closed my ears to truth.

I have not committed adultery.

I have not made anyone cry.

I have not felt sorrow without reason.

I have not assaulted anyone.

I am not deceitful.

I have not stolen anyone’s land.

I have not been an eavesdropper.

I have not falsely accused anyone.

I have not been angry without reason.

I have not seduced anyone’s wife.

I have not polluted myself.

I have not terrorized anyone.

I have not disobeyed the Law.

I have not been exclusively angry.

I have not cursed God/Goddess.

I have not behaved with violence.

I have not caused disruption of peace.

I have not acted hastily or without thought.

I have not overstepped my boundaries of concern.

I have not exaggerated my words when speaking.

I have not worked evil.

I have not used evil thoughts, words or deeds.

I have not polluted the water.

I have not spoken angrily or arrogantly.

I have not cursed anyone in thought, word or deeds.

I have not placed myself on a pedestal.

I have not stolen what belongs to God/Goddess.

I have not stolen from or disrespected the deceased.

I have not taken food from a child.

I have not acted with insolence.

I have not destroyed property belonging to God/Goddess

This is a phenomenal general code of conduct, which was instituted and practiced in order to prevent what our ancestors called isfet, which means chaos.  Unfortunately, it is my belief that our ancestors could not have possibly foreseen the unbridled isfet of our maafa, as well as today’s modern society, caused by the system of white terror/domination.  So in order to slightly update the Ma’atic principles of our wise ancestors to include some of the issues that confront Black/Afrikan people in the modern world, I turn to for inspiration three people who have outlined the necessity of a code consistently throughout their careers.  All three should need no introduction to our people as they are revered elders and ancestors.  They are public speaker and author of The United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept a textbook/workbook for Thought, Speech and/or Action for Victims of Racism (white supremacy), Mr. Neely Fuller, psychiatrist and author of the Isis Papers, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, and psychologist, Bobby E. Wright.  I have selected the ones that I think work the best in terms of replacing the system of white supremacy and replacing it with justice, and added some twists of my own.  And here they are:

  1.  Do not intentionally do physical harm to another AfrikanThere should not be any fighting or physical violence for any reason, unless an extreme violation has taken place (attempted rape, or child abuse, kwk).  Disputes should be settled peacefully by all costs.  Violence by Blackmen against Blackwomen and children is especially frowned upon.  Violence within our community between two Afrikans without some extreme reason should never be tolerated or accepted.  We are at war with a vicious and merciless enemy and all aggression should be saved and channeled constructively.
  2. Always be as courteous and respectful to other Afrikans as possible.I believe that we must create good experiences when dealing with each other.  This will build up trust and alleviate some of the bitterness and rancor that has built up between Black/Afrikans.  This does not mean that you have to love everyone, but all Afrikans should always treat each other with basic respect and courtesy.  If you find that the courtesy and respect is not being reciprocated, do not retaliate, just immediately cease all contact.  This is not about ego, and we don’t have time to waste arguing and fighting with other Afrikans.
  3. No airing of “dirty laundry”. Especially in front of enemies.This means no divisive nonsense on social media, no going on white television, radio or internet platforms to speak about Black internal problems with our enemies and their audiences, and no unconstructive public chastising of members of the global Black/Afrikan community unless there is proof that you have an alternative or answer to the behavior being criticized.
  4. No gossiping about other AfrikansThere is never anything good or constructive that comes from gossip.  If you are to say anything at all about anyone else it must be fact based.  Gossip produces nothing but silly chatter and bad feelings between other Afrikans.  In some cases it might even produce violence.  There is never a positive outcome from a gossip session, so leave that to the pale faces on television, discussing the latest movie stars or whatever other western society distraction of the moment.
  5. No snitching on other AfrikansThis is self explanatory.  Loose lips sink ships. Many constructive movements for Black/Afrikan liberation have been foiled by Afrikans who for personal gain or for more spiteful reasons went and gave our enemies “the drop”.  The official arbiters of justice should come from within the Black/African community.  No talking to the enemy.
  6. No stealing from other AfrikansThis includes physical property, as well as intellectual property.  Stealing is obviously morally incorrect, and adds to the mistrust and lack of a feeling of safety and comfort, when around each other that Black/Afrikan people have built up against each other under the system of white terror/domination.
  7. No using references to a person’s Blackness as an insult– That means no insulting the skin tone or facial features of a Black person (two Black parents or three Black grandparents).  And absolutely, positively no usage of the ugliest insult towards our people, the word n*****, as an insult, “term of endearment” or otherwise.  It must always be remembered that this word was invented as a dehumanizing term for us by our sworn enemies.  That’s why they have no problem with our continued use of the word towards each other.  Their only regret is that it is now not socially acceptable, according to white racial code, for them to openly join in the the fun.
  8. If at all possible, always economically support other Black/Afrikans first This refers to patronage, in terms of supporting Black/Afrikan businesses, but also as employers in terms of hiring Black/Afrikan people.  If there are no black owned businesses of the kind you may be looking for at the time, at least look for places that employ Afrikans.  It should always be race first in terms of your dollar if possible.
  9. Absolutely no sexual misconduct.  Any sort of immoral sexual misconduct is grounds for harsh punishmentDuring our captivity in the “hells and smells” of North Amerikkka, many of us have taken on the very worst characteristics of our bitter enemies.  Many of us have completely forsaken our natural Afrikan morality, as we have been europeanized to the degree that we see no value in finding our Afrikan selves, or have never been acquainted with it in the first place.  One of the main ways that we see this is in how many of us have wholeheartedly embraced an anti-Afrikan, sexual free-for-all culture, which includes all sorts of sexual acts which are against Ma’at.  Rape and pedophilia are obviously grounds for extreme physical punishment at the very least.  
  10. People who break the code threaten the safety, sanity and trust within the race, and should always be looked at as traitors, snitches, or cowards– Punish those who break the code- There should be a severe social punishment for anyone who runs afoul of the code i.e. shunning them and physically removing them from the community and guarding against their return.  Unfortunately at the present time I am unsure whether Black/Afrikan people have the economic power to always meaningfully punish code breakers financially, but we can do whatever we can by removing all Black/Afrikan support.  Those who turn their weapons on other Afrikans should be shunned within the community to the highest degree.  People who break the code threaten the safety, sanity and trust within the race, and should always be looked at as traitors, snitches, or cowards.

So that is my set of guidelines/code that I think would be the most effective for our people.  The code can most accurately be summed up with one command, “always do what’s in the best interest of Afrikan people”, as Mr. C.C. Blackman said.  Even though our common sense is constantly under attack by the insanity that we drown in, if we keep that command in mind, and use our creator given common sense and sense of morality, we would abide by this code naturally and instinctively.  This code can and would lead us back to our rightful Afrikan mind, which logically would send us on our path to liberation.  There is no other acceptable path for the conscious Afrikan.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man



I want to dedicate this piece to examining and analyzing the monumental importance of developing a racial code of thought, speech and behavior, in terms of how Afrikan people deal and relate to ourselves, each other and our enemies.  I believe that this concept is an integral ingredient to the liberation of Afrikan people.  A code of conduct would help build up trust within our race, as a lack of trust among Black/Afrikans is a significant barrier to liberation.  A code would in theory guide us in our actions and behaviors when it comes to dealing with racial issues i.e. dealing with living under the system of racism/white supremacy.  This is important because in Amerikkka, regardless of what those who want to keep the guard of Afrikan people down may say, racial issues are the foremost issues that will ever be faced by our people, as this country was literally built, and the social order is maintained, by and through racism/white supremacy.  But without a code of conduct, and people who are dedicated to living by said code, It is my assessment that liberation will always be just beyond the grasp of the Afrikan.  The significance of developing, maintaining and faithfully operating within a code in this environment cannot be overstated.

Before we go on, let’s define exactly what a code of conduct is.  According to Wikipedia, a code of conduct is described as, “a set of rules outlining the social norms, rules and responsibilities of, or proper practices for, an individual, party or organization.  Related concepts include ethical, honor, moral codes and religious laws”.  It goes on to list the definition provided by The International Federation of Accountants in its 2007 International Good Practice Guidance as, “Principles, values, standards, or rules of behaviour that guide the decisions, procedures and systems of an organization in a way that (a) contributes to the welfare of its key stakeholders, and (b) respects the rights of all constituents affected by its operations.”  Although Wikipedia has proven to not be the greatest source for information, I believe this to be a sound enough working definition for the topic at hand.

Living under the system of white terror/domination, the practitioners of said system practice a code without even having to think about doing so.  In fact all racial or ethnic groups who are seriously vying for power tend to operate according to a certain code, one that is conducive to that groups survival and sur-thrive-al, i.e. winning the race race.  It is not necessary for everyone within that group to love or even like each other, although that is optimal.  As long as those within that group “get on the same page” when it is necessary to do so, the code will always be quite effective.  The code is often the very thing that bonds these groups together and keeps the culture intact, functioning for the benefit of the people within that culture.  It also allows for communication in which only those who are within that culture are privy to, in terms of language or even non-verbal communication.  This is a great benefit in times of war, which Black/Afrikan people are unquestionably in.

In many cultures in which following the code is important, and in fact might be the difference between living and dying, there are also dire consequences for not following the code.  These include financial/economic consequences, physical consequences, or even social consequences, i.e. getting shunned and “kicked out of the race”.  For many tight knit communities, getting socially shunned by those who would and should naturally be your allies is a fate worse than death.  The consequences of not following the code should, in my view, be just as valuable as the code itself.  Unfortunately, in regards to Black/Afrikan people there are very few consequences for anyone who does not follow a code.  In fact, within the system of racism/white supremacy, there are nothing but benefits for not following and rejecting a code, and doing what is commonly referred to as “cooning”.

By acting in an extremely individualistic manner at the expense of the Afrikan masses, you put yourself in line to be rewarded by our enemies (europeans or whoever else) , which is often the goal in the first place.  And if the play for the proverbial “butter biscuit” does not work out, or the treats simply run out, it seems as though we as Black/Afrikans are far too accepting and accommodating of their full re-entry into our society, so that they can continue to infect our people with their tainted mindset.  The activities that I am referring to include being specifically and overly critical of other Black people in front of enemies, fighting with other black people, being intentionally divisive along gender lines, skin tone lines, age lines, bickering between the Diaspora, the Diaspora vs the Continent, kwk, airing out internal racial issues in front of whites, lying to Black people on behalf of our enemies (you see this a lot in religion and politics as well as the mis/dis-education system), and telling on other Black/Afrikan people in order to gain favor or just out of spite, i.e. “snitching”.  All of these things erode the trust within the race and must stop immediately.

In pt. 2 we will analyze several ideas from Black/Afrikan minds from the past and present on what exactly the Black/African code of thought, speech and conduct should be.  Through the exploration of these ideas and some critical thinking, I will determine what I personally think would be most effective and constructive in terms of establishing a code that would be most conducive to the success, survival and revival of the Black/Afrikan race.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man



In part one of this article, we attempted to begin answering the question “Why are whites the dominant race?” by examining the savage beginnings of the race itself (or as Dr. Marimba Ani terms it, the asili, which basically means the cultural roots), which forged the hyper-aggressive, hate filled, deceptive and paranoid utamaroho (spirit/energy source) and utamawazo (mentality/worldview) of the race.  In this chapter, we will examine how this collective spirit has manifested itself in creating the global system of racism/white supremacy, as well as in how that system is maintained.  We will briefly analyze significant moments in history, and shine a spotlight on how these moments in history tightened the present day hold of white terror/domination on our bodies, spirits and perhaps most importantly the collective psyche of Afrikan people, that seems so pervasive, invasive and unbreakable.  And finally we will come to a conclusion on the reason why in every area of the world in which whites and non-whites, but especially Afrikans live, there is a social order that invariably has whites sitting at the very top, and people of Afrikan descent at the very bottom.

After being civilized by Afrikans and then turning on and betraying their Nile Valley civilizers, the greek and later the roman empires enjoyed fairly long periods of prosperity and dominance over the world.  But after greed, decadence, and a sense of lazy complacency set in, those empires, so strong and seemingly invincible, eventually fell, and never regained any semblance of the prominence they once enjoyed.  Meanwhile Afrika once again rose, this time with empires and civilizations in West Afrika.  The three most notable were the Ghanaian, Malian, and Songhai empires.  This period of African splendor was referred to by iconic Afrikan historian Dr. John Henrik Clarke as the Third Golden Age of Afrika.  According to Dr. Clarke, “the first two reached their apex and were in decline before Europe as a functioning entity in human society was born”.  And after a few invasions and periods of rule by outsiders, Afrika and her children were back in their rightful place.  In 1591, that changed as an army of arabs invaded the continent, and threw the continent into rapid decline.  The european then arrived like vultures, seizing an opportunity to put into effect a new, brutal, white world order.

The arrival of Christopher Columbus, perhaps histories greatest villain, into the Americas may have been the most significant event in the formation of the system of global white terrorism/domination.  That event, followed by the end of Afrika’s Third Golden Age was a perfect storm, as it created an opportunity for whites to raid, colonize and brutalize many different areas in the continent, as well as the area known as the Caribbean.  europeans destroyed the indigenous people of those lands, and began committing the greatest protracted crime against humanity ever committed, known as the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the chattel-slavery system, both of which are either still ongoing, or we are still feeling the disastrous effects of.  Creatures of european descent deceived, raped, plundered and destroyed everyone and everything in their path in a way that had never been seen, therefore could not possibly have been prepared for.  These creatures made their way in by deceptively posing as allies, but had designs on world domination, and took advantage of Afrikan and indigenous people’s natural xenophilia, which can border on dangerous naivete, especially when dealing with enemies.

In order to complete the bid for dominance, the europeans supplemented their savagely violent tactics with a powerful form of mental conditioning, which conditioned the Afrikan to necessarily drop and destroy everything within themselves that reminded them of who and what they were, if they were to continue living.  What replaced that proud Afrikan was essentially a blank slate, where our enemies could mold us into what they wanted to mold us into in order to exhibit the maximum amount of control over us.  This is when the negro was born.  Its is very important for Black/Afrikan people to know that the negro is a creation of our enemy, and as noted Black scholar Wesley Muhammad says, is “the white man’s Frankenstein”.  And with this transformation of a people from proud Afrikans to docile negroes, perhaps the most long term damage was done.  It is very important to note that the rise of white power and the horrendous system of white terror/domination coincided with and could only be brought on by the fall of the Afrikan. 

All cultural vestiges of what we were were, including our languages, names, and spiritual systems were banned and/or destroyed, and a degenerate, anti-intellectual and ahistorical culture was cultivated for us, then forced upon us.  We were then taught to believe that this is not only who and what we truly are, but this is who and what we’ve always been.  We were taught that we were predestined to live as slaves and the best that we could hope to be is a well behaved slave.  And most egregiously, we were taught that we were actually done a favor, as we were rescued from Afrika and given a chance to be a part of western civilization.  This is perhaps the most sick and insulting of all justifications for the demonic institution known as chattel slavery.  A large maximum security prison was built in the minds of each and every Afrikan, and many of us who are aware of this spend our lives trying to break free.  There is no harder prison to break free from than the prison of the mind.

So to answer the original question, why are whites the dominant race?  My assessment is simple.  whites/europeans, our eternal enemies, will stoop to any level in order to dominate any place and any group of people that they encounter, and this is a uniquely white/european characteristic.  They simply are willing to do more to gain, and maintain control of the world.  Historically, no other racial group has anywhere near the track record that whites have for raping and robbing people of their land, their natural resources, their culture and their sanity.  They have remade the world so that taking on the amoral, or rather immoral european worldview, that kill or be killed, dog eat dog “rugged individualism” in place of community and collectivism is rewarded.  And practicing Ma’at (truth, balance, justice, order, reciprocity, kwk) and natural Afrikan righteousness is punished.  As I said earlier the rise of white power had to necessarily coincide with the fall of the Afrikan into a (forced) docile, pitiful state.  Inversely, the revival of the Afrikan, the divine Blackman, Blackwoman and child must also necessarily coincide with the destruction of the system of white terror/domination and all of its practitioners.


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man



Understanding the putrid, suffocating system of racism/white supremacy, or as Dr. Kamau Kambon so accurately it, the system of white terrorism/domination, what it is, how it works, and what can be done to defeat it permanently is an all consuming concern, bordering on an obsession of mine.  To supplement my studies on the subject, I often just sit and think for long hours about every aspect that my brain can conceive of regarding this subject, as it is my assertion that this is the most important subject to Afrikan people worldwide.  And when considering how all pervasive, multifaceted and deceptive it is, and also considering the dangerous and possibly fatal position it has Black/Afrikan people in at this particular point in time, it can be argued that it is the only important subject facing my people today.  There is however, one part of this subject that has always confounded me to no end.

It is a question that has always perplexed me, and one that in my younger, more confused times that I may have avoided simply because I may not like the answer that I would uncover.  The question: How is it that a group of people, a genetically deficient mutated form of a human, white people, who comprise of less than 10% of the world’s population (and falling, though perhaps not quickly enough), who have been such a malevolent and deadly presence to many groups of people since they climbed out of their caves and are the last of all human beings to make their presence known on planet earth have such a stranglehold on the world’s power, wealth, resources, and land, and perhaps most importantly, total control of the minds of their subjects.  Is it because they are so much smarter than everyone else as they arrogantly claim?  Do they just outwork everyone else?  Or is there a deeper, far more sinister reason why this group has such a monopoly, or at the very least have their grubby, pale hands on almost everything in society?

In order to find the answer to this question, you must first consider the origin, as well as the hidden history of the white race.  It stands to reason that a group of people that are this murderous and treacherous must have developed in an extremely unforgiving environment, and that much is true.  However, I dont think it is widely known just how brutal the conditions were, compared to the rest of the world, especially Afrika, and how this vicious atmosphere has played a significant part in the hyper-aggressive pathology of the white race.  It is equal parts history, geography and psychology that play a part in explaining the submission hold that whites have the entire non-white world locked in.  And in my view, in order to escape that hold that many feel cannot be broken, serious study of the enemy and their history, their ways and their operations must be conducted.

We begin about 6600 years ago, in the cradle of civilization, Mama Afrika.  Caucasians were created by a selective breeding technique called grafting.  They were grafted from Afrikan people, as a melanin deficient form of human.  They were referred to by ancient Nile Valley Kemetic Afrikans as Tamahus, which means “created white people”.  Suffering from albinism which makes bearing the intense sun of Afrika for long periods next to impossible, and generally making nuisances of themselves, whites were expelled from Afrika, and collectively migrated northward and eventually settled in the area of the world known as europe.  europe was a cold, bleak, desolate and dark place, where there were very few natural resources, as opposed to Afrika, which was and remains to this very day the richest continent on earth in terms of natural resources.  There was also very little in the way of civilization, so europe was essentially a blank slate for its new inhabitants.  Cold, dark caves were where these mutants “lived” for hundreds of years. This is where the natural collective personality of the european began to coalesce, and where their racial identity was formed.

Simply put, life in these caves was, to use a popular phrase, hell on earth.  Surviving day to day was an extreme challenge, as disease, famine and avoiding being killed by dangerous wild beasts were constant dangers.  It was not uncommon for cave dwellers to kill an animal, and since there was no concept of actually preparing the food, the animal would be consumed raw.  Waste, dead animal carcasses, as well as the remains of dead humans would lay in the same places where the cave inhabitants would sleep.  Cannibalism, especially during particularly harsh times, was not uncommon.  Rape, and other such atrocities that would be considered today to extreme misconduct and sexual deviancy was rampant, as there was no concept of morality in this environment.  These conditions highlight the savage nature of the white man, as this is the white race in its rawest form. It wasnt until the greek excursions into Afrika to soak up some of the knowledge and civilization of the advanced Nile Valley cultures when any group of europeans could lay claim to any kind of civilization.

It cannot be overstated how crucial this time period was in forging the core identity of the white race.  This period of utter filth and savagery is encoded into the genetic memory of the european.  Also the life or death, kill or be killed, dog eat dog nature of modern western society, which for most of the present day world is synonymous with european culture, as we live in the era in which the global system of racism/white supremacy rules, was forged in these very cold and dark caves and hills. Life was a zero sum game.  In order to eat, survive, and procreate, the caveman had to do some things that are truly awful by todays standards.  The ends (genetic survival) justified the means however.  And as the genius Afrikan psychiatrist/psychologist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing so brilliantly theorized, ensuring the genetic survival of the white race is the backbone of the system of racism/white supremacy.

That was part one of this article, which is where we lay the groundwork in putting a spotlight creation of the white race, and the collective personality of the grafted white race as well as where and how it was forged.  In part two, I will get closer to modern times, as I highlight how their collective personality, built and sharpened in those decrepit dens of depravity known as caves, tie into how the system of white terrorism/domination was implemented, and how it is maintained.  I will be paying special attention to the time period where the most significant atrocity ever imposed from one group of people to another was committed.  This is all to get closer to answering the question, why are whites the dominant race?


Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man

KILL THE ENEMY INSIDE YOU: De-whitenization and Re-Afrikanization

“The danger when one adopts uncritically the science and paradigms of another people’s reality, is that one adopts their consciousness and also limits the arena of one’s own awareness.” – Dr. Wade Nobles

“I started with self first and killed the euro mind/ Now I navigate through facts and pseudo-science” – Doc Mahdi, United Front

De-whitenization and re-Afrikanization is a lifelong struggle when living under the oppressive yoke of the system of racism/white/euro supremacy, especially if you did not grow up “conscious” (for lack of a better term).  It is however a task that must be taken on with diligence and grave seriousness if we are ever to defeat our mortal, natural enemies and restore a Ma’atic order, re-balance the earth and serve justice for what has been done (reciprocity).  It is also a task that without being performed thoroughly, the Afrikan race can never completely throw off the shackles of mental slavery, which have been just as devastating, and certainly longer lasting than our physical bondage, through the so-called Middle Passage, the brutal chattel enslavement system a.k.a the original Holocaust (the Maafa), or Afrikan continental colonialism.


The whitenization process begins almost immediately whenever a new Afrikan life is brought into physical existence.  It is a menacing, all pervasive entity, constantly yet subtly re-enforced by each and every institution that has been set up by our enemies. These institutions were constructed specifically to perpetuate the system of white domination and terrorism.  Simply put these institutions exist to serve whites and prolong the life-span of this horrific and, in my estimation, unsustainable arrangement and to oppress all non-whites, most specifically those of Afrikan descent worldwide.  These institutions include but are not limited to the white-run school system, european created religion (as opposed to pure Afrikan spirituality) and the entertainment industry which have all been weaponized and used expertly against Afrikan people.

Quite simply put, Afrikan people who are victimized by this dangerous form of captivity seem to see everything through the eyes of their enslaver, who has never and will never mean anything but harm, oppression and domination to and against Afrikan people.  We see our enslaver through the eyes of the enslaver themselves, which has a crippling effect when trying to critically and accurately analyze what has been done to Afrikan people at the hands of these very enslavers and their ancestors.  It is also quite problematic in the ability, or lack therof, in connecting these historical atrocities to more current and contemporary affairs.  Equally as tragic, we see ourselves and our own people (our brothers and sisters, if you will) through these same cold, jaundiced, evil eyes, which in my assertion is the root cause of the anti-Blackness, which infects the minds of Afrikans worldwide, as well as our pitiful response to global white terrorism.

The whitenization process and subsequent anti-Blackness is securely embedded in all of the 9 areas people activity as introduced by Mr. Neely Fuller and further popularized by the great Afrikan psychiatrist, Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing (ase).  These 9 areas of people activity are economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics religion, sex and war.  Recently, Afrikan-centered intellects have unofficially added a 10th area, and that is area of health, both physical and mental.  The anti-Blackness within these areas is certainly palpable, especially to those who are more sensitive to and aware of these matters, but subtle enough to fool those who are okay with being fooled.  It also gives just enough plausible deniability to our wickedly wise enemies to keep their brutally efficient system running relatively unabated.  This is dangerous because the modern, refined system of racism/white supremacy thrives off illusion, confusion and Afrikans practicing whitenized thinking on auto-pilot.

This Anti-Blackness manifests itself in numerous, equally tragic ways.  Anti-Blackness from our mortal enemies is nothing new and at this point, is to be expected.  Id be surprised (and quite suspicious) if at this juncture in history there werent any visible signs of anti-Blackness coming from our eternal adversaries.  But the anti-Blackness that comes from other Afrikans, which is so firmly entrenched in our collective psyche, is possibly the saddest & most tragic symptom of the whitenization process.  It is a process which conditions us to see anything that comes from whites as automatically better, i.e. more intelligent, more beautiful, morally superior, kwk.  It is a process which addicts us to white culture (which in essence means death for the Afrikan mind), and white ways of thinking.  It is a process which represents possibly our biggest hurdle in our everlasting race toward freedom, liberation and sovereignty.


The greatest cure for this is a thorough re-Afrikanization through sankofa.  Sankofa is a twi word, which means to retrieve what is lost in order to move forward.  The first step is knowing thyself, and just as importantly knowing who your real enemies are, and who they always have been (basically all non-Afrikans).  This can be done by learning true Afrikan history, as told through the eyes of those who have no reason to lie, Afrikan people.  This means getting the whole picture, not only the glory and splendor of our past, but also our mistakes that led us to be in the perilous position that we currently find ourselves in as a race.  This is important because our people must know that there is a beautiful tradition to return to, but with the knowledge and understanding of what not to do, so as to never let ourselves to be under the thumb of our oppressors again.  Of course there is more to be done than just studying and gaining knowledge, but just getting on the path of re-Afrikanization is the first and most essential step.

When perusing Afrikan-centered, Pan-Afrikanist literature, and listening to the numerous radio programs dedicated to the upliftment and liberation of Afrikan people, I often read and hear talk of the urgent need for certain types of retribution on our enemies who have decimated our people to such a devastating degree.  I concur with this viewpoint, and identify with this anger or righteous rage as Baba Mwalimu Baruti accurately describes it.  It is correct, admirable and more than understandable.  But we must never lose sight of the little white devil inside all of us, who has colored and infected our perceptions of this insane world order that has been created in their demonic, pale image through the whitenization process.  We must gradually yet violently remove it from our hearts, minds and souls, and vigilantly guard ourselves against its inevitable attempted return.  If we dont, even if we were to win a hypothetical physical showdown with our enemies, our enemies will still live inside of us, dooming a new Afrikan-centered Maatic world order to failure.  In the words of dead prez, “Let’s Get Free!”.


Brother Osei 21st Century Race Man



Im Brother Osei, and this is the first posting on my blog, 21st Century Race Man.  For the inaugural post, I figured that this would be a great time to explain the name of the blog, the purpose of the blog, what I hope to accomplish with my writings, who I am, who Im not, what I am, what Im not, who and what Im for and who and what Im against. This will function as a mission statement of sorts, so that there can be very little confusion where Im coming from when I write what I write.  We first have to understand the term race man.  We must understand the definition of the term, its history and how it applies to the mission of this blog.

According to the great Black/Afrikan activist, philosopher and lecturer Ayo Kimathi The Irritated Genie, the term race man/woman was popularized, although perhaps not coined by the quintessential race man, Marcus Mosiah Garvey.  The term race man/woman, according to Kimathi, is defined as a loyal member of the Black/Afrikan Race who dedicates their life to directly contributing to the betterment of Black people. Kimathi continues, Race men and women remain consistently confrontational with the ideas, people, institutions and/or nations that threaten the well being of the Black/Afrikan Race.  They die advocating for the Race.

Great examples of great Race Men & Women throughout history include: David Walker, Queen Nzinga, Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Martin Delaney, Yaa Asantewah, The aforementioned Marcus Garvey, The hon. Elijah Muhammad, Ida B. Wells, Malcolm X, Robert F. Williams, Fannie Lou Hamer, Kwame Ture a.k.a Stokely Carmichael, Patrice Lumumba, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Khallid Muhammad and many, many more.  I aim to represent this tradition as a Race Man myself, although I make no claims to be anywhere near the level of these giants.  I am nothing but a humble student.

And now a little about myself.  I am a Blackman who identifies as a Pan-Afrikanist, one of the lost children of Afrika, born, raised and currently living in Philadelphia, PA.  I personally feel that I have been called by the ancestors to do this work, as I have always been interested in racial and political matters, and have always had, even in my more confused times, at least a touch of consciousness, which has grown and continues to grow as my knowledge and understanding of history, as well as the system of global white terrorism and domination, and how it works has grown.  Starting this blog and sharing my insights on Black liberation, how I feel the system of global white terror/domination can be defeated permanently, as well as anything else that I feel is relevant to the survival, sur-THRIVE-al and revival of Black/Afrikan people worldwide is the least that I can contribute to the ongoing fight for liberation.

I am anti integration as it has crippled my people economically and has confused Afrikan people enormously.  I am against all aspects of the enemies culture as well as enemy institutions which seek to subjugate Afrikan people to permanent status as what Marcus Garvey calls, the “footstool race”.  I stand firmly against european sexual culture, and all of the neuroses, mental diseases and perversions associated with that culture.  I am anti-interracial sex, dating or marriage, as I recognize all of these things as threats to the survival, as well as the natural morality and sanity of Afrikan people.  I am for the rebuilding of the Black/Afrikan family structure, the complementarity of the Blackman and the Blackwoman, the mothers and fathers of civilization, raising strong, beautiful and intelligent Black children.  I am for Black/African economic, military and spiritual empowerment, all of which I believe leads straight to the full liberation of Black/Afrikan people.  

I vow to pull no punches,  write from the bottom of my Afrikan heart, and speak from an uncompromisingly, and consistently Afrikan perspective every single time I write.  I make no pretensions to objectivity, as I unapologetically play for Team Afrika, and I always will.  This blog is for me to play my small part in saving and liberating MY people, not to make any “others” comfortable with my insights. When discussing the liberation of Afrikan people, I often find that if “others”, generally enemies of Afrikan people, are even the least bit comfortable with your insights, it is an indication that the message is compromised. I will never make any of such concessions.

I hope this gives a crystal clear picture of the purpose of this blog and my intentions, not only as a blogger on the internet, but as a Black/Afrikan man navigating this wicked society.  To all like minds and kindred spirits, I invite you to walk with me.  The road to liberation will absolutely not be smooth and the journey will not be easy, but neither is anything worth having.  And I can’t conceive of anything more worth having than freedom and sovereignty.  In the immortal words of Marcus Garvey, “Up you mighty race, accomplish what you will!”.                                                            



Brother Osei, 21st Century Race Man.